Argonian Reptilian Concept Art.

by Chris on September 25th, 2014
Argonian Reptilian Concept Art.

Argonians are a reptilian race who hail from Black Marsh. They are one of the few native races still inhabiting Tamriel. They are known for high intelligence, breathing under water indefinitely and having natural resistances to disease. During the Second Era (approximately 1000 years before Skyrim), the Argonians rose to power in the Black Marsh after a plague (Knahaten flu) wiped out the other races in the area (including many Khajiits). Many speculate that a powerful Argonian mage may have concocted this plague, since it's odd that the Argonians didn't succumb to it!

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HebrianDaniel: Argonian are fictional race

Argonian are fictional race in Elder scroll games series.
this picture you have got is from Elder scroll online.
and they not native to tamriel they fled from Akavir

HebrianDaniel: I also happen to have played

I also happen to have played Argonian in Skyrim.
in elder scroll online they are seem to be friendly creature they don't much intend to hurt someone
maybe few bad.

the really shitholes are the High Elves from Aldmeri dominion they won the Imperials
and tries to take control on Skyrim the land of the nord people
they also known as the Thalmor

Chris: argonians

hebrian I believe the argonians are based on real reptilian species and elves dwarves and dragons etc realy exist we live in a multiverse were everything is possible and I think in another universe there is a real Tamiriel I think the peoplewho maje this game re taping into another time space reality.

HebrianDaniel: im not sure if its argueable

im not sure if its argueable its like I will say there are squids that live in the space
therefor I call them Space Squids

not sure if there are really space squid.
its just im saying its hard for me to bealive.

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