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Crackdown: Operation Omegle: First Week Report

I decided to make operation report for every week -
to destroy the illusion that nothing is being done there.
This is the first report. Reports will be released every Sunday

There were a LOT of excellent discussions! And here are the best ;-)
List is ordered by the decreasing value - 1st place means highest value

1) Starseed, who is constantly visited by aliens (awakened this year, origin unknown)
1) Pleiadian starseed, knows another Pleiadian starseed (both awakened this year)
1) Out of body experiencer, probably a starseed (if yes, origin unknown)
1) Probably a starseed (if yes, origin unknown)
2) Multiple UFO witness
2) Ayahuasca consumer
2) Paranormality witness
3) Magician
3) Artist
3) Demon

If you are interested, I could share chat logs, just write me in private message.
However, I am not going to share them in AS-IS manner, to respect the privacy!
Modifications, which are carefully done for _every_ chat log, before sharing:
1) ALL the private information, including the contact information, is removed
2) Spellcheck, which is necessary for easier reading and understanding
3) Unnecessary parts of discussion (such as greetings) are removed

In case you are very interested and would like to contact the person, I could share the contact information - but before that, I will contact the person by myself and ask the
permission to do so, with a brief description of who would like to have the contact

Crackdown: OO: 2nd + 3rd Week! Two Real Aliens, Reptilian Hybrid, Starseeds

I am completely serious about this post. During the last weeks of very intensive chat, I met two real aliens, reptilian hybrid, and starseeds

Those two aliens seem to be real: not only by their claim, but also by highly educated speech. That would be too sophisticated for a stupid prank. In addition, I have photos of reptilian hybrid now, and found out the identity...

During this week, I will openly post the most interesting parts of discussions, but only the parts which are not private - not directly related to "Stranger"

Stay tuned!

Crackdown: Thank you. I agree with your opinion, but your guess is wrong...

If this alien would have been a reptilian, he would not tell that we should get rid of religion, that's for sure. "Моst Еаrthlings dоn't knоw" about them. Please remember that, aside from malevolent reptilians and benevolent nordic-type extraterrestrials, there are a LOT of other species and groups, with different agendas. And not all of these agendas involve humans

Crackdown: === PROMISED VIDEO ===

Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground
It took 2 months for creator to make, 3 weeks for me to translate! Hope you like it

BenjaminFalkenrath: obsrvantlouie

You're a Fake.
Just the type with pure darkness inside them. You're quick to judge, and to try an dismantle anyone who disagrees with you, or has outside views other than your own.
A false light being that goes around pretending to be wise & loves to give advice to those who no not of their trickery.
I don't think much of any posts from a person like you who blatantly ridicules anyone else's posts.
I came on here a year ago. An I commented & Posted things I remember from my past lives etc.
You who who claims to tell people to be strong, that people will not believe you, and blah blah blah on your profile, but yet belittle others, when you lack understanding yourself. An that is the problem.

No worries really. You're just a jerk.
But I know who I am, an I know I'm not like you. I don't have anything to prove to you nor do I owe anyone an explanation!

Just friendly advice. Next time remember, it is just as easy to keep your mouth shut an said nothing, than conducting yourself in a manner that makes you look like a total dick. Good work!

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