American Civil Flag

by Quinton on October 31st, 2009
American Civil Flag
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Dr Matt: Civil Flag

Can you tell me more about this flag?

bluesbaby5050: Civil Flag Information...........

A civil flag is a version of the national flag that is flown by civilians on non-government installations or craft. The use of civil flags was more common in the past, in order to denote buildings or ships that were not manned by the military. In some countries the civil flag is the same as the war flag or state flag, but without the coat of arms, such as in the case of Spain, and in others it's an alteration of the war flag.

Dr Matt: Civil flag information...

Thanks. Was I misinformed that it is an official U.S. flag and is not being used because we are meant to believe we remain in a "military mode" (of some sort of unrest)?

Quinton: This is correct. The flag we

This is correct. The flag we fly today is a military flag.

Nathaniel Hawthorne on the civil flag:

the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam's government is here established

Civil Flag First Civil Flag of Peace --Created in 1799 by Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott. Intended for peace time usage, denoting civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and common law. Has vertical stripes, blue stars on white background--last flown before Civil War with a few exceptions.

Another example of the vertical stripes:
"The Coast Guard Ensign (flag) was first flown by the Revenue Cutter Service in 1799 to distinguish revenue cutters from merchant ships."

This flag was a symbol of law enforcement authority, not Military authority.

Dr Matt: Civil flag information...

Thank you, one and all. I first wondered when I came across this -> .

Unable to find anything online about the Scarlet Letter, save for the oblique reference here:

So I wrote the author, Richard, at [email protected] , even though his perspective seems a bit theoretical. (I just sent the email tonight.)

I then emailed all of my official archivist, library curator and historian friends for copies of all the references he cited and which I have had no luck finding myself.

A bit OCD, I fear, but my interest in all things wrong about this country has piqued and peaked this past year, so your assistance, collectively, is greatly appreciated.

I did come across the website, and turned one page into a pdf. Since I can't attach it, I uploaded it to my site. Here's the link:

Dr Matt: Civil flag information...

Here's another webpage which incites curiosity but leaves the "evidence-seeking" reader unrequited:

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