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by Wiseguy on January 27th, 2010

Dear MH:
I know too little about this Alex Collier situation to pass any real judgment but I have had a life filled with experiences, somewhat like Alex’s and because of that I tend to look at Alex from a different perspective.

The big difference here is that you have obviously never had an experience of this nature. Not having had one does, leaves you totally out in the cold. Like being a book critic and never having written one. Now despite the fact that I have had a channeling experience that went on for five years I don’t necessarily take everything I hear or read , as gospel truth, as there are attention seekers and con-artist out there by the millions, which of course you may be one.

My experiences were never broadcast widely, except by those who attended the weekly sessions. During this period I would get dreams about people I seldom knew. In these dreams I was told to warn them of some up-coming event that they needed to prepare for. Sometimes I would just bump into a person at a store and tell them something that was about to happen. This was very hard for me and most embarrassing to say the least. No matter how hard I would attempt to avoid a person, I recognized from a dream, I would still come face to face with them before leaving the area. By the time these people figured out that I wasn’t selling them something they were quick to recognize the truthfulness of what I had told them. Of course they all wanted to know how I came by that information. One fellow told me, “It’s interesting that somewhere, someone or something, is watching all of this.” In only one case involving strangers did I ever get to see them again.

This went on over a three year period, and over 180 contacts, until I demanded that it stop, and stop it did.

Now what proof do I have? Well, none. Sorry to tell you that but I’m sure you were expecting it. This all happened long before I became actively involved in this UFO stuff.

When did it take place? 1970-75, and why didn’t I get a skeptic like you on job at that time? I don’t know. I guess I never thought I was going to have to go to the public court with the issue. This was long before there was an internet, that is as we know it today.

I have no pictures, as there was nothing to photograph. There was no list of visitors. The few people that I knew, that had appeared in my dreams, are now dead, or scattered to the fore winds.

Now this part will really knock your hat off. Yes, I had been visited by an Alien, in 2002. This alien explained, in detail, the mysteries of my life, too much to explain at this point, and what was happening on a world view, and why they were here in the first place. This was a series of live contacts; five in number, and all but one lasting 2-3 hours, the one was only about ten minutes.

I have discussed this on a couple of forums and found ass kickers, like you, coming off the wall. I concluded that to continue to discuss this material was a total waste of my time and energy. So if your goal was to control public information and narrow their exposure to something that only you may be willing to allow, you win.

However I have known thousands of people who believe in God, yet I have never met anyone that has a picture of God or in fact, any real tangible evidence. Maybe you haven’t noticed that the lack of evidence hasn’t stopped them for broadcasting their feelings, far and wide, on Radio, TV, and from House to House.

There are many of these broadcasters getting rich in the process. I wonder if that shouldn’t be a point of contention as fellows like you seem to complain about these UFO guys and their books.

From your point of view, no doubt, this is all so much garbage but from my point of view you fellows are like the flies on that heap of garbage, there just spreading disease.

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