David Icke Tells It As It Is

I really like David Icke. I get the feeling that he is one of the few people that will state whatever is on his mind no matter what the repercussions are.

by Quinton on April 5th, 2008

I will admit that I have not yet read any of his books, however, I have seen pretty much everyone of his videos, including his Freedom or Fascism presentation a few years back, and I must say they are extremely on point.

David Icke is one of the few that talks about reptilians which many conspirators stay away from because it is too extreme for even them. I think his reptilian points are totally accurate and on point with many other sources, primarily the Bible. He talks about genetic manipulation, hybrids and the different races. All this stuff is documented extremely well in the Bible and it's nice to have the dots connected to these "serpent" beings that people take as metaphors when in reality they are much more.

David also has some great videos on the Conscious Media Network (a fabulous site by the way!) which are absolutely stunning. I like how he is extremely logical and spiritual, which I think most people lack these days. People this day and age are either spiritual or logical, but not both. Icke is able to take a concept like infinite consciousness and really drive it home and tie it into all the religions and everything - he just gets it and is way ahead of most people, in my humble opinion.

Icke is also disconnected from all belief systems and is extremely independent and free. He believes most religions were set up to control people and manipulate them and I am becoming more and more a believer of this notion. An example of what I'm talking about is contrasted very well in the Mark Dice interview of David Icke. Mark has a very solid Christian foundation where Icke is more of a spiritual foundation. You can hear them argue about a few things, especially in the end. I found it quite interesting :).

The above video is a good example of David Icke being too extreme for Mark Dice, who's a conspirator himself.

I'm not sure what else to say about him other than I think what he's doing is awesome and really enjoy his work!

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bluesbaby5050: David Icke is direct,and to the point---

He is a great speaker,and is very knowledgable on very many subjects that most people WILL NOT talk about.If you want to be informed on many up to date topics, he is the man that can deliver. The Falcon.

435: Icke

I have not looked into what Icke says very much.

The reason is that he himself says something like : "anyone who talks about this stuff honestly is silenced soon after" Yet then he himself also says "I have been telling the truth about the reptilians since 1991."

So I have stayed away from him.

Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?

Quinton: This opinion was written like

This opinion was written like 7 years ago and I have since changed my views about this topic and him a bit. I will first say that I don't think anyone fully understands the whole Reptilian thing. I think that can go many different directions so I'm really not sure on that. I think he probably goes a bit far with thinking many people are hybrids and whatnot, but who really knows. I think Michael Tsarion has a better view on the Reptilians.

As far as the other stuff he talks about like ancient history, Egypt, bloodlines, etc, I think he is really on point. His book The Biggest Secret really maps this stuff out in pretty good detail and I think it still holds up very well. As far as researchers and people who speak on this topic goes, I think he is one of the best. I can't really think of many people I would rather listen to speak about this except for maybe Jordan Maxwell or Michael Tsarion. I really think he gets it and has a good handle on what's going on in the world. Of course, I could be wrong so who really knows.

The thing is, as I think many people on this site are aware, a lot of this history and current manipulation stuff matters a lot less if you see this life as an experience to enjoy. It really doesn't matter what's going on because we choose to be here and to experience this. The circumstance or environment doesn't matter because we have complete control over our thoughts at any moment. Because of this realization I personally care a lot less about what others think and also care a lot less about finding that one person who speaks 100% the truth. I just don't believe in that anymore because what is truth to one person is not truth to another. I think everyone has information to bring to the table and I don't believe in what one person says as being right or wrong. It's just data to be used.

pasqualie: quinton reptilians are known as the 14th faction

Looking into chris thomas's stuff tied in with simon parkes stuff. Chris Thomas says there is a cycle where dimensional universes undergo a cycle, just as planets undergo a cycle.

Basically there are beings in the dimensional universe as humans, And just as a cycle is coming to an end in earths history, so higher souls that choose to raise their energy and consciousness can continue on, the reptilians were foreign to our dimension. They were from a dying universe outside of this one we are in. Their universe was going to be recycled and was coming to an end. The reptilians knew this so were looking for a way to escape out, and they were able to partially by creating a worm hole that broke into this universe.

It brought energy patterns and programs into this universe that was foreign and contaminated it partially. Some souls that were coming to earth were contaminated as well. It was dealt with according to chris thomas not in a galactic battle as depicted in new age. But on a consciousness level between planets and source. Energy patterns were created opposite to the ones brought in by the aliens and it was neutralized and the wormhole was closed.

According to chris thomas it is the annunaki who are and have been trying to take over this planet and claim it for themselves. Two factions of the annunaki. The annunaki came to earth from their homeworld, and there are 7 factions. 5 of them left because there was life on earth as humans were on it. 2 of the the annunaki and the hathor decided they will claim it and keep a small slave population to work for them. So they dictated a false history to the sumerians in the emerald tablets so they could get the humans to see the annunaki as their gods. And it was spread and diseminated down into various religions around the world from that.

The reason why chris thomas says sitchin accurately translated the emerald tablets, but he says the way its written it was dictated to a scribe. That is not how history is written chris thomas says. He says history on large is not dictated and doesnt says its being dictated to by someone on whole like the emerald tablets, but its more or less looked at in other documents like a diary written by people in history, telling their daily journey or activity.

From Chris thomas's view humans have had their souls outside of their bodies, and the earth has been trying to raise the energy of the earth so the humans souls can come down into their bodies and dna so they can activate their full potential and powers. Like the ability to communicate with others and animals and plants without thought.

Its why the earths schumann resonance was raised to 7.57 hz in 2006 so the soul could move down into the dna if the individual chooses.

again there isnt a free ride, one must mediate and release to clear room in the dna and body so the soul may come down into it.

those that choose to can do this, anyone can do it. but if they dont do the work or dont choose to integrate the soul into the body and get out of polarity, they will get sick and die off as the earths energy rises, and they will continue their consciousness experience on other planets that are chosen.

Comparing chris thomas although his numbers have changed somewhat as he has read the akashic records, the number is in line with simon parkes about where they both say about 30 percent. With simon parkes he says the best case scenario is 20- 30 percent of humanity will be able to make this shift. So my guess is best case is 30 percent of humanity makes the shift to higher consciousness where worst case it likely 10 percent.

Chris thomas says you will see die offs or even mass deaths of those souls and higher selves that have chosen not to take part in this consciousness experiment on earth anymore. You may see mass tragedies, or people will get sick and just die.

The window was 2012 for this soul integration but it was extended because of the annunaki and other interference in energetic patterns of polarity that were brought in to keep humanities consciousness low and the soul outside of the body. Cerns attempts are to open a worm hole back i believe, as well as blanketing the earth and humans in low frequency elf's which hinder humanity raising their energy and consciousness and integrating the soul.

The soul can only come down fully into the body and dna when you have fully released the polarity and duality programs we all carry within us from having lived on this earth.

435: Suzar book

I agree 100% about us choosing to be here as a experience to enjoy. This is how a person becomes "free" while still being in the "material" world. Understanding incarnation and reincarnation adds a tremendous quality to a persons thinking.

I believe that once a person understands this concept, that everything becomes so much different (of course they know when they are not in the illusory world).

I see the spiritual/material evolution (which utilizes reincarnation obviously) as a really awesome thing- to evolve and help evolve. I think that maybe some "fall in love with the illusion" of the material "realm." Or "fall in love with the reflection."

I suppose that I was curious about Icke because I see him referred to so often, not just here at TC but other places as well. I was reading a couple books by "Suzar." In one of the books Suzar uses Icke as a reference for information, but to me he was not a credible source. The info in question is regarding Albino reptilians, etc. The book from Suzar that I bought was in regards to some ancient Egypt stuff, so I was kind of surprised to see the whole "albino-reptilian Jahbulon" thing in there, and then Icke as a recommended source of info on that subject.

pasqualie: My thoughts are

although everyone has the ability and invitation to integrate their souls. not everyone will choose to from a higher self perspective. this will be reflected in not changing or working on themselves as the earths energies and vibration continue to rise. Rather hanging onto victimization programming and being distracted by world events or dramas or even dramas in the new age meant to keep people disinformed, thinking some external saviour or alien is coming to save them.

Chris thomas says all that channelling information from space brother or deities or arch angels, basically its the velon or the two annunaki races that decided they wanted the earth for themselves. So they have spread polarity programming into religions and new age to keep humanity in fear and victimization, and distracted. All the talk of galactic wars and stuff doesnt exist he said. Although aliens may have technology, they didnt create weapons. Only humans created weapons. Its why they get humans to do the dirty work for them. Its all annunaki and hathor propaganda, to keep human distracted, making them think space brother is gonna come save them.

pasqualie: So Work on yourself

Meditate and release, its the only way to clear out your dna so the soul can integrate with it in the body.

There will be a fresh wave of energy hitting the earth at the end of this month so it will make it easier for those that are working on themselves and raising their energy.

There is no magic bullet, most will want a quick fix take this pill or drug and do no inner work and clear out the polarity programs. It doesnt work that way. It takes time to release if you starting, my guess is if its fast 16 years as you progress, or even decades. So its choosing to release and meditate as a lifestyle to do it, and not out of fear. If you do it out of fear you wont make it. Gotta have no conditions attached, and no judgements to get out of polarity programming which we have all downloaded in this lifetime. You either choose to do the inner work or you dont. So if you dont make a choice, the choice makes you.

435: Since a while back when I

Since a while back when I realized that I am not my body, and that I am a "spirit having a human experience" my life has been totally different.

I dont view the bible,koran, etc as most do. I see them as science books, or a story of "created evolution" so to speak. I dont view them as "religion" books, but more like a scientific processes told as a story of people, not actual history/herstory, but allegories and metaphors (if that makes sense?) I also see (especially in the Bible) that the Anunaki or whoever also tried to play like they're the Source, but obviously they are not. The Bible is interesting to say the least.

I agree with everyone on here who says that meditation is important or even "key." I totally agree with that. I for some reason have such a "mental block" about doing it, and I know full well that I really should be. I am a "n00b" at it. I ordered a book a few days ago from amazon that should be arriving tomorrow, that was recommended to me here on TC.

I don't know why I am having a fear of meditation. I think maybe it's a fear of failing at it (failing at meditating) or something else...I dont know....

Quinton: I've never been much into

I've never been much into meditation myself. Perhaps for similar reasons. I think the main reason I don't do it is because I get bored. I have a hard time not doing stuff and when I just meditate, and especially try not to think at all, I feel like I am wasting time and could be doing something more productive. I've read a lot of books on it and am pretty familiar with how to do it and the benefits of it but I've never been much into it. I have ways that I reset and connect to the higher energy, but I've never had much enjoyment or luck through strict meditation where I just sit down in silence and clear my thoughts. I would personally much rather put some music on that is enjoyable and let my mind wander for an hour or so.

I also just started that book (Journeys Out of The Body) that OL recommended :). I've been hearing about it for a while so I figured it was time.

435: My copy of Journeys out of

My copy of Journeys out of the body is supposed to arrive today :-) I am looking forward to it.

I have been working out about 24 years. I used to do a lot of heavy single reps. I got pretty strong at one point. I found out early on that I was limited by my thought. Whatever I considered to be heavy was going to be heavy, and likewise if I told myself that the weight was not heavy, then it was not heavy. So I would experiment with my self and ended up understanding that it was mind over matter. When I would get underneath a heavy weight, sometimes I would have an issue lifting it. So I did some self-evaluations and discovered a fear. Then I took the time to understand the fear. It was that I had a fear of failing. I was not scared of the weight crushing me, I was scared of not lifting it- it was a "pride/ego" type thing. So I worked on that until I was able to overcome it, and now I dont even lift heavy anymore, I do mostly body weight stuff with just a tad of weights- and I feel better than ever!

I have the same issue with the meditation. I know it may sound odd, but I have a fear of failing at it! Its just my karma and part of my evolution I suppose. I am not bummed about it, it is another thing to work out and grow from.

All of these things are just excellent experiences- things to over come and enjoy!

Quinton: That's really interesting and

That's really interesting and I know what you're talking about. When you finish the book you just ordered you should check out The Vortex. It's probably my favorite book and really dives deep into stuff like you're talking about with the weights.

435: Thanks. I just added it to my

Thanks. I just added it to my "wish list" on amazon. I have to wait at least 30 days before I buy anymore books!

pasqualie: simon parkes says

those that have more reptilian dna active will have a hard time meditating, because there are more blocks and seals in that reptilian dna that prevent you from raising your consciousness. Its why those individuals tend to fall into victimization programming or repeat victimization programming.

you either strap down and do it or choose not to.

depending on where your genetic lines lie, you may have more reptilian dna in you. for example southern europe with rh negative factors in them have more reptilian dna, as well as family lines that have migrated away from those area, which include spain italy and those areas around there.

you just gotta work harder or choose not to, and accept what is.

435: I actually think

that I am able to do it with no problems. I am just new at it and have some phobia of "failure" although I know its just an illusion- if that makes sense lol. The phobia is only in existence because I put energy on it and create it as my reality although I know I dont have to do that. I think I do it in order to give myself challenges. Maybe I get bored like Quinton said.

Anyhow- I really am thankful to everyone for their thoughts and input here at TC. So "thank You" to all of you.

pasqualie: if you think

someone is gonna do it for you, or space brother is gonna come and save you, g'luck

pasqualie: btw

space brother coming to save you includes the religious programming and victimization programming that god is gonna come down and save you, that you are separate from god, and not realizing you are a god in that you have a connection to godforce inside you.

the journey is to realize who you are, and take personal responsibility and power, and connect to your full original potential as a creator being, and not idenitfying with body consciousness or body identification.

if you stuck in victimization mode and just talking about it in hopes it will go away, you are just stuck in figuring it out, or trying to change it without doing anything.

the choice is just buckle down and do it or dont. you gotta do it on your own cuz no one can do it for you.

435: I am not sure what everyone

I am not sure what everyone else thinks, but I am responsible for myself. I do not nor ever think that someone else is going to "save" me, nor do I think I need to be "saved" because to me I am just having an evolutionary experience. I am "one" with "all" therefore "nothing" (no-thing) but everything/all-thing so to speak.

I am not even sure who "Space brother" is, or is supposed to be....if you mean how people think that Allah or Christ is gonna come down during ww3 or something- then I understand what you are talking about, however this way of thinking is not one that I nor my household subscribes to, but everyone can believe what they want and I totally respect that.

pasqualie: Space brother is victimization programming

god or some alien is gonna come down and save you on earth.

or in channeling in new age, the aliens gonna come down and save humanity and intervene in nuclear war. you ask them who told you this, they will tell you while they were channeling space brother told them.

i know someone who is kind of like that says you cannot know the truth from books or by comparing and uses that as ignorance and laziness not to read. so they go on youtube and watch all the new age garbage and comes on here and says stuff he watched as truth as his inner truth that his higher self or space brother told him.

thing is he goes on drug binges and watches the darkest movies and in tells you to watch them. like his favorite film he watches while blitzed on drugs he watches serbian film. he tells you he likes it and thinks its funny and its his favorite film. and tells people to watch it.

btw if you dont know what serbian film is about its about necrophilia and pedophilia.


he believes or hopes in victimization that he can be saved by doing nothing and says just feel the love like when he gets high and advises everyone do drugs like him, because it had such a great effect on him. he knows unconditional love because of it and watches serbian film and can laugh. because he only knows the inner truth that comes from within him.

my thought i cut off his emails and blocked it cuz i was getting a whole spew of victimization and monkey theories from him from his youtube inner truth trash. because he doesnt believe in reading because he gets his inner truth from youtube. had to put him on block because of his constant messages.

he is in a state that is described in matrix 5 gold as minion spirit. there to distract others.

read matrix 5 gold if you can.

we even a while back got into a discussion about him giving money to homeless. i told him to give food and water because they will use it on drugs and alcohol. he said why should he deny them drugs and alcohol because drugs and alcohol set him free.

435: I think I am like Quinton in

I think I am like Quinton in a sense, I just am having a experience, and not concerned with the "WW3" or "dollar crash" stuff etc. Sure I hear it from people, but I tell them basically the same thing that you and Quinton tell people- work on yourself and appreciate the experience for what it is: a growing experience.

People may or may not think I have my head in the sand due to the way I speak in regards to these issues, but I am OK with things happening. Not only that, but being able to see something from a distance (without the fear factor) makes all the difference.

If I get blown up, poisoned, nuked or whatever- then its on to the next thing.

Weird movie choices from some, but to each is own I guess. I told my buddy that he didnt need drugs or booze to reach a state of joy in his mind, but I spose its part of his journey to experience all that the matter zone has to offer. I know I have had to learn through experience on many things in the past almost 4 decades.

I live in an apartment, and the apartment upstairs is a "vacation rental" that people rent for days or weeks while on vacation. I have been joking a lot about how the people that are up there now must be shape shifters since they look about 150 pounds but are the loudest people that have been up there in the past 14-15 months. So I just have a laid back attitude about it all ("life" in general).

I just want to begin meditation. I am looking forward to it. I get a little better everytime I do it.

pasqualie: yep

its why i had to block his email, he was emailing victimization programming and monkey theories from youtube he cobbled together.

as for his taste in movies, dark thoughts resonate with dark subject matter. pedophilia and necrophilia is not my thing so i didnt even bother watching what he recommended to watch once i looked up on imdb on what it was about. but he enjoys that stuff and finds it funny when he gets high.

its why i blocked his emails. i found my energy rose once i did that, didnt have to deal with it and the victimization programming he was reciting about how everyone is controlled and we have no choice, and how he feels you cannot get truth from books, and he gets his inner truth from his inner self which tells him to watch serbian film and other dark movies for enjoyment, which he finds funny. told him for some people like him prozac might actually do him some good.

pasqualie: its why even Tim asked him

if he was on drugs cuz he goes off saying everyone needs to take mdma like him and other drugs.

cuz drugs he takes to get high is like his medicine, and the same as water and food people take.

tim asked him if he was on drugs cuz what he was writing was so wacked. monkey theories cobbled together in reinforcing his victimization programming from youtube.

Tarheel: He's way too much...

Although I admit Icke is very knowledgeable, he is way too much of a fear generator to me. He plays on people's emotions ad nauseum, which I view as cheap.
I respect his knowledge but not his approach.

435: Totally agree. Plus I see him

Totally agree. Plus I see him contradicting himself- like I said above where he says something like "Whenever anyone speaks out about the reptilians, they disappear," and then in another place he says "I began telling the truth about the reptilians in public in 1991" kind of things. To me its "case closed."

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