Another Crop circle of the sumerian god ENKI

Another Crop circle of the sumerian god ENKI

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HebrianDaniel: nope not even close maybe its

nope not even close maybe its 7pointed but its dont look like the exactly star
that still prove nothing :P

Terran resistance: freemasons worship enki hebrian

7 pointed star on masonic art!

in astrotheology the 7 pointed star to 33 degree freemasons represents enki and is associated with the 7 stars of the pleiades, hence why it is 7 pointed.

Terran resistance: 7 pointed star is different to the 8 pointed star

this isnt a mistake, honest to god.
the 8 pointed star aka the ishtar star represents ashtar command.

M3RT0M: so what does the U shape

so what does the U shape represent on the right top according to you?

Terran resistance: to me

religions, cults and gods are dying and forming all the time in ancient sumeria all the time, so in order to keep track with how many gods there actually were they devised this symbol method whereby all gods can be categorised by.

its a cresecent moon I think, and represents the sumerian god sin. Also the sumerian god Marduck has associations with the moon, Marduck is where we get the name mary aka mary magdalene, who in freemasonary is associated with the moon symbol.

In freemasonary the 8 pointed star and moon are synonymous.
which makes sense because people have claimed that nana (from the word inanna who is the same as ishtar) is another name for the sumerian moon god. The moon is a feminine energy.

Also the moon represents three goddesses on the sumerian tablets:

M3RT0M: Thx

Thx for the info.

Terran resistance: freemasons and the new world order

freemasons are trying to bring back this system in order to create a universal religion for this planet in order to complete their nwo agenda.

Eldertree: True about the star and true

True about the star and true about the the hidden hand elite too. But Enki is not about religion TR. The 7 sided star represents creation and Enki was a creator God. That's why the symbol resonates with him.

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