Alex Collier - Good Stuff & Spot On

Alex Collier - Good Stuff & Spot On

by Rich2150 on March 18th, 2010

In my opinion Alex is spot on.
Years before I ever heard of Alex Collier, I had my own experiences, education and understandings of the Ets and bit of the galactic history that he talks about. So when I watched his videos many years later, I found it amazing and quite comforting to see he was sharing those same kinds of things precisely.

For example the Andromedan's motherships and scout ships - WAY bigger on the inside.
They're huge on the inside with parks, animals and living quarters and everything.
The crew? Young bright handsome humans. Kindly, caring, smart, sharp, grounded. Good people. Good flows, feels good being in their space.
They came from the future
Andromedan's are 5th Density
They're here to help, etc.

I used to do a lot of past life regression stuff (on myself and others)
I have recalled many past lives - one of ancient times - on other planets, that tell a story about our galactic history that is very much as Alex explains things.

And I have given many past life regression sessions to others - and their stories tell of being on other planets, in many different kinds of bodies, human, insectoid, reptilian, greys, etc. I am just giving these people sessions, with no suggestions as to what to look for. And their sessions simple turn this stuff up.

And I have also had many out of body experiences/consciousness shifts into the higher planes and in this way have made contact with ets myself.

And often times in these past life regression sessions the person regressed can actually remember through the genetic memory (which is the blood line history of the body as opposed to the spiritual beings personal history from body to body) - so there's been a lot of material that's come to light. And it all pretty much is spot on with Alex Collier's information....

I'm not writing this to change anyone's beliefs about all this strange stuff... I just felt compelled to write in favor of his great videos and information because it's so spot on with what I myself have either experienced or learned through various kinds of spiritual work over the past 40 years, myself.

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Quinton: Thanks very much for sharing

Thanks very much for sharing Rich. Great information here :)

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