Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell

by Crackdown on December 8th, 2013
Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell
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bluesbaby5050: Never Live in Fear!

NEVER LIVE IN FEAR! Go with the Flow.

UN.i1-PHI: i believe theyre both right

both tactics are in action simultaneously supporting&empowering eachother while deceiving and distracting people from the things that really matter, and to make them 'GO WITH THE FLOW'(be relaxed and accept the situations, instead of trying to alter and control them) like sheeple being herded eventually to their slaugherhouse
so that they wont recognize the real threats posing onto them by their controllers=sneaky slave masters, either by being overwhelmed with distractive materialistic things&situations evoking emotions of love or/&and by those of fear so that the population wont question and pose a thread to their unrighteous actions and rule of selfishness and hierarchical obedient loyality (to royality)

i would like to make a distinction in the meanings of fearing something,
you could say you fear something because you DONT WANT SOMETHING TO HAPPEN, and yet you dont Really have to be in a state of depression or fear itself when saying , but ofcourse you could, and thats when you loose and surrender your power by accepting it for fearing the negative possible consequences from rebelling against it.
and still positive rebellious people still can feel and be affected by (depressive)/negative emotions of fear, without that it changes their overall opinions on being willing to change it or have it changed.

fear is an natural emotion with a reason to warn/ be alert about those things that can cause negative/unwanted consequences, for without it, we would not be able to compare it with love, its opposite, wich makes us now able to value, reason and understand them both much better by understanding the dualistic relationship

because not being able to sense fear or the things wich causes fear, has the consequenses of being ignorant towards bad things that happen and should be changed, wich others can and will use/abuse against you, downpressing for self-profit and control

what i think is the problem of fear, is to be STUCK in fear and get/be/stay powerless for/because of it, and eventually accept the fatality in depressive hopelessness,
and NOT get out of it, that is the problem.
we all need to sense good and bad things to understand them better
being in denial or acceptance of what is bad/negative/immoral,
allows it to happen,
and being overwhelmed by it to the depressive state of self-powerlessness prevents you from standing up and doing something against it, and instead, act like everyone else in the way the society was designed to make you do/be so.

the same kind of trick applies to being overwhelmed by 'love' or joy coming from materialistic entertainment designed for this distraction of important things & the attraction to this distraction to keep you going with the(ir) flow

follow your own stream from your own heart instead, recognize your own flow and go with it even if it goes AGAINST 'the'(main/mass) flow of society,
this is most important when wanting to change such society into something beneficial for everyone instead for the selfish needs of a (global) tyrannical oligarchy!

UN.i1-PHI: ever heard the saying; love makes blind?

only if you allow it to, by being overwhelmed and by blindly ignoring that wich triggers a sence of fear, or to fear
i am NOT supporting fear in the negative way, for if some ppl would think/confuse that!
i am explaining we have polarity and need eachother to relativise and make moral distinction to empower and focus on ways we want things to be (if they're in the best(harmonious) interest for all)
and the same applies to fear as well
fear makes blind too, but again, only if STUCKED in it and ACCEPT YOUR OWN SURRENDER
and it can make it seem as if there is no love anymore.

this is again leading to confusion and polarisation in the concept of VERSUS,
when i first saw this thread i only wanted to say, why 'VERSUS' not AND, --> why would the implicated concept of aldous huxley be right and george orwells not? i dont see reason for this other than someone said so becuase he/she may support one more than another because they are conditioned to see one OVER/versus the other, like the author of this comic did, probably because he sees more technological services in public, in use, in the place he lives (probably a more technological 'modern' country)
but i think that if he would be grown up in a poorer country/place where war is more dominant and active in the public domain/region he would/Could rather choose for georges orwell's concept to be DOMINANT or RIGHT.
this one or the other concept is causing blindness to of their simultaneous, mutual existance and their consequential relationship to one another, and the use/abuse of this whole concept / tactic

as when considering this you see the characteristics/consequences/events of both concepts;
that what we love, will ruin us; and that what we hate, will ruin us
and i would like to add this to both of them; only if we loose focus of the mechanism of one another and let it be used against us!


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