One Mysterious Book

The Bible is one of those books that has stood the test of time for thousands of years and continues to guide people in different areas of life. Just the fact that it has remained for so long says something to me.

by Quinton on September 29th, 2009

I have heard many types of interpretations and opinions from people on the Bible and I think they all hold something. I think the Bible is one of those books that can have different meanings to different people. It is a more personal book than anything. A meaning that one person receives from it may not be a meaning another receives. It is open to interpretation and doesn't have only one interpretation. I think that is the great power and mystery behind the Bible. It can be interpreted for people in different stages in life. Some take it literally, while others symbolically.

The Bible and Religion

I don't think the Bible belongs to any one religion. I know that it is most commonly associated with Christianity, which is fine, but I think it doesn't have to be limited to just that. There can be valuable information found in it for anyone.

The Bible and Church

I also think it is completely silly how very few churches really take a serious understanding of the Bible. Majority of them regurgitate the same evangelical message day in and day out until they are blue in the face. I think this has its merits, but with time it takes one away from ever reaching a deeper, more full meaning of the Bible - just as the Bible itself says: people need to move away from the milk and start going after the meat. I think church in general has misused the Bible as a tool to hide behind and manipulate people. This has nothing to do with the Bible being bad or wrong. It has to do with it being used for one person's gain over another.

In general, I would not call most Christian churches these days biblical. They are their own creation with their own set of rules, but these rules aren't biblical. From the research I have done I have found a huge New World Order sponsored infiltration of many of the churches as these guys love to do. It was well planned and financed on how these televangelists and evangelicals would be set up to pull people away from the real Bible. Anything good they infiltrate and pervert and that is what we are seeing today in most churches. Obviously there are still a few good churches and they should be applauded. But the vast majority are not much different than a "modern day rock concert". Consequently, if you like rock and role church may be for you. I could go on for hours about church and the infiltration of it but we'll just move on instead. In general, the smaller the church the better.

Exoteric VS Esoteric

I think Jordan Maxwell had it right when he said:

The Bible is the called the greatest story ever told. It's not the greatest collection of facts, it's a story.

A lot of the Bible is a much deeper reality told in an allegorical story for the understanding of majority of people. A person or term may actually represent a universal truth or an astronomical principle, however, due to the nature of people connecting closer with visual, tangible things it makes sense to tell the story in a fashion that they can connect with rather than telling the story in a more true esoteric context. Because of this, much of the Bible may sound a bit silly to some readers, but to others it is compatible. The Bible is remarkable in the way that it has an encoded story that can be discerned when one is ready to do so. And you thought it was just those Freemasons who were into this kind of stuff...

Manly P Hall also talks about this through all his writings. The important part is not so much the historical accuracy or details of who or what said it, but what is being said and how it can be applied to your life and the lives of others. By teaching self-responsibility, discipline, love, patience and all the other fruits of the spirit it allows one to live a life of peace and prosperity. To me I think this is the most important part of the Bible. You can argue about the accuracy of parts all day long, but if you are not becoming more Christ-like in your daily life then what good has really been accomplished?

Is The Bible Good or Bad?

I think it's both. It's however you want to take it. The Bible could be used to make people do good or bad. It depends upon who is reading it and what they are getting out of it. I think for most people it has a very positive effect their lives.

Some may say that it promotes violence or that it has self-fulfilling prophecies. Well sure, but then it also promotes love and taking each day as it comes. You can find an argument for just about whatever you want to find an argument for in the Bible. I think it would be much more beneficial to not choose sides with the Bible.


Love it or hate it, the Bible is one of those books that is here to stay and here to continue to change people's lives. I think for the most part people need to really try to understand the Bible as a whole if they want to get the most out of it. Anybody can take verses here and there and use them how they see fit, but the Bible is not about quoting verses or impressing others by beating them down in intellectual word of God battles. The Bible is about understanding the general principles behind it and applying them to your life and the lives of others. It is about leaving this Earth and its inhabitants a little better than we found them and developing our spiritual self as we overcome our Earthly natures. That is something I think everyone can agree on although it may not be the easiest of paths to walk.

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caseyhue: Let's see!!

What is the real truth of the bible.. I've heard stories that the reptilians made it an are following it to the letter, especially in revelations. So who really wrote the bible ? It could be a mixture of many things, but personally I think it's alot of views from so many people, it's a history of ancient life an what they experienced.. Who knows maybe the Elohim,Reptilians all had a part in the bible. Their are so many books that aren't included in the bible it's like they don't want the public... sheep who are in sleep to see these or believe these. It's more like a control issue on this part. So what are you views.. on this issue.. maybe it will clear up a few things I have questions on.. I don't take the bible literally on everything, but most of the information is relevant on what happening now an in the future.

alinabezerra: bible

The bible was created by many people from the ancient times throughout a long period of time.It was created to orginize societies and to give them structure and in a sence control to the political leaders of the time,but also it was created to give hope to people ,even though at times it may have seemed a far fetched hope but a hope which is one of the most powerful things in the world.the bible is not literal but metaphorical, but it does talk about a real God if you so choose to believe in him.People suffering the very worst oppression the world can offer need to find comfort in something so some choose the bible.Belief in some higher power that cares about their suffering is power in itself .Another purpose for it is historical. The history of the most powerful and prevailing religious movement of all time is in the pages of the bible and the people who lived through it wanted people to know what was going on so they wrote a series of stories explaining the religious movement of christianity,its origin,its history, its significance,and impact on people .I have been to Greece and have seen the ancient ruins of the early churches of corinth and philipi suggesting there is some factual truth to the bible after all.

bluesbaby5050: The reptilians are the BAAAAD guys here,and are still here!

When Edisonik says we are their resources,what he is really telling you is you,me all the peoples on Earth,are the repitilians FOOD sources.They process us here and off world! They kidnap millions of people all around the world.Where do they go when they become missing?They are Never seen again,and no bodies are found! They use all of it! These are true facts! You are here to learn the real truth,well be ready.Read all the back archives from the forum,and the articals,and all the rest too.You will learn the real truths. BB5050.

edisonik: Religions to Create Confusion and Fear

Religions were created to create Confusion and Fear , humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years by the Reptilians an for thouands of years humanity has been a Natural Resource of these Entities.
Instead of Governments fighting each other for meager gain they really should work together so they can expand their horizons, there is unlimited Real Estate out there in Space, other Moons other Planets , the possibilites are limitless.
Instead of falling for the traps of Religion humanity must work together instead of fighting each other, humanity must live in peace ad work together so they can Colonize other Planets.
The first step is to take Personal Responsibility for your lives and know that the only Saviour of your future will be yourselves and not a third party.
No one will come to Earth to save you, you can only do that, for you are the captain of your destiny.

Religions are dark clouds that cause confusion, fear, dispair and belittle humanity by making humanity the victims when infact they are the Masters of their Destiny.

bluesbaby5050: I can see clearly,that some people still do NOT believe what -

You are saying here about religions.They were created to control the masses of people. And wars were also used to control the masses,and the churchs made big profits from these scams.The bible was created as a written story of very many stories.Some have truths in them,and the rest is to create fear to control the masses.The churchs were the rulers of mankind thoughout the ages of time.The kings would inforce his rules with the churchs help.Much monies were also involved in this too.The churchs were also involved in politics back then.The churchs pulled in huge amounts of money off from the people.And they lived off the peoples,and their fears! They were the working classes,the people in the villages.They did this by ways of taxes,and though fear,and wars.This kept the masses in line,or else! You are a wise Master.Thank you for your knowledge.BB5050.

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