Are freemasons a bunch of schmucks?

Are freemasons a bunch of schmucks?

freemasons believe that this god is the apostle barnabas, no im not joking...
they think that bolt lightning is a sign from zeus aka the apostle barnabas aswell

they believe in transcendent gods though time.
They are closet polytheists though they will pretend to be monotheists.
not once will a freemason admit that he/she is a freemason.
They are totally ignorant to the fact that most higher level freemasons are astrotheologists and dont believe in any gods what so ever.
They hate on religion even though everything they believe is pretty much religious and centered around religion also known as MYTHOLOGY, heard of that one?
They would prefer if the government dictated morales for the rest of us.
Freemasons support the three party/ two party system in most countries which is based on the idea of the trinity.
They would prefer the total secrecy in western society, and would prefer for the rest of us to be taken along for a ride.

One has to wonder if they are just retarded or just are the most detestable people on the planet?

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Tarheel: Was the picture REALLY necessary?

Dude. Come on. You coulda come up with something a little less offensive to get your point across. TR being TR. OKAY...

Terran resistance: well atleast if

well atleast if you are going to worship a god, atleast worship one without a flippin boner...

Tarheel: Something tells me the FMs dont condone this statue.

I think I would have heard my brother say something about it.
Maybe not.

Terran resistance: well

its different in america so he probably doesnt follow this partcular god...

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