Another dose of Humor! lol

Another dose of Humor! lol

Nibiru ?!? LOL

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BamfOttO: well all of those are al

well all of those are al theories, and silly. The oddest thing I thought was the biggest piece of shit was th "flat earthers", but it has as much scientific proof as a round earth. The most compeling evidence is that since the new dawn of the space program that NASA ( the great lie tellers) and present Obama him self said that we started up this new space program to finally leave earth;s lower atmosphere? EXCUSE ME! the earths lower atmosphere is under 2000 miles up, the moon is 2500 miles up. I know the moon landing is a highly controverstial subject but i read a lot of Richard Hogland who runs "enterprise mission" at He was a NASA insider who discorved numerous problems with official NASA info and in fact made a huge stride in astropyhsics that was highly ignored by te scientific comunity, that is now only being pawned off a others ideas. The lies are endless.

BenjaminFalkenrath: My post was for humor sake

My post was for humor sake your over thinking it. But I agree both NASA and politicians especially Obama are big fat liars lol

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