Billy Meier May Be Right

Upon researching the Billy Meir case a bit more, I am now starting to have some second thoughts and really think there may be some credibility to it.

by Quinton on November 11th, 2009

While I have a hard time believing some of the photos like the Wedding Cake, a lot of the other ones could be the real deal. But moreover, I don't think the photos are the most important part of his case, I think his teachings and message are what matter most and whether the info is given to him by channeling or physically or both, I think this info is legitimate and he is on to something.

There is just too much in here that fits and too many people that know him that I find extremely credible, like George Green, who can back up everything he says. I am almost confused as to why he would be given the opportunity to take these photographs as it seems the important part is the message. The photographs are what everyone focuses on and it really takes away from his message. Perhaps his info was channeled and he tried to sell the idea to people by including the photographs and videos along with it. Or maybe these photos really are legit and he really did take them. I'm not all the way sure on this anymore, but I still have a hard time with a few of the photos.

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jamesgtmoore: Whats more interesting is

....that he is still having contacts with the Plejaren and now has written down decades worth of contact notes full of enlightening info about us and our universe and how to fix our problems.

Forget the photos, they were just to get you interested. Read the contact notes and spiritual teachings to be truly enlightened.

Having over 100 witnesses to many types of events, you gotta say to yourself, this man is obviously the real deal, why aren't I reading every damn book he has released? Why arent we all? The answer is because people cannot believe photos that are too good to be true plus much of it still hasnt been translated from the German language.

Who else do you know that has written 20,000 pages of contact notes and spiritual teachings? Who else has had metallic alloys and crystals examined by IBM scientists and found to have a very rare element(Thulium) in high abundance in one of them plus more? Who else....

The largest collection of Billy Meier English language articles and translations is available for you at is all you need...for now....

Genio: Thanks for the information il

Thanks for the information il look into it

koolaid4star: Billy is no hoax!!

There is a lot of stuff that i can't even begin to understand in the contact notes. Time travel, meeting Jesus, traveling to other planets? This all would make a great movie. Also the pictures seem too good to be true!!

However, unlike the majority of people on this site that just look at pictures, and come to the conclusion that the entire thing is a hoax. I dare you, to dig deeper, and you will be surprised as to what you find.

consider this, if you were to go back in time 100 years, to the 1900's, would these ancient people even be able to comprehend the advances humanity made in 100 years? Would they be able to understand what the internet is, or an xbox 360, or planes that can take you from one side of the globe to the next in less than a day? Of course not!! people from that time cannot even begin to understand what the world woudl be like now!!

Well imagine if an alien race that was thousands of years more advanced than earth humans tried to contact us. We wouldn't even begin to understand the advances in their technology. Thus, i really can;t judge Billy statements about time travel, because there is still a lot in this world that we do not understand. In fact, we barely can understand how the universe works at all? Physics makes sense on earth, but only on earth, we simply don't know how the universe works? Thus, although i dont understand many things billy talks about, i cant call him a liar either.

Explain to me why a one handed man has written the Talmund Jmmanuel, or the teaching of Jesus, which is better written than the bible, and actually makes sense. A professor did a twenty year study on this book, and compared it line by line, to the bible. the professor came to the conclusion after a 20 year study, that the Talmund Jmmanual is the source for the bible. If you compare the two you can clearly see what versus were true, and others inserted into the bible. the professor has a website devoted to this, you can get his name on the Billy M Wikipedia page, and then go to the website for yourself!!

Nova: Billy is a hoax

It's been 5 years i study the new world order and ufology, and etc. All i can say is, for 3 monthes i was very fond of the stories and tellings of Billy Meier. I was pretty new to the subject and as a reincarnationist i believed him at first, i wanted to believe him because it sounded so pink and pretty. We can download all his contact notes by peer to peer, and i listenned to them all.

3 monthes were already too much, when i started to realize that most of his pictures were fake, and that his only argument for them not being fake is he got only one arm, I started to dig deeper and deeper. His wife stated he was fake. Some guys stole his models. He also cultivated bonzais to make it more real. And the famous ufo wedding cake is just but a trash top (i'm french i don't know english too well).

So all i have to says is, stay away from Billy Meier, he manipulates you. He does it for his own reputation. He even named his sons with very stupid prophetic names. He is insane! Most of the guys who follow him do it for the buck. The Billy Meier believers are many! And when you talk with some of them, you see they just blindly follow whatever he says, for the sake of believing and not for truth.

If you guys are true truth seekers, you should know that this is fake,

Quinton: Great input, thanks for

Great input, thanks for posting :)

edisonik: Billy Meier

Very Credible, but he was discredited by the System, he has direct contact with the Pleadians.
There are Millions of Contactees! and it's not just the Pleadians there are other Groups out there many other ET Groups. Like the Bird People for instance.
Poor Billy everyone steps on Billy Meier, He is the Real Deal but the CIA told him to shut up or else.
I know his Interactions with the Pleadians, they are alot like Humans these Pleadians.

Vailixi: i agree. all his photos and

i agree. all his photos and video can be identified as haunebu or vril discs and the fact that his contacts spoke with German did Betty and Barney Hill's, so, what kind of coincindence is that? For 20 years people form all over the planet happened to hoax that ufo occupants were humans with German accents? Really? and not sayin they aren't actually alien-aryans, but that's another thread.
that "cake" model thing was a Close Encounters style "i'm freaked out by this, i'm gonna build a model of what i saw because i can;t even do anything else" thing and they used it to say "see he was building models to photograph". did he throw it in the air and say "look i got one" or just shoot it in front of the garage actual scale? c'mon, crappy early attempt at debunking.
ok i'm done with stating the obvious for tonight. hi Quinton i'm new, nice job.

Tarheel: Quinton

What photos, where?

Tarheel: Sorry Quinton....J'apologize !

I apologize.I saw the photos. Those are amongst the most fake Ive seen.

I'd say so much fake that it is deliberate disinformation.

Bellerophon: My take on this:

I'm not saying that he faked everything. The evidence, in my opinion, is beyond debate on whether is true or faked. But, I agree with you about the message contained in the material. Its something that everybody who has interest in these topics should read.

I don't understand the ends to which he went to try and prove his contacts were real. That goes along with some other shady information, mainly of historical and astronomical nature. Whether he deliberately invented it himself, or it was some disinformation that was forwarded by those he contacted, its still something that should be filtered out of the rest of the material. I won't drown everybody here with details of that (unless there is a desire for it).

What (in my opinion) proves that something DID happen, is an earlier contact story, by a person who lived i believe it was in South Africa. They described having contact with human-looking extraterrestrials who claimed to have come from a planet or planets who orbit one of the stars in the Alpha Centauri system. At the end of the contact with this person, they said that they would next be contacting a one-armed man living in Switzerland. How many one-armed men, living in Switzerland, who have claimed extraterrestrial contact, do you know about? :)

This Alpha Centauri contact was not one of the more publicized contacts in the media, like the accounts of human individuals who had contact with extraterrestrials from worlds like Koldas, Korendor, Iarga, Meton etc. I had an ebook detailing the account from start to finish, but I can't seem to find it on this particular computer. I'll try and dig it up among the tons of files on my other computer, when I have the time. And I'll upload it for anyone who wants to see it for themselves.

And another pointer is that both the Alpha Centauri people and the Pleiades people carry the same appearance as described by human contacts (tall, athletic, caucasian-looking, blonde hair, blue/green eyes, etc.)

My issue with these two accounts is - why would they say they are from Alpha Centauri to one person, and then present themselves as from the Pleiades to another one? Obviously one of these is a lie, and honestly, I lean more towards the Alpha Centauri version, as if I was an ET, and I wanted to find planets who are livable, and close by to another planet of interest (like Earth), I'd definitely pick Alpha Centauri. I have three stars there, each capable of supporting planets on its own, and only 4 light years away, compared to super-young, super-hot, blue stars, some 450+ light years away.

Just saying, think about it. So, either they told him this lie, or he invented it himself for some reason.

Apostle_Matthew-2012: Billy Meier

The story of Billy Meier is not only fascinating but it is very real. Whatever the photos that were fake, happend for a reason. I know because I am the Apostle Matthew and my father is Jmmanuel. He died in 95 his last incarnation and came to me several months ago in a ship. Funny thing is he was born in 37 and so was Billy. I have also Met Semjase who is also on the planet and a brillent young woman. So there are things happening in December. A continent will dissapear along with California, and some islands. You might expand your consciousness and follow the laws of Creation. I can tell you the AntiChrist is here and Satan. One is a president and the other is a leader of false teachings. You may be surprised to know the Bible is a false Teaching and you should jump on Billy's free material and start praying to Spirit. Billy is and will be even a greater leader so buckle up and if you do not know how to escape tribulation then follow the leader. I will take questions if you are here before the 21st. If not the government did all the Damage. They have none for quite sometime what their plan was and it has to do with the winter soltice and their sick satanic pagan babylonia ways. I vouch for Billy and have reaquainted myself with the other Apostles.

Bellerophon: Considering presidents around

Considering presidents around the world, he can be anybody. And if so, what has been talked about him, translated in reality, seems that he aint so bad.

And trust me, I find any religious wishwash talk a lot more dangerous, especially coming from ETs. Billy Meier's story is full of it.

And there is nothing to make an entire continent to disappear. I hope you have the balls to appear again and apologize to everyone on the 22nd December for being wrong.

Tarheel: Matthew- a disciple? Tell us more.

Billy isnt so much the joke as is his "MANAGER"...I think his name is Michael Horn...he's about making Billy Meier into a"'FOR PROFIT" entity. Martin Horn has even started a "BILLY MEIER cartoon" so he can market to kids (get them at an early age).

Please expand upon your incarnation, and PLEASE, tell us WHO you believe to be The AntiChrist and WHO you believe to be doing these "FALSE TEAchings".

Apostle_Matthew-2012: Tell us more

What would you like to know? I was one of the fallen angels. I have more life expierence then most here. I will soon be meeting again with Jmmanuel and we are going to take care of this constitution problem. His brother is Satan. You look the same as all of your previous incarnations. I was also the prophet Joeseph Smith Jr. My son was David. He was also my son named David during my Joseph Smith Jr Years. And now he is Matthew Jr. He will be the King of the new Israel and I think we are a week away from all of this.

Apostle_Matthew-2012: Anti Christ

Obama is the Anti Christ. The Pope is Satan. The Mormans have it right. Truly all the religions had a little right. I have my pictures as well as all of my biblical family posted there. I've got a brother in law who is Moses and one who is Mohammed. So just like Prego it's in there.

Annunaki77: Obama is a Pawn, nothing More.

The Pope is also a Pawn.
Religions are tools to Divide the Beasts.
You must Learn to Embrace your Individuality and Sovereign Independance.
You are not SINNERS, this is Lord Enlils trick which he put on man during the time of BABEL.

During the time of Atlantis.
Do not become Pawns anymore. Go beyond Relgion. Use your Gifts and learn more about your Inner being.

bluesbaby5050: Wrong on the Obama thing,as he is TOO OLD!

Wrong. It's Too Soon for him to show his True Self. He is 100% WHITE, and is not on the USA Continant. He is very busy though.

Fal: BB is right. At most, Obama

BB is right. At most, Obama is a 'prophet', preluding the dark times ahead. I have heard a theory that there have been many anti-christs throughout time.

My wife is heavy into the coming again of the one true Christ, and she told me that His feet will never touch the ground, as opposed to the anti-christ who will walk among us.

The one called "Jesus" in the bible has skin the color of "bronze". Do not believe in the "white man Jesus", he is false.

bluesbaby5050: His skin is Bronze because he was from ....

The Middle Eastern Regions back THEN. He also had Black hair, and a matching FULL Black Beard ,and Brown eyes too. Not blue! I KNOW this for a fact! As Jesus came to me in the middle of the night while I was in the hospital with a bad case of Yellow Jaundice/ Heptatitis,and I was very sick, enough to be Hospitalized at that time. The early 1950's. I was put in Quarantine! I was only 7 years old, and my room had lit up a bright blue light, as it was dark before thi,. and I SAW HIM FOR MYSELF! I had thought it was a dream at first, but, then the nurse came running into my room,and she was upset, because I had been screaming a man was in my room, and that this man spoke to me, and then his just disappeared, and she said tell me what he looked like, as she was going to call the police! I had told her, and she had told me our Lord Jesus had paid me a visit, and he does this when young children are sick in the hospital ! She should know, as this is her job to protect the people ,as well as take care of them.(She had me sit at her desk while she talked to the police over the phone!) This as in the middle of the night just One week before Christmas! Jesus IS very Real, but not like what the people think he is. They have him all mixed up with an Archtype Figuire. He is a very advanced being of light,and very caring,and gentle,and Loving. This is what I had felt while he was in my room. He told me I was very sick, but that I would be going home soon, because I would get better. This was good news to me, as I hated all those needles at that time. I was very scared and homesick. I cried alot while I was there all alone. I was too weak to get out of bed, and walk around. I lost alot of weight ,and had to stay home from school so I could gain it back and wear my clothes. again. He/ Jesus came to comfort me in my time of need. I am very greatful for this. I will always remember this visit.

wmarkley: Jesus

I agree, Jesus was middle eastern, complete with dark skin and black hair, and brown eyes.

Terran resistance: actually

jesus' skin was described as this "His feet were like burnished bronze, when it had been caused to glow in a furnace"

red skin

the hadiths describe him with red skin aswell, like many hindu gods. Thats because some of the mythology behind the character jesus christ comes from india where they have red and blue gods.

apollonius of tyana aka jesus, brought back with him the sun book of krishna, which became inter-woven with the stories of isis to create the modern day character jesus.

whether or not jesus had red skin or not, or if its just the mythology shrouding the truth is another question.

wmarkley: sounds feasable

it sounds feasable to me, im just kind of sure that Jesus was not caucasian with blue eyes, but the truth is that im really not sure of his skin color, i do know that his message wonderful

bluesbaby5050: It's So Good to see your back here with US Again Wmarkley!

It has been a while since you were on here last. Since March or so? I missed you! How have you been? I hope your doing fine. I always loved your point of views on things.

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