Manly P Hall is One of our Greatest Teachers

Manly P Hall has got to be one of the most well-read, deep, thorough, but yet still honest authors out there. His works are some of the best you will find.

by Quinton on August 29th, 2009

I have studied Manly P Hall's work for a while now and I have to say that he is without a doubt one of my favorite authors and lecturers. Not only is he a very spiritual and moral person, but he is very knowledgeable and wise as well. He is most well known for publishing "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" when he was just 27. This book is sourced by a number of authors in the occult area of research as the book takes an encyclopedic approach to outlining many of the world's mysteries.

Manly P Hall also has very many writings on other great topics such as philosophy and esoteric topics. His writing comes off with a very complete and thorough feel because, in my opinion, he has a very broad understanding in many different areas of research and is able to tie them all together intelligibly.

Perhaps a few quotes by him will further this message:

Few realize that man is responsible for the things he has not done. That is part of the law. It is just as wrong not to do the right things as it is to do the wrong things.

The white magician seeks to gain control over himself. The black magician seeks to obtain control over others.

For lack of interreligious understanding there has been very little religious understanding.

The majority of mankind neither desires to improve itself nor to support an organization which demands a high degree of integrity.

Hall was also a 33rd degree Freemason. I would suspect much of this knowledge further deepens his understanding of the many topics in which he writes on.

Something Manly P Hall should be applauded on

Manly P Hall is the first person I have found to do something of a rather curious nature. I am almost positive that Hall takes the Jesus / Resurrection parts of the Bible as allegorical and astrological as evident by almost all of his writings, however, during his lectures he puts this very touchy subject in the context of his listeners. I find this extremely important and big of him. He doesn't try to force what he knows down their throats, he is much too elegant to do such a thing. He uses their own terminology and their own understanding and goes along with it with them. He talks about Jesus, Christmas, Passover and all these other Christian things people are comfortable with rather than ramming down the sun, astrology and all these other deeper interpretations he holds. He doesn't go out of his way to make these people uncomfortable as SOOOOOO many people do these days due to ego. I take this as something that shows Manly P Hall's true character and something that so few people will ever achieve.

This is the equivalent of a Christian giving a Muslim a lesson in the Muslim's context for the sake of the Muslim receiving the greatest benefit out of it, despite a loss in accuracy. It is not always about proving others wrong as much as it is about helping them grow.

If you have not checked out his work I would greatly encourage you to do so as he hits on some of the most important topics and really gets you thinking. He also has some great videos you can watch online about basic living and philosophy. Some really great stuff I must say.

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435: Manly P Hall is someone whom

Manly P Hall is someone whom I hold in the highest. Hall's writings and lectures are amazing.

Manly tells the question and gives the answer in such a way that a person has to have a understanding/grasp of what Love is- in order for them to understand both the question and the answer.

The allegories are another example of his mastery of subjects ranging from religion to math, etc.

Before I read any of Hall's material, I had come through research and studies to understand that the religious texts were in fact allegories of events of nature, cosmos, and the laws thereof. When I began reading his material, I was "high on life" because he was explaining the mysteries with such ease and elegance.

Excellent topic and excellent content!

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