Vril Society


Maria orsic: Vril

The vril gesellschaft is coming

Annunaki77: There are many Players, not just One ET Group

There are many Groups already here and humanity is more or less an experiment. Humans are a Super Cross between many ET Races, this is freaky stuff and the Reality is much more Incredible then previously realized. Maria Orsic when these times come and when these Alien Groups do show themselves, our very way of life will change forever and humanity as we know it and have come to understand will be severed.
Many will absolutely go insane, the Humans learning here will probably Survive , but the Ones that are mind controlled via T.V. , Universities, Religions and Society which is engineered anyway, will go insane.

Our Reality that we think is Real is not Real at all , but an Illusion we have come to accept and understand since we were children, Century after Century an Illusion hand crafted by the Aliens themselves.
We truly are Pawns and are being Manipulated at Higher Levels way beyond our Current Understanding. Peace.

Here are some Genetic Mutations that occasionally pop up, Human Horns and Human Tails, Alien DNA mix ups.



Remember what I said , these Genetic Adavisms are not abnormal they are glitches in the DNA Sequences, Sequences that keep the Alien Sequences.

Human Tails are Real.


We also have Wookie Genetics in some people.


The Genes you have are Extraterrestrial , they are not from Earth.

skonkufumator: ?

can we ho understad can join to vril sociaty????

skonkufumator: becaus i can reconstruct the

becaus i can reconstruct the free energy which leds to hidrogen ilimited powrs....but i am afraid to constuct it
free survivel - strugel freeles

Annunaki77: Vril Society

No Thanks.

Vailixi: LOL

LOL..."they're coming" but he wants to form a new one?

skonkufumator: i think

one day we how understend wil ned it rell.
wee ned to understend this tecnologi take a look around from eurpe
whit love

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