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PART 2 will be there - http://www.truthcontrol.com/pictures/7-keys-rainbow-part-2
If you have doubts about something, please tell and I will clarify my translation

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Tim Lovell: what if I am pink?

what if I am pink?

Crackdown: at least not red ;)

You could move to next color group, to improve your health
But don't rush - it took half year for me to become "yellow" on average

Tim Lovell: I dunno I was just joking UN

I dunno I was just joking UN.1 lol..

Tarheel: If you are PINK, then....

...it may (not probable) be okay as long as you're not an ELEPHANT.

UN.i1-PHI: the pink/Invisible elephant-
[MUST READ] Methods of Self-Protection from Psychoenergetic Attacks
Mr. Ed takes a back seat to this Talking Elephant!
The Elephant in the Room is a Mothership
lol tbh first time(long ago)i read 'the invisible elephant' i was thinking of an real invisible multidimentional elephant walkin around here mushing the NWO with its awesomness, taking it too literally as i didnt know it was just a sayin xD, but yes it really goes very deep!!!

and yes tarheel, the elephant is very cool!
Everything happens in your head / Elephant Dancing to Ziggy Marley at the Oregon Zoo

i'll get more on topic with the extra info you gave and me with when i have some more time for CD good luck with translating 7 Keys part 2!! CD :D this is really valuable information ur sharing and is most interesting (to me atleast)

CD i hope u dont mind us talking bout pink elephants and stuff but the elephant in the room can not be denied any longer!!!

i guess the pink elephant is also 'the matrix system/ DESTINY' controlling and harnessing beings and their energies thru microshit programs from their base @ the moon and connecting/networking other planets/systems, ur doing awesome work CD ROCK-ON!!!

[EXCLUSIVE] Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground

Silenci030310: Whats everyone favorite

Whats everyone favorite colors, mine are blue silver black and olive green or army green, not into pink lol to girly. Im kidding

UN.i1-PHI: RED!!!


i was thinking about this 2day, as red corresoponds to the animal product key(&low vibe?), wich i DO NOT EAT/LIKE
but then i tought, well the colour that's emitted, is what it SENDS OUT, and what(light/vibe) it REALLY IS/ABSORBS, is 'all' except that color wich it emits and appears :D

The Game - It's Okay (One Blood) ft. Junior Reid
Junior Reid - One Blood

moonsstarr923: RED & BLACK


You know what un.i-PHI? I like red and black. And I don't. But I really DO.
It probably suits me---and other weirdos like myself----best.

We see BEAUTY in darkness. But we don't want to be all black and swallowed up,
but sometimes--- that's just who we are.... Until...

Until our RED comes. And man, when it comes, it
bursts into the crowd-- WANTING, something, knowing all too sadly...

but mostly WANTING. Red IS my desire for FREEDOM, and BLACK is
my BEUATIFUL failure at that freedom; but its the EXPRRESSION of it
that leaves men's jaws' GAPPING (open) WIDE...


moonsstarr923: Re: silenci-fav. color

Hunter---or----Earth GREEN!!! :-)

Tim Lovell: blue and yellow of course :)

blue and yellow of course :)

Tim Lovell: hmm red and black isn't that

hmm red and black isn't that kind of Nazi`ish` ? lol

UN.i1-PHI: No!, that only is for those that associate and think that
i do not think colors should be attributed and associated to (especially malevolant)groups and organizations, this is yet another way of unconscious/subliminal conditioning programming propaganda in my observation, but well yeah the nazi's were controlled by arian/orion forces so it could be that red&black(and white) color like in the nazi flag symbol(ism) were associated/favoured by the orion forces, and the choice of using/pickin the ancient symbol of the cross could be also another way to represent/symbolise orion even if its much older than the official nazi usage(like TR shows theres many ways involving crosses to symbolize/depict the orion constellation)
so just like the flag of israel having an hexagram wich is pure sacred geometry, they inplant subliminal association to propagate their organization and rule, replacing the purer interpretation/meaning of the sacred symbols themselves, it is a pure mathematical/geometrical concept and i like it just as the pentagram (wich is also associated with satanism) so just because some badboys demonize, take over and use sacred symbols and colors doesnt mean its theirs! in the contrary, it is pure universal/mathematical/geometrical symbols of/in life with real sacred/divine meaning/construction/essence!!!

btw i forgot to mention but i love GREEN too and plants and all other life aswell
i like the combination black with green&red (if green&red next to eachother is too contrastic then the black between gives it a nice harmony/flow)
but anyway all colors are awesome yet we do have our favourites when we pick em ;)

well this thread/topic is called 7 keys of the rainbow but we've been just talking bout the colors themselves so tough theres some interesting concepts on colors, i think we should return on topic of alimentation/food!..
so sorry again CD for going on on colors again ;p

moonsstarr923: speaking of colors..."spirit" colors are neat too

To those of you that read my post---and link to Kelli's---- instructional-"how to see 'ghosts'/interdim. beings, , , , , , , , , Well, *remember*, after practice, a *LOT* of 'first-timers' begin their ability to "SEE" other "things" by, firstly, seeing the white wavy lines------AND/or--BRAND NEW ***COLORS***!!!!!!!!!!! (and those colors ARE *really* neat... which I have seen and cannot describe well...)

So, if there are any of you who ARE using Kelli's beginners techniques on "How To See Ghosts and Inter-dimensional Beings, , , don't forget: Before seeing the, eh hem, "entities", many of you will FIRST see NEW, dazzling, lovely COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck, and keep practicing a little each day! You'll get there, and you'll LOVE it!!!


***For anyone who may have MISSED my post: Here is the link with instructions on--"How to see ghosts and/or interdim. beings". Listen, you don't HAVE TO be "medium" or "clairvoyant" to SEE other "entities". (((besides the fact that it's (just) my opinion that we ALL have the capacity/ability in our brain to be "mediums"/"clirvoyant", if even midly---It's just we don't *believe* we can, , OR we have not practiced enough, , OR we have not 'awakened' {that part of our brain yet}---THERE ARE 'other' ways to be able to see these extraordinary "entities" or "space junk", as Kelli calls it, or whatever else is "out there" that people do NOT normally see. Just remember to *practice*. IF it FAILS to work for you on the first try and so you GIVE UP--- Then, sadly, the result is it's more likely than not that you may not get to see these ghosts, and other weird "things", etc... in this life time! You MUST practice a little each day. Don't strain yourself or your eyes; but practice a little each day. You'll get RESULTS, and you'll think it's the most NEATEST and AMAZING thing!!!!!! 8-D


Crackdown: 7KoR - part 2 released!

... and please no old jokes about colours ;)

UN.i1-PHI: meat sugar parasite entities&bugs mind control ELF waves calcify


Sugar & Meats/Mind Controlling Insects
    speaking on Roaches, insects and Sugar how they controlling you with ELF waves from your TV antennas, They need SUGAR to live and to control you..This is why they want you eating sugar foods.
Pt 2 Sugar Demons & Insects entity's
    speaking on Entity's controlling you with the Sugar & Meats inside of your body & your Life, You might don't know it, Because you are calcified. Reason your Leaders all ways with Blue Suits on and Neck tied up tight around the neck..
Tim Lovell: I just ate a chicken Kiev

I just ate a chicken Kiev gulp... But then again birds evolved from reptiles so what goes around right? Lol

Tim Lovell: Hmm good point heh

Hmm good point heh

UN.i1-PHI: becomes part of you(r body)

becomes part of you(r body)
'you are what you eat'

13min13sec REAL Talk 13 STOP EATING MEATS

UN.i1-PHI: da13thsun's YT comments

da13thsun's YT comments

@naarisbeautiful your body can get cleanse in about 4-6weaks, if you Detox your whole body, that is Liver, kidneys, everything... if you just go GREEN and start eating right, it will take about 2-months, but you will notice the difference and your MATE will LOVE you more. This is who we are anyway 13love
@NaturalMestic Real talk queen, stay natural what Mama Earth Put here for us, We are suppose to be one with the earth and Universal Harmonic sounds. 13love to you and yours.
@hardcorescreamokid68 You need help.......Cos you haven't even master the 3d. Cos you still have FEAR of something, How can you speak on something when you can't even master the lowest dimension of self....All evil will be left right here in this 3d they can't go pass 4th...I have a lot of DARK inside of me, I come from dark matter. 13love
@hardcorescreamokid68 Yeah Yeah Yeah, Birds of the feather Flocks together, Can't help if they reap the rewards of their evil crap, now they scared so some want to try and be good now for the human race and Soul Children.....That is like a killer going around killing people then say I AM SORRY, now forgive me. WTF ever......you got to pay for what you have done. KARMA has to be paid, so I don't have time to go picking thru them saying oh these 9 are bad and this 1 is good. No thanks 13love
@hardcorescreamokid68 You really need to check yourself...if someone Kill your mom and dad right in front of you...just forgive them....if some MEN come and rape you and leave you in the hospital with a baseball size butt hole. and you cant ever walk again. Just forgive them....I hope you inner stand and over stand what I AM saying... I don't have hate for you. So don't try and make me forgive DEVILS...MY FATHER THE MOST HIGH does not forgive and MOTHER NATURE either. so KARMA has to be repayed.
@hardcorescreamokid68 So let me get this straight....if a CHILD molestor rapes a little boy or baby and destroy them for life, the child should forgive that monster...if a RAPIST rapes a child or a woman and she survives the attack with a baby and a knife wound to her throat she should forgive him...So My daddy should forgive them DEVILS for hanging his dad my grandad because they wanted his LAND. and they took it after they hung him...just forgive them...KISS MY ASS. and GET A DAM LIFE U SICK.
you do not have canine teeth and your digestion system will not let you digest meats, your intestines is over 25ft long, a animals is 3ft,,so meats leave their body. it will not leave yours. this is why you get cancer, and death. 13love
How do the animals get protein aka elephants,giraffes etc....cos proteins are made from amino acids which comes from the AIR and veggies. Meats is the Biggest LIE in history...this is cannibalism. just look at your teeth, you do not have Canine teeth. You can't deny none of this, if you do you just being ignorant to the facts. Please think my brother 13love
Get Lost with that BS, Why i'm 44 and can pass for 22 when I shave my face, Cause I AM healthy and look 10x better than a meat eater...
PURE MUCUS and the cause of majority of cancer or sickness in the human body...its DEATH pure DEATH...


Theo M.:
Stinging nettle has protein that is more properly aligned to the human digestive system than any meat source ever could be...its odd...but a worldwide-naturally-growing leafy green spinach-like vegetable 'weed' is better for you in terms of protein than any fatty steak could ever be. Its a hard transition that I'm still currently working on, but its doable. Hemp/cannabis seeds are loaded with protein. Its funny, almost every animal we eat gets 100% of its dietary protein from plants...odd huh?
@ my job, when they serve CHICKEN to the students there is always a fist fight bound to happen. my co-wokers don't believe me when I say the chemicals they inject in meat makes people act crazy/wild. they make comments about me/my raw/vegan life style..I hear "there goes the rabbit eater, then I jump back and say at least I aint no Sh!t eater. lol
hotep my brother im trying to stop eating meat. I stop eating red meat now i have to do the chicken than im good. I will become a vegan. I don't want to eat any flesh no more or dairy. I still eat cheese but i will stop this summer for sure. I drink almond milk instead of cow milk. But people who not spirtual at all or not try to know they ancestors most of the time those the ones with attitude problems. The ones that eat right intune with nature are polite people. Peace and keep the videos flow

THIS SHIT CRAY!!!! wow those entities sucking the life force out of those foods we eating once we put it in our body, wow!!!!!!! thanks G

UN.i1-PHI: sick meats and sugars is feeding em parasites and killing you

sure i'll try, but its really worth checking da13thsun's vids when you have the time
look all kind of meats are already rotting after a day or two (actually as soon as its DEAD) but you dont notice it as much with all the crap they spray on it to 'slow down' the process, to 'preserve' the meat, but that makes it only worse by adding the chemicals, they have all kinds of shit in it that they add, but also by how they feed the animals, they give em all kind of crap like gmo's and even sweet candy's and shugar stuff to make the meat more heavy and sweet, all this 'sweet' stuff only feeds them parasites, small buggs crooling in the meats and in your body sucking the lifeforce out of you, and this makes, it also easy for demon spirit entities to feed from you as you have your blood mixed with animals and parasites, in the us atleast there are superbugs/parasites found in ALL MEATS, and they can't be killed by any know antibiotics or pharmaceuticals, 'if that doesnt kill em what will?'--> eat natural! no meats, purify your body this will help to get rid of them and avoid get them
the sugars in processed foods are no good for all kinds of reasons, the real good sugars are all in the fruits, and you can eat as much as you want and its good for you, yet some scientists say oh watch out with eating too much fruits with too much sugars blabla, that's BS to scare you and keep you in their stupid way of thinking and comparing what they think is the same, the more sweet fruits you eat the more sweet and fruity you become, it's all natural
but you should not only eat sweet stuff(fruits) but also veggies and herbs, especially eating the GREEN stuff helps clear your body and is lacking in most people's "diet"
so called "DIEts" are not good either , eat what nature grows you and LIVEits! and things with "INGREDIENTS", if you eat just the plants like that then that's what you're eating, if you want to make something with mixed ingredients, make it yourself, blend them, like in a smoothie or whatever, fuck recepies, find out and learn it all yourself, thats much nicer
but coming back to the meats (in the us atleast but ofc elsewhere), them bugs can make your reproduction organs to rot and fall off, how would you like to be dickless! or vaginaless, not so nice to live anymore would it? but do as you wish keep on eating them meats and you'll see what you'll meet, and what will meet you!
this guy made no joke, it was even stated in the article that's what can happen when you eat them meats and let them parasites rot you
condoms are full of chemicals that fuck you up and helps giving you DISEASES especially with them meats and diary products
they make your cells go bad and imprison your good cells, especially the thick fat layers in between is like a big prison wall blocking the other side
eating meats and sweets is real bad for you and not just causes physical disturbances but also mental, vibrational and karmic, you eating them animals bodies and they pissed of at you, people too often use the excuse saying hey i didnt kill the animal but they dont realize what they're doing by eating the animals
humans are not supposed to eat meats and they cant even process them right it just build up dis-eases in your body and mixes with your blood turning you into a sick beast

UN.i1-PHI: eat nature from the ground roots-> PLANTS

plants receive them light codes from the sun and are the actually the 'primary' food source
you sick eating animals who feed from plants or other animals, some animals have it in their nature/blood to be able to eat them meats but even that's not ideal for them
drink, eat and bathe in clean water and sun rays next to eating them eatable fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts/seeds, roots, leafs etc from the healthy plants, thats what you suppose to be eating
purify your body and keep em clean,healthy and 'fruity' with nature and turn into crystalign light beings

UN.i1-PHI: nature's plants got all you

nature's plants got all you would need to feed, thats why they are fucking up earths plants also with them GMO's and other poisons, and they also give em to animals to feed for you to feed/eat your meets...
you dont even need to eat that much at all, your stomach should be bout the size of your fist, but people be stuffing emself with crap in high quantity because its low quality,stretching the stomach and even weaken themselves by eating, you dont need to eat that much when you're eating good plants and your healthy and enough in the sun, you arent (that) dependant on 'food' at all when you get you're body all right by living right chargin in the sun...

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