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Odin spoke to Mimir, the god of memory and wisdom, and begged the knowledge of all things, and Mimir spoke and said: "If thou wouldst know all things, pluck out thine eye and cast it into my pool." Odin did so, and received the knowledge of every mystery except the secret of his own death.

Manly P Hall / <cite>How to Understand Your Bible</cite>

The Supreme Druid Ace was Odin, or Woden, and Eden of the Bible. The Garden of Odin and the Garden of Eden were identical. Oden had hundreds of names, quite likely since he was a world Ruler.

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>The Axe Was God</cite>

After Odin had established order, he caused a wonderful palace, called Asgard, to be built on the top of a mountain, and here the twelve Æsir (gods) dwelt together, far above the limitations of mortal men. On this mountain also was Valhalla, the palace of the slain, where those who had heroically died fought and feasted day after day. Each night their wounds were healed and the boar whose flesh they ate renewed itself as rapidly as it was consumed.

Balder the Beautiful--the Scandinavian Christ--was the beloved son of Odin. Balder was not warlike; his kindly and beautiful spirit brought peace and joy to the hearts of the gods, and they all loved him save one. As Jesus had a Judas among His twelve disciples, so one of the twelve gods was false--Loki, the personification of evil.

Manly P Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

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