Ancient Egyptian depiction of Orion

Ancient Egyptian depiction of Orion

This picture gives more evidence that the all seeing eye is in Orion... its not draconis or lyra folks!

Evidence that the raising your arms gesture seen throughout mythology is to do with Orion can be seen here:

For more evidence that the two dots seen throughout mythology is to do with the constellation of Orion see this:

For the rest of my pictures go to:

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Tarheel: I think the symbolism has been perverted too.

Because, there are a LOT of people who believe Marduk (Ra) is the all-seeing eye (top of the Earth pyramid) and made himself into the A-S-E when he rewrote the history of Earth in an attempt at self-promotion. This isnt MY interpretation, but that of many "Earthlings".
Maybe Ra used it to show his Orion lineage, maybe he meant to change it's meaning altogether, we'll never really know.
Like Doc Boulter, I'm inclined to think this symbolism has a multi-layered meanings.

Terran resistance: marduk and ra

every source I keep reading keeps saying marduk = ra, even alex collier!
maduk = maldek the planet i would have said so would be more inclined to say that marduk was to do with the moon since the moon did orbit maldek at one point in time.

unless ofc there was nibiru on maldek, or the all seeing eye isnt to do with ra, but im just mumbling as usual...

having said that I have seen evidence that even moon gods were even sun gods at one point... strange..very strange...

Tarheel: That's what I was saying Marduke=Ra AND...

...that Ra rewrote the history books to self-promote. Some think it was EnLiL who rewrote history to self-promote.
There are many interpretations.

One thing FOR SURE, En Ki is THE Good Guy.

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