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Some Researchers and Their MBTI

Which MBTI Type would make the Best President?

Most People Can't Put The Pieces Together Because of Their Personality

Most People Can't Put The Pieces Together Because of Their Personality

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freedmftr88: Personality Tests could possibly be used to help structure NWO

What’s interesting to me is the fact that intuitives know that they are different from most people around them because they are the minority of personality types. My theory is that the secret societies could possibly be an exclusive NTJs club for NTJs who use power to their own advantage. Of course not everyone of these types listed in the infographic are going to be associated with the NWO , but this is just the theory that perhaps personality science might be used in the workings of the NWO. MBTI is used mostly to help people with career paths and even college resource centers. coincidence ? Who knows if the secret societies want you to take a personality test of some sort as part of initiation. Numerology as well as enneagram . If you took a look to see which types earn the most money , they would point to ENTJ / NTJ. So who are the richest people in the world ? The people on top of the NWO of course ! From a personality prospective , it’s quite a genius design.

freedmftr88: Heaven on Earth : Ending all problems into 5D Earth Utopia ! :D

Thank you. Yeah it's a rough draft and it does need to be organized more , I just wanted to get the general idea out there . Most intuitives in the MBTI online community do feel that it's a sensor ran world and would think the authoritative STJ types would be the leaders of the Law & Order everything. But then I read and was inspired by Quinton's article here . And that got me wondering just why are intuitives on top ? I could see NFs being more of the social justice warriors and NPs on the Anarchist side of things. But then again I'm an INFP so I only know for sure on the NF side of the street. But like I mentioned it's not to say that ALL types would join the NWO , but the interesting thing is if an opportunity were to come up would an NT / NTJ type take it say if they weren't aware of the NWO ? It depends on how healthy the type is I think.

One of the things I'm starting to realize currently relating to the "Secret Door" is if we all take a look at the big picture , it's in the matter of questioning why certain things exist on Earth at all ? I'm into New Thought / New Age Spirituality so I wonder with 5D energy / ( * Living in ONLY positive emotions * ) if we all believed the spiritual power of good unseen forces perhaps we wouldn't need all the 3D vibrational ( aka logical realistic ) things we have today. Almost like creating a Heaven on Earth sort of speak. Greg from mentioned this as well as a lightworker video I seen once. So spiritual power is possible . However the biggest question is for Law of Attraction is it just the one person can only create their own lives only and influence is the only thing they can do and with the power of free will people have the freedom of what they can choose. Or perhaps it's not our duty to do anything but to have a happy life. Then again what about lightworkers. This has been something that me and Quinton were chatting about a bit on Slayerment. On one hand there's something that The Secret and Abraham Hicks say which is the top New Thought teachers and then New Thought is indeed a part of New Age which gets into lightworkers , star seeds , Twin Flames , and even NWO.

Since Earth life is the only life that we are most familiar with ( unless of course one has gone through a spiritual awakening talking with guides and is a lightworker ) , and according to some types some are more grounded to Earth than others sort of speak.

But perhaps that's why we are all on Earth not only to enjoy but our souls to learn. I read before that most if not all people are reincarnated ( if they recognize it ) because there's probably something they didn't learn in their past lives. And with personality science , showing that there's an easily countable amount of personality types , it sort of dispels the myth that there's no way to track down the human populations personality as if there's billions instead of 16 or under.

But according to my current research , if happiness ( the high vibrations ) all it takes to live a happy life , all it takes to get Law of Attraction working for us in our live , then there's the 5D Earth ! Therefore people would less and less have no more negative emotions and no more need for something like the NWO to be co-dependent on.

Is something like Libertarian Socialist Anarchism a possibility , I don't know. Perhaps a free society without any rules what so ever.

The point is people set societal rules and anything as a protection of the bad things in life but if a Heaven on Earth is indeed spiritually possible , it'll all be Utopia.

The only difference between Heaven on Earth vs where someone goes when they die , I see afterlife now more abstract because the only limitations left is Earth limitations like the scientific law of gravity and animal instincts .

freedmftr88: I have a question about this...

When it comes to personality type population charts and studies ? Is there ever changes with say the most updated of MBTI population surveys , polls , charts , etc ? Because if not , it's very interesting. Like how intuitives are the personality type minorities 20% and sensors are 80%. MBTI became more noticed in the mid 1980s ( maybe towards business organizations I don't know ). But of course with the internet and the MBTI Online Communities which were just a little over about 10 - 15 years most. But even though people didn't exactly know their type specifically , through out history intuitives knew they were different from the world around them.
Even John Lennon in this 1970 interview.
"People like us are a minority , we always were."

So that's an interesting historic observation I often wondered , has the population always been that way no matter what year ! Probably one of the most mysterious things ever because all the people in my family were sensors. There's no explanation.

The only way I could think of intuitives getting up into the majorities is when cloning becomes easy though something on those lines of transhumanism or something. ;)

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