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edisonik: The Alien Greys and their Situation

The Alien Greys have different Groups, the Greys from Orion have a serious problem on their plate their Race has been manipulated by the Orion Group heavily and currently have had their Sexuality Systems destroyed , to put it bluntly they cannot reproduce and their Race is dying off, the Orion Group Lizards gave the Greys authorization to come to Earth to abduct humans before the Orion Group and the Draconans take control of Earth.

The Greys have been on Earth for a very long time and have been abducting Humans , stealing Souls, Human body parts for their Nutritional Needs and stealing human Secretions for their horrendous experiments. These Creatures has slaughtered millions of people, obviously you will never get this info from big brother, the Greys are not your friends, they Greys have no emotion and really don't care about humanity, humanity is food and Genetic Material for the Greys and they currently dictate United Nations Policy, many of you people don't know that, if the Greys run the United Nations then that my friends is very bad News for Humanity.

I believe the 2012 thing has something to do with the Orion Lizards return and the imminent attack by these Alien groups on Humanity, if this happens it will get messy, so be prepared!, do not assume that you live in times of Peace because you don't, and most of all keep an eye on the sky because the Attack will come from above! and also from down below.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfTrV-ZxFQ4 ( Part 1 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd3-0E1ZAmQ ( Part 2 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI7m03EueJs ( Part 3 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-B4hHPyalc ( Part 4 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ccum0cDMVM ( Part 5 )

The Scientists have to lie about the Experiences as an Illusion , rather then addressing the real situation, because of National Security Reasons they wrote off all of these Abductees.
You will not get a clear answer from Illuminati backed Scientists, I will tell you!, the greys are real so watch your back because they might Abduct you next and if they do , you might not come back in one peace.

They are so active there even on CNN and the Media still dismisses the Real Evidence, knowledge is power so watch your backs, in Farm Country or Desert Country or Forrested Area's.

STAN ROMANEK is telling the Truth and the Illuminati Controlled Media Riddiculed Stan!
Watch your backs people the Greys are Real! They look Toy like but believe me they are Extremely Dangerous!.


edisonik: Humanity has the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule

Yes Quinton we all have the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule, in the Orion Empire where the Serpent Queens hold their Power there is no Self Rule, in the Constellation of Orion there is only Tyranny. Lucifer was handed some power to control the Earth but that control is falling apart because the Humans are waking up, they are beginning to Question everything, God Be Praised.

The Whole Lizard System is Collapsing that is why these Lizards are moving into ovrdrive to get their Grid in Place for the Planet to Become a Prison Planet, it will not happen.
The Falcon Masters that have given Humanity the Gift of the Feather are here the Hawkgu, the Pleadians are here those loyal to Eiyah the Annunakian Prince of the Dog Star Sirris.
Many other Benevolant ET's are here, so Pray every night for Peace you are not alone , you will never be alone, the Draco Military Industrial Complex has high tech Weapons and the Relic Moon Space Craft, the Annunakian Prince has AR 1 end of Story.

AR Flag Ship a Nibiru Planetoid Space Craft, they want to play let the Games begin, big events are coming, lets hope we don't blow up another planet over this.

Annunaki77: It's about Power and the Throne of Sirius

Zeus was the Grandson of King AL AL, the King of Sirius.
When the Wolf Soldiers ventured into Orion they battled the Reptilians and Destroyed some Reptilian Civilizations and battled the Orion Mk Warriors ( Dragon Warriors).
It was Dog vs Lizard , it was very messy, the Orion Queens went to the Canus King for a Truce.

King AL AL bartered a Peace Treaty with the Serpent Queens of Orion.
Loyalty and Service to Orion and for this Service Sirius would get title to the Star Systems discovered around the Pesh Ma Ten Super Star Highway.

After this Deal the Royal Families were fighting amongst themselves for Power and Influence.
They didn't like the Deal King AL AL made with the Serpent Queens and the Families decided to Betray King AL AL so he knew their was a Plot Cooking on Sirius for his Hide so he went to the Serpent Queens of Orion and laid a claim for the Bod Star System.
For this Claim he pledged Loyalty and Service to the Orion Serpent Queens.

King AL AL left the Throne of Sirius and created a New Throne on Tiamat.
He Created Mount Olympus.

Later as the King aged and Passed on to the Next Dimension, his Grandson Zeus became the New Lord and Kod of Mount Olympus.

edisonik: ENKI helped Humanity jump the gun on Evolution

If ENKI was such a Bad Guy then why did he save Humanity in the last Flood?.
Without his Mercy you would have never been or have existed in this Dimension at all.
He was also Arrested for doing this and has served time in an Orion Jail.
After he served his time on Orion he was betrayed and murdered by someone he trusted.

So Obsrvantlouie, what do you you really know about Lord ENKI.
Absolutely nothing.

UN.i1-PHI: yes and it makes sense because the three Lions represent Orion

yes and it makes sense because the three lions represent Orion wich Lilith ofc is also associated with, and since the name 'Lilith' seems to be derived from 'Alnilam', wich btw is the middle star of Orion's Belt,( and another btw notice how LIon is spelled too, and also rhymes like the english pronouncation of orion as or-eye-on) and since the three lions represent orion's belt, it's no wonder why she is depicted in the middle surrounded by two lions, just as anlilam is in the middle and is surrounded by alnitak and mintaka(in the depiction of the constellation we know), notice that even the similarity in their names of indicate this configuration as alniTAK(left) and minTAKa, on both sides surrounding the middle Alnilam (notice lam(b)?)

so lilith is depicted with two lions surrounding her, now do you remember the post you made about the symbolism that look similar to the (inverted) exclamation mark, also to be described as a pyramid with a dot/circle/eye on top, i already showed connection to orions there about that,
but here might be another connection/clarification;

so assuming lilith symbolic representation is the middle of orion('s belt) Alnilam, so again returning to the common depiction of the orion constellation from earth as we know it, the legs of orion could be the bottom of the pyramid with orion's belt on the top with Anlilam as the all seeing eye/star (literally and figuratively: what is (literally (in depiction) above her, is 'left' away/'ignored'), so that could explain the pyramid with the circle on top of it as depicted in that post with the khufu pyramids etc.. but even the line separating the pyramid and the circle, there's a shorter line in between wich could represent the line that orion's belt would make (despite that one of it's main characteristics is that one of the stars is a bit off line, it is still pretty plausible/possible)

so now lilith is depicted as the baphomet goat (lamb?) and surrounded by two girls, lilith representation is also female, three females (in contrary to the mainstream pushed 3 kings/males), also this makes sense with Orion being ruled by the Orion Queens (females)

now here another TR-post about 3 women representing orion ;)


also notice the symbol (another one on their foreheads) representing orion, but notice the crescent / moon shape on the top too just like with in the first post that you posted that i linked here

also TR has been making associations of representations between Lilith and the Virgin Mary, i tought i reposted that one already before somewhere anyway here's another i just searched and i see he also mentions the three (wise) kings and orion etc...

UN.i1-PHI: yea so the wig could represent a lion's mane and the dress the f

yea so the wig could represent a lion's mane (if it kinda looked like that) and the dress, the femininity associated (tough there is aswell male representation wich is considered apart and another version but this could be just another indication that it is indeed hermaphrodite species|mental )

i was connecting lilith to alnilam wich is the middle star of orion, and while whole orion represents the keyhole, if you would connect the legs with the middle star (of orion('s belt); alnilam) wich could also be seen as the eye/circle on top of the pyramid/triangle you roughly have a triangle/pyramid and if you would connect the outer two stars of orion's belt alnitak and mintaka you have a line between the circle/eye on the top and the triangle/pyramid below it like in the figure you posted here;

this would explain the more regular/equilateral(tough still elongated) triangle in that version/aspect because you also have the elongated one wich looks more like a keyhole wich is a bigger one so maybe crescent could also indicate the bigger hole of the whole surrounding it... besides the moon/night god associations that come with the crescent...

btw if you make the triangle by connecting Saiph and Rigel (bottom stars of orion) with alnilam (middle star of orion's belt), you see the nebula in orion's sword is in the middle as the all seeing eye in the middle of the triangle, but yo could also consider anlilam as the all seeing eye, and even more convenient is that in the middle-top of the upper part of orion, his chest/neck (of the 'hunter' image) somewhere there is another nebula that is even more characteristic for the all seeing eye (and now i've mentioned three plausible/possible all seeying eyes in a row forming another trinity like orions belt but then vertical line-connection with the same star in the middle, these three all seeing eye's, (one in the middle of the bottom part, one in the middle of orion's belt wich is the star alnilam, and another red eye nebula in the middle of the upper part), form an imaginary vertical line that crosses the other imaginary line of orion's belt, wich would be forming another secret cross...

anyways here's some more links about the keyhole symbolism of the whole of orion as the keyhole (unlike from the bottom to middle wich i suggested could be another one) to be seen extensively in the vatican

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