Hall brilliant, masonic?

by oscam on July 11th, 2011

When I read Hall a 33rd degree mason, there is a thought of the hidden meaning to this fact. But as I learned more and more about M Hall, the discovery that there is nothing hidden here. M Hall was honored with title. Claimed by the masons as one of them. But the reality he particpated in nothing hidden. Was not a mason. Only honored with the high title for his own lifes achievements. In that case I claim him to. My name is Oscar, and I honor him the the most high Oscar. Put that on the about page. Winner of the Most High Oscar Award, Manly P Hall.

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AnthonyTV: honorary 33 degree

The 33 degree of Masonry is itself an honorary title, MPH wasn't simply handed one in a special case of bestowing honor, all masons receive the 33 degree as an "honor"

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