Arcturian painting by Isabella

Arcturian painting by Isabella

A race I remember from Arcturus

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Logical Chaos: Awesome painting

Love your painting. Do u know what the symbols mean? Is Artlcturus a planet perhaps? Is your memories super vivid?

Blackcashmere: Arcturian painting

She looks like she cares a great deal for you.

AishwaryaIsabella: @Blackcashmere

Aw, thank you :) That's really sweet. I miss her and care for her too, so much.

Logical Chaos: Triangle

Its really interesting you drew a green triangle with blue dots on the corners. Reminds me of black triangle sightings.

I have a suspicion that black triangles could be a Grey space ship that the US government later copied.

AishwaryaIsabella: @Logical Chaos

Thank you for your comments :)

Arcturus is a star in the Bootes constellation. This race and this being are really close to my heart and I miss them so much. I think they are a hybrid of grey/zeta ET's and another ET race. :) I don't know what the symbols mean as they are channeled but it is possible to mediate on them for subconscious healing.

I'm certain you're right, the US has copied a ton of ET technology and exploited them for their own evil gain.

Have a good christmas :)

Logical Chaos: Interesting

That is really interesting. I have seen some "stars" (possibly UFO crafts) in the sky that make a triangle shape. Could be a constellation of their home world. Wish I knew. Awesome paintings. Would love to have one some day like yours.

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