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PART 1 is there - http://www.truthcontrol.com/pictures/7-keys-rainbow-part-1
If you have doubts about something, please tell and I will clarify my translation

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UN.i1-PHI: why reduce drinking water?

(for concentrated urine?)
if you dont drink enough water you'll have less water in your system and so the urine will be more concentrated but if you drink lots of water(not too much you dont want to burst your cells) you can flush more toxins with it away without that it passes your systems in very concentrated solution so..?

Crackdown: Thank you, I improved the translation (updated "08" page)

Advice about reducing the water consumption - it is mainly used after you have already flushed your old toxins. The output of toxins is reduced because you switched to healthy food, so you don't need to drink as much as you used to before, to deal with toxins. "Don't drink when you don't want" - it asks to forget the old habits, about how much water to drink - and carefully estimate the new needs of your body

UN.i1-PHI: reduced amount of toxins to be extracted

would be logic if you will have to reduce the amount of water so the '(pre-)urine' will proportionally stay in the right ratio for the molecules to be extracted properly, in the right speed&proportion/concentration... because with a reduced healthy diet there will be less toxins, but to get the lesser amounts also away you will have to drink less so the solution will be more concentrated and extract more toxins(if not there will be too much water in proportion for the toxin&other (dissolved) particles to be extracted) (trough the liver,kidneys&urine systems...)
and your right you should do this on your own feeling as that's your way of measurement, for observation its not necessary to save the urine in jars lol as you could just see and remember, unless its to be sent for scientific analysis as in that example,
interesting that they associate high amount of microbes leaving the body with death, as its not common for most people anymore to purify their body in these ways

Crackdown: Yes, you are correct about ratio

It is wise idea - to let your body to find out the right amount of water for correct ratio ;)

gathering the urine - it is for research purposes, I believe. "Dark urine" thing happened for me only once, and lasted for 2-3 days. I was able to see that that my urine is dark during the "output" xD But, I have not gathered any jars, so could not bring to laboratory and surprise them ;)

UN.i1-PHI: btw bottled water and plastic wrappings...

tough its very hard to avoid, watch out plastics are unhealthy and many/some have bad stuff like Bisphenol A (BPA)!(and soya products are also recommended to avoid because they have some unhealthy molecules and because most is(80% even labled non-) gmo and for men because of their pseudo female hormones/fyto-oestrogens)

Crackdown: Nice observation!

This advice about soy at the bottom of "09" page - to eat soy for proper dissolution of animal proteins - was given only to those people who have suspended the system, and want to taste the fish while reducing the negative consequences of it

UN.i1-PHI: not without reason that so often soja substances/compounds

soya stuff are also added to so many products
and that mainstream vegetarian/vegan -'ism' promotes eating soja and tofu in particular/siginificant(as a replacement for eating meat....)
there are enough other kind of beans that are better/healthier, but many beans have compounds that are hard/difficult/not to digest, and are better cooked as NOT all can/should be eaten raw (like potatoes...)
Originally hailed as wonderful, soya can be bad for your health. | Life and style | The Observer
They hailed it as a wonderfood.
Soya not only destroys forests and small farmers - it can also be bad for your health

UN.i1-PHI: ps do not give babies (soya) milk instead of breastmilk!

it does happen by some (who think its good/better/easier)...but thats not a good idea!

its not good at all to give children (and grown ups) much soja food... as it also disturbingly affects the growth and fertility... and have harmfull/carcinogenic substances etc...

There was an awkward pause on the phone the day before my last dinner party. A friend called to check details of my promised Chinese extravaganza. "Because the thing is," she mumbled, "we're trying for a baby and I read that tofu can lower men's sperm counts. So would you mind keeping it off the menu, just to be on the safe side?" This was news to me. I'd come to think of tofu – of all soy products – as health-boosting "superfoods". Weren't they meant to lower cholesterol, help with menopausal symptoms and help us resist all sorts of cancer? "Oh no," said another guest the following evening. "I heard that soy causes cancer and alzheimer's as well as interfering with fertility."

Soya: good or bad for you?

P.S. what do you say/know about breastmilk for babies regarding it being in the red key 'animal'/'human' substance(but its similar to your own body as its mostly/should be your own mother's milk)
and i think its said that if you do not ever eat meat since your birth your body 'automatically'/naturally produces vitamin B12 but stops as soon as you eat meat(or other animal products with B12)...

Crackdown: I don't know, but the 'breastmilk' seems to be a natural thing!

I don't know, but the 'breastmilk' seems to be a natural thing!
and also, because mother and child were recently the one body...

UN.i1-PHI: yes ofc

and similarly its less bad if your food is exposed/contaminated by extracts from 'hands' of your own family(and yourself ofc) as it would be much more strange if it was from a stranger's body...
also honey is good to heal(much faster&safer) and keep clean the wound of the babies&mothers naval cord after its cut off (ofc not immediately after cutting tough)

Tim Lovell: guys what is soja? it seems

guys what is soja? it seems you are still talking theto make matrix stuff , or arnt we already all meant to be disconnected from it? eevie IS right but the fact is that it takes the intervention team of the family of light (of which he is a member ofc) it is not as easy for others to simpily disconnect and move back to a different universe (which it isn't its just a different reality in the oneness of all) eevie is right but he is wrong also , NOT all can just disconnect and leave like he is doing the majority cannot , it is about changing the system SO that the whole of humanity can become free not just eevie... try to remember this ....

UN.i1-PHI: soya is

a kind of beans,a famous sojaproduct is tofu (also called soya meat?)
there is also soja drink/milk wich many vegetarians/vegans switch to but its actualy unhealthy and is better avoided tough...(ps crackdown told me harm is relative)
so it also depends on your current state of body and mind
(eevie said he 'blesses' his food before he eats it, to give the food good energy before you consume it, i think he even eats meat)
and so its not necessairly healthy to eat only raw or healthy from only plants if it does not satisfy you mind, and your mind(&body) is not ready for it yet
i think this tells its pretty good/clear
5 Reasons Why Eating Health / Raw Foods Will *NOT* Make You Healthy

UN.i1-PHI: thats why you have'll to progress gradually like in this 7 keys

system (in order to purify and change your body; but only) when you are used to it and ready to graduate mainly to the next key to perform the purification process, and you can also return back/degraduate to lower keys again(tough red/animal key is adviced AGAINST/to avoid), and you dont have to reach the highest key as it anyway could be hard to manage/maintain and probably not that usefull without the cradle system/condtitions as it/you could be too high in vibration compared to the enviorment anyway...
and when you complete the purification process the point is that you'll be much clearer and healthier now with less microbes/nanites/microshit control in your body and you can eat again from lower keys and without necessity of order,..
(and perhaps you could also eat mushrooms from the red key safer again as long as theyre not full of nanites?)

Tim Lovell: Uni. I hope your not eating

Uni. I hope your not eating those `special` type of mushrooms .... :P

UN.i1-PHI: lol no tim

but if you do, you better grow them yourself
but no im not eating any type of mushrooms with my veggies anymore/lately, as they could be loaded with nanites?..

Crackdown: Mushrooms could be loaded with nanites

Yes, they could, because they live together in symbiosis

Tim Lovell: dude lol I ate once 250

dude lol I ate once 250 liberty caps in a honey sandwich ... omg

I was tripping so hard I was seeing rose petals falling down from the bedroom ceilng.. oh and then the bad trip part came... the bit when I came into the frequency fear sucking barrier and it destroyed my soul ... yes lets not foprget this, I was overcome by a flood of dread and thast was it my innocence was gone plus my soul it was just terror horror , never take these drugs pls it will destroy you ok?

Crackdown: after the purification process

Participants could return to their "default key" - orange/yellow/higher, and stay there until they would need to advance (repeat the purification,
or change the "default key"). As mentioned at "09" page, this return takes a
few days to complete

UN.i1-PHI: can you show that chart again

can you show that chart again?

Crackdown: Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing

"Healthy food" is just a small piece of our puzzle... There are so many things out there! Healthy food could be helpful - but, alone, it cannot solve all the challenges that we are facing

Tim Lovell: aha ok I see you mean soya I

aha ok I see you mean soya I read soja , yes sorry , I don't eat soya/tofu its like cardboard yuck,,, also with regards to eevie I got cught up posting 2 replies in 1 thread but eevie IS right in all he says but also as I said before NOT all can do this so it isn't just like he says ... just disconnect shut down all chakras and even DNA ffs , sry eevie it dosent work that way if it did we would have done that ages ago no the family of light was required to TRAIN for lifetimes to incarnate here for LIFETIMES to come to this time to initiate the liberation of the humans , even tho you came from a different universe and can just disconnect and leave that does not free the humans it only frees you so think about that when trying to help the humans ...

UN.i1-PHI: soy

You said it...The SOY...THE SOY The SOY.....that is the Dangerous sneaky FAKE FOOD, they use to say it was good, but its Poison. same food that makes Plastic and OIL...I found out the hard way, about 4yrs ago I was wonder why my throat was so scratchy it was the soy Milk, They make everything with that Poison all the TV dinners lol...Yeah watch out for that SOY....13Love
what about sugar or process foods like chips or candy? That SOY and SUGAR is blood food for them bugs.13Love cuz

bluesbaby5050: That CORN Syrup is what is called........

"HIGH FRUCTROSE"! ALL GROWN FROM GMO CORN SEEDS. Corn is in EVERYTHING! They even inject Corn Syrup, and water in to all the meats to make them slightly sweet, into the Beef, and into the Chicken, ,and into Lamb, and into Pork along with other tasteful ingredients too , this also makes the meats weight more, makes more money per pound. Everyone is addicted to sugars of all types from corn, to beets, a source of sugar from the beets, and Sugar Cane. High Fructrose CORN SYRUP is in everything you Eat, and Drink. Everyone should read all labels carefully. Start reading ALL your labels, and you will see this in the contents. You can't get away from this! That's what's making people FATTER, and it's because of this LAB CREATED GMO CORN! It's not just in the Junk Foods people eat. TPTB have been attacking the whole Worlds populations with these poisons since the 1960's.The Chemical trails, and Chemical-bombs have been used over Vietnam during that 12 years war! This is not new, it's been happening for decades! The Agent Orange also had bad affects on the American soldiers that were there, they developed diseases, and some became sterile, and others had birthed babies with many birth defects of all kinds. And Agent Orange was just one type used to destroy the food crops, and the forests, and to burn the skin off the people, and the animals, and to cause mutations with all those birth defects for decades after. The PTB also wanted to control the Monsoon Rains in Asia, and they experimented with chemicals plenty during that war. As they do in ALL WARS! (They have to try out their new experiments/ new war toys on the people to see how effective they are) They're controlling the resources in all regions around this planet. Not all this bad weather is blamed on Mother Nature, as they would like us to think. They re-direct storms, and increase them to cause more deaths, and damages. When they control the food resources, and the water supplies, and now the air, and the ones doing this control Everything, and Everyone. From the Droughts to Floods, to Tornados, and to the Fires, and the Hurricanes too. THEY THINK THEY ARE GODS! But they are NOT!

bluesbaby5050: Other things they are putting ........

Into the foods people eat, and in the most common ones. Your breakfast foods like breakfast bars, and the many kinds of cereals have different metal particles in them along with magnet particles! This has to do with the workings of the nano/nanite bio- engineering of the human body. Eat Organic if you can.

UN.i1-PHI: Compilation of additional info from Crackdown

Compilation of additional info from Crackdown derived from having several conversations with him, thus his info is copied(his replies only), grouped/compiled and slightly edited.

Thank you very much for all work, help and friendly company Crackdown!


The language of all these materials, including "7 Keys" is Russian
But it is 'impossible' to translate everything, so I will do my best to translate interesting parts

When you progress through these groups:

  • Your body purifies,
  • brain activity & activity of body cells increases,
  • immune system raises,
  • regeneration improves,
  • and your hidden abilities expand.

There are lots of benefits, many of them were described at pages “01” - “04”.

Harm is relative thing : e.g. animal meat from red group is more harmful than soy meat from orange group.

From page “02”, things(products/substances) are grouped by chemical composition and by frequency-amplitude characteristics (vibrations level).

That means: for example, when you shift from red to orange group, your vibrations level raises! Although, we need to remember that the easiest way to raise your vibrations, is “to stay human” in as many life situations as possible.

To get to the yellow level, get rid of soy products!
In addition to estrogen-like compounds,
 about 80% of soy is genetically modified.
So there's a high chance that your soy is not very safe for health

About soya drink: claims of manufacturers about "no-GMO" could be false:

1) They could have supplied normal soy at the beginning, when the tests were conducted,
then switched to cheaper GMO soy
  • 2) Tests for same products are rarely conducted
  • 3) Even if someone catches them with GMO soy, total profit from selling GMO soy would be higher than the loss from fines.

We need to be careful while looking for safe products, especially for soy because 80% of it is modified
Try to live (for some time) without soy products, then tell the results.

UN.i1-PHI: WATER, OIL and Cooking vs STEAMING

Water from plastic bottles :
It is better to drink water from glass bottles, 
although glass bottles cost higher, water dissolves everything, including plastic.
So it's not very good to drink water which was stored in a plastic container/bottle.

Mineral water :
Check its origin!
Bottled water example:

Mineral "medical" water from Caucasus mountains, Yessentuki.
(depth of bore: №46 - 685,5 meters , №49-Э - 865 meters )

0.5 L of "medical" mountain water could already cost $1 and be expensive, but it is more healthy and tasty; your stomach feels good after drinking it.

Find out if shops in your area are selling good "medical" mountain or spring water.
Their price is usually cheaper than the price from pharmacy stores.
If you plan to drink tap water, check if your filter is good enough, and also try to get silver stuff or shungite.

Drinking water example:
Fill the kettle with drinking water, then it gets boiled for a few minutes, then: either to tea, or to one of two jugs:

    1st jug - has silver stuff inside: spoon, cross, chain, and few extra pieces
    2nd jug - has 200g-300g of shungite black stones

Steam cookers / food steamers :

    They allow to process food and kill microbes, while preserving most of good substances
you can put the food inside steam cooker, process it, then extract and add the olive oil.

About steamers:

    It's better to get a good steamer - with as least plastic parts as possible (pot inside - either stainless steel, or special surface)
    Olive oil is better for cooking, but if I remember correctly not all kinds of olive oil are suitable for frying

About water:

    It is possible to check certificates, and the place of manufacturing.(it should be close to the place where this water is mined)
UN.i1-PHI: critics on using/adding (much) oils(also processed) to your food

Eat Healthy or get Super STDs' & All Meats @ 3:33
check out!
but if you already use oils, its better to not use them to fry, but to add them to (steamed) food later on in the near end, and use olive oil instead of some that may be less healthy,
you can do this when you're gradually advancing and switching on to healthier alternatives, but later on you better stop eating cooked food and pouring oils at all
for salads you can better use lemon juice/ citric acid, (fresh from the fruit itself is better then bottled from the store ofc)

ps. in the vid they show soya drink wich you better do not use at all as its poisonous and very disturbing to you(r body), also aceitic acid should not be recommended because it is fermented and thus has probably many nanites and bad stuff...

UN.i1-PHI: MORE ON FOODS & 7 Keys System

Examples of some foods:

    1) tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, onions, dill and other greens with olive oil
    2) grains: buckwheat, rice, wheat in form of pasta
    3) various types of cabbage: broccoli, brussels, cauliflower
    4) "sea cabbage" (other name of sea plant)
    5) yeastless bread with simple composition:
      Wheat flour, drinking water, sugar, rye flour, salt, treacle, not-fermented rye malt.


    Although rice is very popular on this planet, too much rice is not good.(It could make you fat.)
    Try replacing half of your rice amount with buckwheat, its very healthy.


    Check if it does not contain yeast!
      rye malt:
      It's a malted rye:

        1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malt
        2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malt#Malts

Chips and potatoes:

    Most chips are not healthy food.(Although there are some simple chips which contain only potatoes, salt and oil.)
    Although they are from the orange level, since you are eating stuff from higher levels than yellow (fruits from green level, honey from blue level), maybe higher levels kind of compensate the lower levels.
      If you feel "heavy" or not comfortable after consuming it, that means they are not good for you.


    It is better to find sauces that are not containing chemistry (like Kalium Sorbate).

    Most sauces in our shops contain lots of 'chemistry'.

      1) "Italian" taste - water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, salt, natural food flavors (contain celery), cayenne pepper
      2) "Garlic and spices" taste - same, but garlic instead of cayenne pepper.

      They also claim that: no artificial food coloring/flavor/preservatives,
no GMO, no starch, no glutene, has lycopene.
      But i dont know if these claims are true (always be careful while choosing food from huge transnational corporations)
 so I would recommend not to eat them them too much.(Or not eat them at all.)


    It's good product, from the blue level.
    I could be very wrong there, but I dont think it is possible to stay on just honey + water + fructose powder (if we are talking about blue level) for unlimited period of time without special measures (at least until we would see noticeable increase of vibrations level of our planet in several years)

Maybe that its a limited way of thinking, but, how do you expect to live at much higher vibrations than world around you?

From what I read, nordic-type aliens dont have to eat food in order to live, just fruits when they want to taste them
But, if that's true, it's probably because;

    their bodies are not artificially limited (e.g. their bodies are not implanted with chakras at genetic level),
their place of living is high vibration,
    and the relations between members of their society are "high-vibration" by nature too.

We don't have these advantages.
And about breatharians/sunglazers: many of them are fake, but not all of them

    (Those who aren't fake, are mostly living in caves/remote places, rarely interacting with society.)

Maybe if we will purify our bodies through "7 Keys", then participate in "Reversal of Human DNA Code" program: our DNA code would be different, and many microbes would not be compatible with us anymore
Sadly, we don't know much about the immune system of human-like aliens , so I cannot tell for sure.
There only a few information available, small pieces like this:
"Procyons are muscular with slender necks and agile bodies. Their eyes are alert and of high intelligence. Physically they are almost identical to humans. The main difference is that by human standards their blood circulatory system is under-developed, while their lymphatic system is over-developed. This gives them stronger immune systems than terrestrial humans."
There are a lot of recommendations in this system - I think, it is very difficult to follow them all if you are not living alone and need to visit food places (at your university/near your work) with limited range of appropriate food. Although, trying harder should cause better results
All the necessary conditions for perfect success of "7 Keys", and also "RHDC" program - could be organized at the special underground rehabilitation medical centers of Resistance forces

And about the "averages" thing, it is wrong, I was thinking in the "averages" paradigm.
If we think according to 7 keys system, your level is determined by the lowest level of food from your ration,
so its kind of wrong to estimate the average level.
However, you cannot always limit youself only to "yellow"+upper keys, because sometimes you have to eat food from orange key (e.g. you arrive to a food place, and they - aside from red key products - only have mashed potatoes).

It seems that, by this system, your current key is determined by lowest key of product from ration.
What im trying to do, is to make up some default checkpoint, and gradually, this checkpoint would be improving.
I am trying to build and improve some default checkpoint (which currently is yellow "on averages"), so, when I would attempt to carefully follow the recommendations and seriously use this system, it will be easier.

After consuming the food, you could feel if it was good or not
The consumed food could feel "heavy" if its on lower vibrations level than you are of course.
If you would eat some meat, you could feel heavy yourself.


Without special measures (like an "electroplasmic cradle"), 
I do not think that it is possible to just go to blue/purple level and stay there as much as you want.

Although I am not sure about the current vibrations level of our planet, 
I believe that you cannot live at a too high vibrational level, while the rest of world around us is at lower levels.
If I understand correctly:

    You gradually reach some level. (e.g. lightblue or blue level) to purify the body,
    then you return to your default level. (e.g. yellow or orange, because it would be stupid to go to the very bottom - the red level.)
    At the end of 07 page: we see "duration of one cycle of system: 1-1,5 month".
    The time of return could be much shorter the than time of going up: 1-3 days for passing each level.(That would mean, about 10 days to return to point where you were before.)
    Please see the diagram picture.

Even after you return to your default point (to take a rest) your body would be cleaner than before.
So it should not 'spoil' the work.
Also, the return moment depends on moon cycles: so the time, that you would spend while taking a rest, will be when the influence of moon (Destiny station - control center for microshit) is lower than usually.
No point to go to purple level, without special measures, blue would be enough; and, there is also a method to determine the moment, when your body is ready to move to next level.

Hormones are not needed. But, you cannot get rid of them - this "hormone thing" is implanted at genetic level

    ("Reversal of Human DNA Code" program allows you to get write access to your DNA through a vacuum cluster, 
maybe if you go through this RHDC program it would be possible to get rid of "hormones" completely.)

One of purposes of "Keys" system, is just to 'reduce' the influence of hormones on your actions: partially, by reducing their amount in body.

We also have to consider that, although your food ration becomes different, and it contains less/other elements: The 
body could do wonderful things after it adapts!
For example:

    After you stopped with drinking milk and eating cheese (foods which are rich with calcium) - instead of calcium, your body is starting to use more strontium for construction!
    http://www.rense.com/general49/vegg.htm - Judging by bone analysis (a lot of strontium), ancient Rome gladiators were vegeterians and had strong bones!

I think, the point here is: when you are trying to avoid animal food completely (which is kinda impossible of course, considering very small amounts of molecules) 
the amount of consumed animal food will be much lower, low enough to be insignificant.

    Example: someone, who doesn't know about your food preferences, cooked a pizza with pieces of meat and many vegetables.

    If you are not really trying to avoid the "animal molecules": you would decide to remove the pieces of meat and eat the pizza, thinking that its fine.
    But if you are really trying to avoid animal substances, you would not eat this pizza because it was cooked with meats, and you would avoid these meats which got absorbed into the dough
(thats if we don't think about cheese (for this example), which is added to majority of pizza).

We could use special cooking gloves like cook in restaurants, these gloves are tight and convenient.
So why this objection against cooking with bare hands, especially if it is done by females?

    Aside from millions of microbes and bacteria at our hands, hormonal substances are extracted through the skin!
Crackdown: Thank you very much too!

Without you, there would be no such discussion ;)

Crackdown: Great compilation!

everything is nice structured so it's easy to read :) thank you very much!

TillToTheWhen: Hi Crackdown

Hey there,

It's been a while since I've posted here but I rememered your 7 keys rainbow system because I recently stopped eating meat. Now I am off the dairy too, so now I am in the orange group. I just wanted to make sure I understand this right- When I get to the light blue group I will ONLY be eating dried fruit and honey each day for a month and a half? (Switch to only raisens after the first 2 weeks?) My roommate just told me I'd die if I only ate raisens for a month...lol but I told her you work up to it slowly. But just want to make sure I am understanding it correctly...you stay in each group for 1 month to 1.5 months, correct? And during the orange groups I can still eat foods from the blue groups if I want. But once I get to the light blue group I am ONLY allowed to have dried bannannas and figs and then raisens?

And one more question about that Antiseptic Dorogov Stimulator medicine! This is fascinating to me. I found two sites online that offer it to the US (where I live) and one of them is the ASD-2 kind that you take orally. I am just wondering if you know the dosage to take and how often? I don't believe, for legal reasons, that the site who sells it, offers this info, since it's meant only for animals supposedly, they only give you directions for the animals. Can I safely take any dose I want, or is it possible to Overdose on the stuff? And how long does it take for results with it? Have you tried it personally? site I found offers a bottle for only $30!

Thanks a million!

TillToTheWhen: oh yeah...

Also it has been about a month since I stopped eating meat. But I accidentally ate something with cheese in it recently. Does that mean I have to reset the time and start over and stay in the orange group for an additonal 1 to 1.5 months? or is one time no big deal?

Crackdown: About 1-1.5 months

Please check this diagram:
As you see, during those 1-1.5 months :
1) you go "up" from your default key (it is orange in your case)
2) reach the light-blue / or blue (optional) / or purple (useless without special conditions)
3) return to your default level
During this cycle, you are observing your urine, to determine the time when to go one step further.
Of course, you are not sitting on some key (e.g. light blue) for 1-1.5 months,
that days estimate is for the whole cycle in total.
And I doubt that you could die from trying this cycle: human can live a long time without food at all, but during this cycle you wouldnt be starving, you would be eating the food, just different food.
Yes, the cycle would reset if you break the rules --> would have to start from the beginning

Crackdown: About "default" key

While you are doing a cycle, you are switching between keys that are temporary to you.
In contrast, your "default key" is a key where you have decided to stay for indefinite period of time (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc...) - while not doing any cycles.

Because "default key" is more permanent, it is wise to let your body get used to your current "default key" (orange, in your case) before trying to raise it (to yellow). Of course you understand that, if you will suddenly jump to blue key and make it a "default key" (not temporary), that will be a big stress for your body and will bring negative consequences for your health. So, that "default key" raising should be done wisely, carefully and gradually.

As I see, you have recently raised your "default key" from red to orange. After a couple of months, when your body will get used to orange key, you could try to raise it to yellow key.

I believe, under current conditions it would be enough to make your "default key" as yellow or green. Raising your default key to light-blue, for example, could be not only difficult, but also very expensive (in my country, if I would eat those dried fruits every day, that will cost a fortune :P )

Crackdown: about the dosage of Antiseptic Dorogov Stimulator

There are recommendations for many types of illnesses, you could google translate this topic:

E.g. those who have a cancer : twice a day, they should take 5 ml of ASD-2 with 100 ml of boiled water. And do that for 1.5 years...

About the overdose:

when those doctors (who write the instructions) have to specify the dosage, they have no data about what people will be taking the drug. Meanwhile, the possibility of an overdose depends on a lot of body properties: weight of person, their health status, and drug tolerance regarding this drug. To guarantee the safety of dosage for everyone (regardless if those people would be small and weak, or large and strong) the dosage of most drugs is set lower than it should be for most people.

These dosage recommendations are standard. Because the doctors who have written these instructions have no data about what people will be taking the drug,

So, if a person has a serious illness, he/she could carefully increase the dosage (e.g. if I had a cancer, I wouldnt hesitate taking 7.5 ml of ASD-2, or even 10 ml, instead of recommended 5 ml )

TillToTheWhen: Cool....have you ever taken

Cool....have you ever taken this stuff yourself? And when you say mix it with boiling water, do you just boil the water first, then pour in the ASD-2 and then wait for it to cool and drink it?

Crackdown: ASD-2 and water

I meant, boiled water, not boiling. You boil the water, let it cool down, then put ASD-2 in it and drink. Or, you could just take ASD-2 from a spoon, and sip a water from the glass. I think, water is needed because it doesn't have a nice taste

Crackdown: More information about everything :-)

Well, probably English instructions do not have recommendations for people's usage of ASD-2, but Russian instructions have! Try translating it manually, and if there's any doubt during the translation, just contact me and I will clarify it, because that stuff is very important and there should be no confusion!

I have not tried this drug personally, but because of positive reviews I would definitely give it a try if there would be problems with my health. Hopefully your website is selling genuine product, although the price looks correct for an imported drug (in Russia, 100 ml of ASD-2 cost about $5, but because its imported to USA it should cost more)

By the way, there are a lot of threads on Russian, which contain the experiences of those who have tried 7 keys system! Some of them have very detailed description and really valuable. Sadly, I have no time to give a quality translation in the moment, but anyway I sent you the links in private messages, so you could give it a brief look with google translate

----- Hope that helps! if i forgot to answer something, pls remind me ;-)

TillToTheWhen: Oops sorry, please disregard

Oops sorry, please disregard my lastest question about asking if you've taken this or not. I just now saw this post where you answered it.

TillToTheWhen: Thanks very much crackdown.

Thanks very much crackdown.

I went to the Russian page and trying to figure out how to translate it now. I copied and pasted the info into google translate, but it said it exceeded character limit. Usually they give you an option to translate on the page itself, but this time I didn't see one.

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