3 Branches of Freemasonry Creating Chaos

by Quinton on November 26th, 2009
3 Branches of Freemasonry Creating Chaos

This is an important image taken from a slide presentation done by Jordan Maxwell. To paraphrase Maxwell these are 3 main branches of Freemasonry creating chaos to gain control, as represented by the fire in the middle - ordo ab chao. The skull on the left represents the Vatican, the skull in the middle is the Knights of Malta and the skull on the right is the King of England.

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daughtereponymous: The Vatican

In the Roman catholic church in which an Idol is carried, but the Pope is like manner is also carried in pocessions. Rituals that lift one self up above others, has pagan roots and Freemasons creat such rituals. And even as the scripture tells us that the heathen in olden times lavished gold and silver on their gods; so such riches are placed on the Pope! And the Freemasons their many buildings over the world are very lavished. And even as when the idol gods were carried in procession, the people would "fall down" and worship, so on certain occasions do perple bow before the Pope as he is carried by. The Pope now is more political that ever, the one before him set him up and help greatly in U.E. In one letter of the Pope to them, he reminded them it is like the old roman empire again. He is keeping them tied to him, and remind them they he was lead by G-D to bring about their union, and calles it a holy union. He is setting up the world, for the fall. Rome, has one of the biggest banks of the world, and control much of the banking of the world. The rise and fall of our nations and people are in the hands of those that fell from grace and look like people of G-D, but are in truth the Rulers of Darkness of This World as it is written of them and the Spiritual Wickedness in High Places as it is written in Ephesians 6:12 to warn us. But do we hear scripture? No. They are continuation of ancient paganism. Over three thousand years ago, the very same practice was known in Egypt, such processions being a part of the paganism there.

Allso Egyptian priest-king, used the Fabellum, a large fan made of feathers. This was later know as the "Mystic Fan of Bacchus". These fans were once used by popes in their state occasions. As the Encyclopedia Britannica says: This pagan ritual goes back as far as the Babylon religions. These things used of the pallium, the fish head mitre, the Babylonish garments, the Mystic "keys", the little "Pontiff" and the history of how the popes comes to receive this title, all go together, to provide conclusive proof that the PAPAL office is a PAGAN office. And note: the young Jewish man, that did not instituted any such office, and did not build any such churches, and also stated: " to look at the roots, and if the roots were in pagan worship them G-D was not!

Considering the gross immorality, crookedness, and contradiction that has existed in the lives of many of the Popes, we can now see, how BLASPHEMOUS their clams really are! The Popes have taken on themselves such titles as "MOST HOLY LORD", CHIEF OF THE CHURCH IN THE WORLD", "SOVEREIGN PONTIFF OF BISHOPS". "HIGH PRIEST PRIEST".

And the high priest to the Most High was in scripture in Genesis 14:18 Melchizedek the King of Salem. and this is the Spirit of G-D that will bring forth the bread and wine to G-D Most High.

The Spirit of G-D is making the seeds ready, the temple that G-D alone is building are those of earth that labor putting sin out. read 1 Kings 6:7 we are the stones. and read Psalm 118;20 to23 we are the stones the builders of all religions have rejected, due to their embrace to sin and growing in the image of the fallen of heaven that put their DNA with ours. Out of the chaos G-D sow His two houses with the seed of man and with beast. We are all poured the same: The bread and wine let me show you now that the Churches brings out is you and you are now the sacrifice, and it is you that they use in their rituals and sacrifices. Wake Up, like in Genesis 15:12 Abram, was not yet brought forth and like Solomon fell into the hands of the Watchmen for a while, so did Abram in his seeking the One whom his soul did love. read Solomon being taken in by them in Song of Solomon 3:3 and Abram in Gen. 15;12. And when the sun was going down, a DEEP SLEEP -"FELL UPON" Abram: and , lo, an HORROR OF DARKENSS FELL UPON HIM. The Watchmen and Chiefs that hunt you down, lulled him to sleep with the lie and deceit that did not let the light in. THE SUN WENT DOWN!

Psalm 14:4 THE BREAD IS YOU! Have all the WORKERS OF INIQUITY no knowledge? who EAT MY PEOPLE as they eat BREAD, AND CALL NOT UPON THE LORD.

Paslm 75:8 For in the Hand of the LORD there is a Cup, and the WINE IS RED: it is FULL of MIXTURE; and HE ---POURETH---OUT---OF--THE ---SAME: but the DERGS thereof, all the WICKED OF THE EARTH shall WRING THEM OUT, AND ----DRINK--THEM.

Due to the DNA of the fallen in ours, G-D took back His creation, it is written in Jeremiah 31:27 and 32 27. This is the MIXTURE IN THE CUP. They give you a new testament, and a new covenant, there is nothing new under the sun Ecc.1:9. The Word of G-D is Endless and Timeless, as G-D is. Jesus and the men that gave a message and stated that soon after, THEY came into them, meaning they were not of G-D and was among them. So G-D did not use Jesus as one to follow, even though he over came them. G-D did not want to lead us to them, but away from them. read Jeremiah 33:25-26 the men we are to follow and the covenant we are to keep and the appointed day is to labor and put sin out and turn back to G-D alone, with out religions, controled by them, this is the ordinances of heaven and earth for a son of G-D to be given their second breath and over come THEM. Our birth waters Psalm 18:15 to 20 the declare decree of G-D Psalm 2:7, and look in at Solomon's birth Song of Solomon 3:4 after he came out of the hands of the WATCHMEN.

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