Is It Normal For A President To Attend Fake / Real Human Sacrifices?

The very fact that President George W. Bush attends a group wherein a burning effigy is sacrificed to a 40 foot concrete owl has got to raise a few eyebrows.

by Quinton on March 9th, 2008

This is one of those cases where whether its real or fake, it's still creepy. I mean, why on earth would you be burning fake bodies on an alter to an owl? You can call me crazy all you want, but I'm not the one doing these crazy rituals.

Most of the other stuff about the Bohemian Grove doesn't really interest me. It just seems like regular stuff and quite possibly there may be some secretive stuff going on, but I have too little evidence to make a call on that.

The evidence I do have however, shows that Bush, Cheney, and others attend this Grove, and there is the Cremation of Care ceremony which goes on here - pretty weird if you ask me.

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wmarkley: right

Wierd isnt what this is, Presedent bush and dick cheney are servents of satan, bush only claimed to be a God fearing Christian to get the vote from the Bible Belt, but that was only for the media, I truely believe that Presedents are chosen before the campain starts, Democracy is an illusion anymore, im a Navy vet. and both my sons are Marines in Afghanastan, It breaks my heart to be an American Veteran for this evil government, and this once Great Nation gone corrupt, and brought to its knees from corruption, what you saw in the grove was only the ritual that is meant for onlookers, the real ceramony took place the night before, and im told that they murder children in that one, but the real horror is what they do to the children before murder. The evil must be stopped, I pray to God to be swift and not wait any longer.

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