Anton LaVey Photo

by Quinton on April 1st, 2008
Anton LaVey Photo

Anton LaVey indulges in a Big Mac.

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M: Wanna Be

It's my opinion that people like these are so phoney, he may worship him he may outwardly represent him but I think the real ones to worry about are the hidden ones that do it in secret. The one's that worship in the open are lacking attention in their life and just want to go aganist the grain of society to shock and scare people. I do believe he is probably dangerous but a fake in my opinion, Satan does not operate in the open, he is covert and secret.

Quinton: I totally agree. Well said.

I totally agree. Well said.

Beloved_Lives_O...: a couldnt agree more

a couldnt agree more either.
One love my brother theres no need 4 darkness we must walk withing the light like soldiers :)

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