Another Earley American Flag

by bluesbaby5050 on January 20th, 2013
Another Earley American Flag

This is the Famous American Flag. It's statement reads: Don't Tread on Me! The symbol of the Coiled Snake. It means if you do, you will Suffer the Consquences. ( The meaning is Symbolic. )

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bluesbaby5050: Quinton could.........

Quinton could some how combine the 3 creatures into a BIG symbol,and use all 3 meanings together in such a way to get his meanings across. Also make the background another color of his choice too. You can have a forest background with moving water, as water is another symbol for life. It is life giving.

bluesbaby5050: We can always Invite Change?

There is nothing wrong with this idea. Why just have only one object to make a point? Let's Invite Change to this idea. This is after all a time of many changes.This is only my personal opinion though. Then let's have a Big Coiled Snake surrounded by the other 2 symbols, and have it next to a water fall in the woods, in an open sunny area? Have some fish in the waters swimming up-stream? (Salmon.) The Tree of Life could be in this too. There's no end to the Imagination. All of this can make a Point=Freedom!

bluesbaby5050: Quinton, How about the planet Earth in the middle...?

In the Middle of a Loosely Coiled Snake Rising up-wards though the stars in the galaxy? The Coiled Snake represents the Freedom, and it is the Coil/Spiral in our solar system. And Humanity is Free to reach for the stars, as in the movement of the rising up-wards of the Earth in the center of this coil when you display it. This would make a nice looking badge too.I like the idea of the snake used in this manner. What is your thoughts on this idea?

bluesbaby5050: Actually we ARE Being RE-leased from the GRIP............

Of the Reptilian Controllers! I did not bother to write this as I thought people would GET IT! That's why I said," A LOOSELY COILED SNAKE", BECAUSE , our stars, and our planets are actually in the form of a Spiral in the Universe ,and it is not Horizontal like most people think it is. It appears to be this way, but it really is not.The Revolutions of movements are all Spiral, and NOT Circular in their movements.The planets Rotate in a circular movement, while all else moves in a spiral as a whole group. I posted these facts a while back in the forum.

Phaminator: Coiled snake

Equals kundalini.

bluesbaby5050: Yes true, Phaminator.......

Yes It stands for your Intuition also. When it awakens, and it rises to the Top of the crown/head, this means it has FULLY awakened. We ALL have degrees of Intuition though, some people not as much as others, and then some have more, because of the Fully awakened serpent that rises upwards along the spine,from the bottom of the Tail-bone at the base.

bluesbaby5050: Another way to view this Earth moving Up-wards....

Though the Middle of the Loosely Coiled Snake, is the fact that Humanity has finally Awakened to the Truth of it's Divinity! Like the Rising of the Kundalini=Humans on the planet Earth, Moving/ Growing, Gaining Knowledge, and then the Explorations into Outter Space? Moving from out of the Darkness =Ingorance,and into the Light of Knowledge,and Wisdom! This then shows Growth, and Responsiblity, and the Freedom to do all these things.

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