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Pleiadian: Our faecal matter as Pleiadians

I have seen this misleading info plagiarised (copied & pasted) time and time again from one site to another. Sorry, it is physically impossible to have totally dry excrement without any degree of moisture whatever. I don't care if one is human, Reptilian, Grey, Blue, or one of us, Pleiadian (Nordic). it violates the basic Laws of Physics which permeates the universe as a whole (even parallel universes).

Though our stools are generally more well formed and 'harder' than perhaps on average there in earth, I have seen your Bristol Stool Chart and I would say that our average is between one and two (perhaps even three). However, it must be said that as we are humanoids (thus with mammalian features, as our bodies have this defence mechanism such as earthly humans, that prevents toxins to destroy such, we do have what you call 'diarrhoea' as well. I do not have any idea who plastered all over your web some of this falsified data in regard to our excretions, but it is not possible, whether from Erra or Earth. Further as we do indeed have darker urine in general, to go so far as to say that we maturate (piss out) fresh crude oil is really ridiculous. As indeed we do have more minerals it does make our urine generally darker than humans on earth -- but within reasonable limits! Our copper mineral content is of a very small percent though a bit higher than earthly humans. It is true that our lung capacity is larger as our atmosphere has not as much percentage as earth's of oxygen and thus makes it necessary to have evolved with larger lungs. We do also have that blood pressure averaging 80/40 this is also true.

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