Ancient Greek symbology

Ancient Greek symbology

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Ancient Greek symbology

Can you crack the final symbol?

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obsrvantlouie: The final symbol..

I just watched/read (cannot remember right now) but the POINT inside a circle has significance....I will do my best to dig this up or recall.

Here are two quick explanations

UN.i1-PHI: i also tought about 'the sun'/our sun

when i saw this first, but thats just an quick assumption, i do not get why it have thet stick like a 'handle' or whatever you call these things, it it LOOKS like a LOOP,(that you can hold straight), LOOKING AT AN STAR IN THE CENTRE OF 'IT' (the 'circle'/world), this would make me suggest it is one of the 'polar stars'/'north? star',wich you can look straight to from the 'center'/middle of the world,tough there is a hole'dot' at the top and middle of the earth-->hollow earth,so i dont mean 'the polar star'/or north star wich we call now because the earths axis is pointing now at,but it could be any other if thats would be right connection anyway because the axis revolves in an procession cycle trough time and then it points out other stars of other star systems, so maybe it could represent one(or more/all) of them...
maybe the dot represents this circle but then in the middle of the 'bigger' circle
see how the inner circle has the shape and alignment display of a circle with a stick to the left? if you would move/rotate this to the left you have the symbol;P but thats very far fetched its < --O    probably symbolically for something else;P
    another pic - - - - - >

UN.i1-PHI: talking bout time/procession cycles...

if you look for a constellation symbolically resembling that shape i would guess horarium will do?;

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