Ande: Part 1 "I've been Touched by Our Creator"

Ande: Part 1 "I've been Touched by Our Creator"

The lights brightly blinking. From the earth below just balls of gas long since burned out. Nothing more than that, just a twinkling in the night sky. Or so he thought.

All of his life he'd been taught.

Until the night he fell ill. Damn he thought, an weeks away from the yearly harvest. There's no way he, his Ma, an younger brother could do all that work what with Pa having died in the spring.

The folks who claimed they'd be there to help seemingly just months ago, wouldn't be there at all in fact at all. A hard lesson to learn. So Ande's sudden sickness was a tough blow to his family.

He did his best, even working himself sicker.  Harvesting into the night by light of lantern. 

The weight of wielding his scythe would take it's toll. Which ultimately would prove more than he could take that night. 

He fell a mere two and a half hours before day light. Ande lay flat on his back, the look in his own eyes as he realized soon after he began to stare into his cold lifeless eyes. 

The field an his body were nowhere to be found. What in the hell?!? He thought.... 

A voice called out to him from the distance. 

Ande looking all over for the sound and source of the voice he'd just heard. 

He looked up, an for once in his life he noticed the stars, like really noticed them. Time slowed down...


What? Ande said...? 

"Vitstjarna"- That is my name, but you may call me Vee."

Ande saw her not; as she was cloaked in the darkness of the night sky. Being both in an a part of the space around her. Naturally the only thing he could see was her eyes. 

Focused more on he in that moment. 
Vee said to him softly, you may think this is the end. But this is only the beginning. 
As her eyes smiled lovingly with warmth. 

Vee then brought Ande to her level of authority. 

(A view of her place from above an what a sight to see, he was in awe with respect to her perspective) 

Vee brought Ande close... 
His eyes became hers' for an instant. 
She looked as far as the light of her eyes could go. Which was beyond the reach of any living on his small world. 
Ande couldn't find the words. 

Especially for being immeasurably further than the span of the entire earth. 

Left right up down and the directionals in between. She looked in multiple dimensions, times, and directions at once. 

Vee - "We watch over you an your kind.
We also watch over other beings, animals, an non-humans. We're largely unknown an we like it that way. This is mainly for how it allows us to stay neutral. That and we can report back to higher authorities of the goings on in our designated areas. 

We're not to be confused with they who have been erroneously called holy watchers by your religious books. 

It is true they use to watch over different creatures at various times. That is of course... 

Before they left their authority.

We however existed well before them. 
In fact, we had been some of the first conscious, self aware, sentient beings our creator did create in fashion which by pure thoughts, energy, love and compassion. 
An we were made more than just an avatar creator played with. More than the original creations which only interacted if creator animated them. 

The "holy" watchers on the other hand were hybrids, who never resided in any 
celestial abodes higher than their original domain just outside of the earth atmosphere an in a particular orbital area. 
They being made more to monitor the inhabitants to ensure harmony and peace throughout your environment. 

Whereas we do this an more, in that we monitor who, what, come an go or whatnot and why. We do not generally interfere though we are highly inclined to guide or gently direct. 

They've been around only since shortly before the time which the first dinosaur type creatures, who in those "dino" bodies were younger ambitious souls, that accompanied those lives.  

They were closer to earth an orbited around it. We were above them an they reported to us. Until they rebelled. Granted they weren't our idea of a perfect candidate for the position. 
 But they did great, at least the first series or several generations of them. " 

"They left their posts to copulate!" said Vee. 

Bastards! Said Ande... 
Ive heard some about them.. 

"Ande you must also know that above us the Guardians, they make sure we do as we should. An above them their counsel, an so on an so fourth all the way onto the original elders whom still reside along each direction of source prime original creator."

Just be weary of those who don't show you tenderness, compassion and love above all from the start.

Because this system now also has, many dark shape shifting entities that try to portray themselves as likewise beings as us but their eye colors are more inconsistent, random, multicolored, with a lot of reds, greens, and others. They're working for the dark forces of the evil families. They prey on the weak. An capture the lost or confused souls upon death to use, abuse and well I won't go into the cruelties now but, you can tell us from them. Because there are a lot of them, an less of us. But also we're brilliance in our white and pure sparkling light. We rarely variant from the light colored. Sometimes we're white, yellow, light sky blue underneath a tent of pink love colored... But those colors are more a aura hue around our white sparkling base. 

Well, it's been lovely young dearest but you must go back... You will be healed. 

Normally we don't interfere but we are allowed some flexibility since you haven't yet fulfilled your divine purpose. 

I'm glad I was watching you an found you before they did. 
You'll awaken to the dawn creeping up over the fields. You will wake up to the rooster an the fields will be harvested but you'll feel as if you slept all night. 

You will have full memory of all of this yet be unable to speak a word of it. 

If anyone asks, how or why, all you will be able to mutter is "I've been Touched by Our Creator" 
An with that the rooster let out his daybreak sounds... Ande blinked. Looked around. The harvest was done! Bales of crops all along the rows. His Ma opened the door as Ande stood up. 

Ma "Oh, my son... How is this even possible?!" 

Seeing not only her very healthy son, but an entire harvest completely done. 

I've been Touched by Our Creator! I've been Touched by Our Creator Ma! Ande said... 

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BenjaminFalkenrath: Sidenote

The story's characters names do have literal meaning. This story itself is open to interpretation but the message is clear. We're definitely not alone, an everything we think we know isn't always as it seems.
I did write this all today, started around 10am an it's now almost 7.
Hope you enjoyed an understood the underlying message. If not, at least I hope you liked the story.

Be Blessed
- Falkenrath

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