Ancient African star map

Ancient African star map

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Terran resistance: spent nearly all day on this

spent nearly all day on this one

bluesbaby5050: TR your..........

Your time wasn't wasted. Question: Where was this great holy Mound located at ,where the aliens (Annunaki) EN-lil and Company, along with EN-ki, and his group landed, as the story goes? I always thought it was located in Turkey high up into the mountains where the ARK settled after the Great Flood. And when EN-lil found out not all the people died, he got very pissed off! And it was said that this took place where Noah's Ark settled in Turkey. Is this the same mound that your referring to in the above star map? I wasn't aware that the mountain in Turkey where the Ark settled became holy, (I wouldn't doubt it though) and that's why I had asked you about your Risen Mound of Sirius above.

Terran resistance: the holy mound

The holy mound has changed throughout mythology.
The holy mound to the ancient greeks it was mount Olympus.
To some ancient astronaut theorists like myself it was a corrupted story of Pangaea being formed crossed with a flood story.
According to Alex Collier some the humans were hidden by Enki from one of the great floods on this planet and this is what probably inspired the story.
In the Bible it was mt.arafat (ararat) that noah settled on after the flood.
In ancient egyptian mythology it was called the Benben which is where the primordial mound came out of the ocean and the first gods appeared, the story changes though because of different creational accounts. Mt arafat is seen in ancient Egyptian mythology where the sun sets behind the mountain peaks in one creational account which is similar to biblical accounts of the flood:

the story of the sacred mound is seen in all mythologies but the stories are strikingly similar, with some variation :)

Terran resistance: bearing in mind

bearing in mind this is a symbol book from africa.

bluesbaby5050: Yes Africa....?

Would you happen to know the area in Africa where this Symbol book was found, and by whom? What kind of metal is it made from? Looks to be brass, but it must of been cleaned for presentation purposes. Would you happen to have this information also? I find this is interesting. Thanks.

Terran resistance: got it from the hidden records website

got it from the hidden records website and its made of wood apparently in Zambia.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for your reply..........

And it fooled me! It's well preserved! It's very shiny looking. It must have a coating on it to preserve it. No wood rot, or cracks present. Thanks.

Terran resistance: mt ararat

mt ararat, pardon, my geogprahy is shit.

dvogel: Nice map

Nice map and interesting analyses. According to Michael Tellinger in the southern part of Africa like Zambia, a lot happened many many thousands of years ago and he found very ancient symbols carved in stone there. If you don't know his work, you can check out his homepage
The great flod is an interesting subject since it seems to be logged in all the worlds ancient civilizations. As well its believed that many people fled to the inner earth due to the flod.

Jynxallen: Was the great flood caused by

Was the great flood caused by a spaceship crashing into the Black Sea?

UN.i1-PHI: where did you get that from?

i think the flood was created&allowed by angry enlil &co with niburu passing by with its disturbing/catastrophical gravitational effects on earth and it crushed its polar caps resulting in an immense huge global tidal wave called the flood, designed to wipe out humanity & other unwanted (trans)genetic beings
enki saved humanity and a lot of species with a dna data bank and saved some human species in inner-earth, enlil got real mad when he found out humanity survived and tried to kill him, untill enki's son marduk almost blasted him to death but was stopped from killing enlil by enki himself
enki is not the treacherous one, but his family was, anu, enlil and his reptilians co
but then marduk banished enki&enlil and then he got banished by his reptilian queen from orions belt and since then the repts are in control here

edisonik: It was caused by abuse of Divine Power

Abuse by very Arrogant Extraterrestrials who claimed to be Kods.
This is why Arrogance is an Abomination.
Especially Extreme Arrogance & Ignorance.

Never assume that just because some folks come from other Planets that makes them better than you are. They are not better than you, they just know more Magic Tricks / Technology.

But what is Technology without Spirituality, Technology is useless without Spirituality.

Understand yourselves and Discover yourselves.

Tim Lovell: you eventually reach a point

you eventually reach a point where you don't even need technology in the physical sense, thought creates reality so all is thought , you have the merkaba etc the really advanced ones like the blue ones from alcyone etc don't have any technology really they live in white huts , there is like 3 tall white obelisks and that's it they are more shamanistic , these are marchiniaks `pliedians` or the `argos aliens` of tv , that is literally what they look like, they have members of their group who plot the probabilities of prime creator , you only need physical technology down here , even the pliedians from erra semjase et all know this , they are trying to evolve up to become like this ...

Jynxallen: How can we awaken all

How can we awaken all creation to the same counsciuosness? I have tried to connect but my thoughts are blocked. Maybe this is not possible?

edisonik: Jynxallen it is possible beloved !

You have to BELIEVE!, you are using your Basic Consciousness that is why you fail, go beyond, go beyond , go beyond , go beyond , go beyond , go beyond.
Learn to Open your Mind, Good Music will help develop your Brain / Mind.
Open your Heart , Watch good Movies of the Heart , Learn to use your Heart.


Get out of the Reptilian Core Brain and use what EN KI gave you the Mammalian Lobes of your Brain which is linked to your Heart.


You have the gift of the Feather / AKU.

When you Dream , it is not , Dreams can be openings to Star Gate Realities, Your Idea's , your Realms of Places , Moments , Peoples , Creatures , Civilizations , places where you swore you have been to before , people you have met before or recognize from other worlds , other Realities , other times , other places.
It is your Life , you think many times during the day , everyday , you are thought , Divine Energy 24/7.

Believe in yourself and your Mind / Body & Heart will Calibrate itself into Divine Awesomeness.
You are a Hybrid Being Reptilian / Human / Primate with the Power of all Three.
But if you will not go beyond you will be stuck lifetime after lifetime.
Unleash the God / Goddess in you.
I cannot do it for you , you must do it for yourself , it is your Journey not mine.

Let go of your Fear and Embrace your Passion , BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Vangelis - Titans (Alexander O.S.T.)

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