Alien Humor!

Alien Humor!


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HebrianDaniel: why whould aliens steal tv?

why whould aliens steal tv?

Starperson: TV's aren't the problem

It is what is broadcast on them that gives me the red ass. I love my 60", 3D, HD TV! I can watch cool movies, and old, updated family videos and photos. I can also watch you tube and fill my room with entertainment, music and sports if I choose. Most of us get the real news from the web...if we don't want to be manipulated.

I have no cable or satellite TV subscription...I'm what people call, way off the grid. My answer to you, HD, my young Jedi Knight is; They didn't steal our TV, they are trying to steal our minds. Think for yourself and trust your instincts. Just remember what Yoda would say about it. What would he say HD?

Ecbra de Oaoj: neither midia neither politics should be problem

neither nike... who are enemies?

politics are persons that conduct public issues.
midia; (tv, radio, etc)... forms of entreitener and information...
and nike a good shoes to walk confortable...

the problem; that have had; been. is the ganancy for money and lust for power from persons that empress these sectors in exemple.


Intuition is our leader.... Ets...


Starperson: Yes, multinational corporations

They run the world. Greed, in all of its ugly forms, is so prevalent in this world. Something is on the near horizon that will change all of this forever. I'm not exactly sure what it is exactly, but my "intuition" and dreams tell me that this is so.

This thread started out as Alien Humor, but has morphed in my mind as a serious and urgent problem. Peace.

bluesbaby5050: HAHAHAHAHA! Your the ONLY One..............

That DID Pick UP on My Message in this Comic above! Your Fully Awake, and Aware! Glad to have you aboard! There's always MORE to IT then it seems.

bluesbaby5050: It does Seem ................

That Ecbra de Oaoj, and 11O11 DID ALSO... }:>)

Ecbra de Oaoj: Bluesbaby is a beauty FalconGodess

im sure!...


more one... song to who; enjoy... rock and roll baby...

(im not brazilian... im not foreign... im from no one place... Im from no one place...

no one country born me !)
ps- nenhuma patria me pariu... em portugues sounds like... no one bich calve me...


Saude e Bem Aventurança

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