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Is this Real or is it a Dream?

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Terran resistance: well

pfffft what a pot head, do you believe this guy?

Yakman Buddha: Well...

I don't believe you, it doesn't stop it from being true. you most certainly are whether I can believe it or not, you have real thoughts and a mindset that is real to you, no matter how unreal it is to me. As mooji being a pot head. I can not say any more then I can say what you are on. However so be it. We learn to respect whether we agree or not. Love to you

Tarheel: Marley was too and he's 1 of THE Coolest People ever.

Dont even mess wit Bob or Ziggy. So what? I used to and I dont any more. Maybe that's my problem (laugh please!)

One Love, TR

Yakman Buddha: LOL this is my Favorite!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCKf0i_moOg I sing it live! I love it most of all. Even more then the deep songs!

Tarheel: Luv ya Ms Yakman & dig KinkyReggae, but dis eez my fav.

Ultimate rude boy Bob Marley.
"When one door is closed dont you know another is open."

ultimate bob

Yakman Buddha: TR is good with me.

I am not upset :) I say what it is I must and communicate as clear as I can and I try to speak the truth. I know the truth can come to one as harsh or even seem as anger to one. but this is that one perceiving it that way. The truth is not harsh or angry. It just is. When we think it harsh it is us, working with it within ourselves. This is elevation. 'As iron sharpens Iron, one man sharpens another". This is what people like the ones in this forum do. Love to you.

Tarheel: TRs okay most of the time. I like pokin fun at him.

Sorry I got off on a Reggae tangent with Ms Yakman.
Please excuse our Passion. Im way into reggae.

Yakman Buddha: LOL

You can share however you wish! All of this is great energy. Post away all your Music. Funny TR called Mooji a pot head you started playing reggae. Mooji is head full of dreads! It comes together nicely for an interesting post! LOL Love to you all! I must go BYE TR bye My Friend!

UN.i1-PHI: In the abundance of water

In the abundance of water
a fool is thirsty

oh its a disgrace
to see the human race
in a rat race

Bob Marley & the Wailers Live Exeter 1976 Rat Race HQ Sound

UN.i1-PHI: Bob Marley - Crazy Baldhead

Bob Marley - Crazy Baldhead (Live)
you must have done...
something wrong...

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