The Bible Proves The "Mainstream" Definition of Israel As Wrong

The mainstream definitions of Israel simply are not correct.

by Quinton on September 2nd, 2008

Israel is not Judah. Judah is 1 tribe of Israel. There is indeed the Northern Kingdom (10 tribes) and the Southern Kingdom (Benjamin and Judah). Israel is both of these Kingdoms and all the 11 other tribes besides Judah are just as equally Israel.

So what happened to Joseph, what happened to Dan and what happened to all these other tribes who are Israel? Why do so many people think that Jews are Israel? Simple: somebody hijacked the term and pulled a slide of hand.

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kwamerica: Israel is a tribe not a country

Israel is a tribe. Period

Some tribesmen inventiveness to build the nation or country Israel has brought untold hardship to that part of the world as we see it today in the middle east.

One day.............

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