Better To Rule In Hell Than Serve In Heaven

While finding the true people behind the Illuminati and the many secret societies inside it may be somewhat of a challenge, the very fact there there is this group of controlling, manipulative beings is quite easy to see.

by Quinton on March 9th, 2008

If you think about it, people have never really been free fully. As soon as you put somebody above you you are always going to face problems of control. What started out as a good solid America has slowly dug its own grave as a result of its fruit.

Just as a spoiled kid will sometimes grow up wayward the same can be said for a spoiled nation, America. As a result of America prospering and being successful, people slowly have become less involved in politics and their nation as a whole and as a result basically left these higher up decisions in the hands of some very smart bankers. The Illuminati know exactly whats going on and continue to do everything they can to keep people distracted and fearful - in a brainwashed trance where their fake reality is the only reality they care about.

You're living in the Matrix

They operate kind of like the agents in the Matrix. They can work through anybody at anytime and have all the power in the world to satisfy their agenda. If somebody knows too much, not a problem, they can get rid of him quickly and easily. If somebody within their own organization decides to speak they can easily pull out the collateral they need to put him back into place. Their whole system works on control and knowledge.

Who's at the top?

Who actually is at the top of the Illuminati is hard to say. It is my current belief that the people at the top are the demonic forces talked about in the Bible, the term Reptilian may fit them. My reasoning for this belief is the fact that these actions of control and deception are not actions of those in light. Needing to do everything hidden and in secrecy is not something of God. Trying to trick people and brainwash them is not something a fair and balanced person would do.

These people treat us like cattle and don't care about us one bit. This line of thinking most likely does not originate from a pure human line of reasoning. There has to be some type of other agenda in which this control and deception originates and I would have to say it's from the Reptilian set of beliefs.

Most people in this day and age already have tendencies towards this belief system. They want to build a business, they want to make lots of money, they want to control their employees, they want to be respected, they want to have a huge ego, etc. All of these traits which the Illuminati possess originate from evil, wayward thinking rather than God-like thinking.

Better to Rule in Hell Than Serve in Heaven

Have you ever wondered why it is that humans don't know what the hell is going on? We know how to split the atom, we know how to travel to the moon, but we don't know why we are here on earth? Have you ever stopped to really think about that?

I mean seriously, we've been had since day one. The very fact that we don't know whats going on gives credence to the fact that somebody doesn't want to tell us. These Illuminati people at the top know all about science, dimensions and the universe. They know that there are certain things they can do here and certain things they can't. They understand that evolution does not permit them to move onto the next reality until they evolve to a more compatible form of consciousness.

Since they don't want to comply to the laws of the universe they would much rather rule in Hell (earth) than server in Heaven (a higher form of consciousness). They are able to brainwash and keep people dumbed down here and earth and live a highly material and 3rd dimensional lives themselves. To them, this is something that is worthwhile and the basis behind their actions. They are their own Gods here on the Earth and they want to dominate not just this planet but others.

This has been going on for thousands of years and the more and more I research this the more I see that the Bible was pretty on point about a lot of these things. We think that we are long past the days of Noah and all those Biblical "myths" but in reality we are living right smack in the middle of yet another one. Will we one day reach the level of consciousness to do away with this fabricated reality?

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