Shadow People

Shadow people are classified as evil, faceless creatures that terrorize people for pleasure. They are humanoid in shape but appear to be made out of shadows. Although they may be harmless physically, they are quite horrific to behold.

Shadow People or 'The Shadows,' are entities with a humanoid form but appear to be made out of shadows. They are often reported to have glowing eyes, often red in color, and are usually watching the person who spots them. Generally shadow people are harmless, although they are often accompanied by a feeling of dread, death, or horror. Once a person encounters one of 'The Shadows', they will often try and focus their eyes to see better, and it is at this time that the shadow person disappears.

Appearances of shadow people are closely related to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which leads some to believe that these creatures are the product of a sleeping mind while the person is awake. Once the witness is roused out of sleep by the sensation of being watched and they spot a shadow being, the act of straining their eyes often wakes up the person enough to cause the hallucination to disappear. Not all people subscribe to this theory and many people think that the beings themselves cause the feeling of paralysis.

Encounters and Tricksters

Shadow people have also been seen by those who are completely awake. The most often occurrence of this is when a person is alone and they catch a flash of darkness moving in there peripheral vision. When the person turns to fully confront the creature it is often gone, leading the observer to think it was a trick of light. There are those that appear to be able to tune into the 'wavelength' of the shadow people, or perhaps the shadows are drawn towards them like a magnet. These people will see them often, sometimes for 10-20 seconds at a time in full focus. During these occasions the creatures try and trick, scare, or otherwise harass the viewer in a way to generate negative emotions. It is not known whether the shadow people feed on these negative emotions as a form of energy, or perhaps they just like scaring people; the tricksters of the spirit world perhaps.

The Shadows' do no generally attack people physically, although they will play pretty mean pranks on the offended individual. This can include forcefully grabbing a body part like an arm or a leg, tearing off the covers of your bed, or turning the heat/air-conditioner on in your house. Although having your blankets fly off of you in the middle of the night might be psychologically damaging, there is usually no physical harm that becomes of you.

Tiffany's Encounter

Here is an example of a typical shadow person experience that i found at

It was many years ago when I saw this shadow person. I was about 6 years old. At night I would get scared and crawl into bed with my sister or grandparent. It was on one of these nights that I witnessed this shadow person. I was laying in the bed next to my grandfather. I was in my room and it was pitch black. It was so dark that I could barely see anything. Then, right in front of me on my dresser was a shadow of a person sitting there. This person seemed to be male to me. The shadow was shaped as if this person had on a black hooded robe. I remember the eyes like two tiny red Christmas lights. I lay as possibly still as I could. I was so scared that I didn't want to speak and wake up my grandfather. I was just that scared. The strange thing I remember about this shadow person was that 'cupped' in it's hand seemed to be these little pieces of light; like the size of bread crumbs. Though he picked slowly from his hand and brought the crumb of light to his mouth, I could only see one crumb at a time disappear beyond the darkness of his mouth. I blinked several times to be sure I was not imagining this, nor was it possible that I was dreaming.

Even though the room was completely dark this shadow outline was darker than the room. Many years later as an adult, I can still recall what I saw vividly. In a conversation I was having with my sister about the house we lived in as children, she confirmed this memory. She said that she would see shadows all the time moving up and down the hall. Sometimes, they would look at her through the crack in her bedroom door. I knew it was real.

Shadow People and Ghosts

The occurrence of shadow people often occur in locations that are supposedly haunted by ghosts. It has been hypothesized that these shadowy creatures are in fact souls that are trapped on earth for one reason or another. Ghosts can be a nuisance but they can also be nice or helpful as well. Shadow people on the other hand are almost exclusively classified as 'evil entities'. This could mean that they are actually demons or lower level spirit-forms that can partiallymaterialize on our plane of existence . One piece of evidence that lends credibility to that theory is the fact that shadow people have been known to appear after a session with aOuija board.

Other people theorize that these are just other lifeforms that manage to bleed over to our dimension, this explains why some people can see them more readily than others. It is a scientific fact that there are individuals among us that can see more colors than your average person. Perhaps those that are more prone to seeing shadow people were born in a way that let their eyesabsorb information from other dimensions that are occurring in our same space. This would explain why some can see shadow people, but not why the shadow people are watching us.


mvemjsnup: shadow people

they are real. see them occasionally. have no explanation of why

md: I thought I was the only one who saw the shadows.

For all this time, I thought I was losing my mind. I have several mental health doctors, who are all treating me for an unknown condition as my encounters have became more and more frequent and distressing.

I started seeing, "it" when I was 8. At first, it was just the shadow of something that was not quite the shape of a man, but humanoid in form. The proportions were all wrong, but didn't appear to be because it was a shadow. It had abnormally long arms and fingers and really large shoulders and just made me feel like everything in my world was all wrong, from the moment I first saw it and every time thereafter.

I started to see it more and more until I could hear it speak to me inside my head. It spoke to me much in the way that I imagine a lab tech might speak to a rat that was about to shot up with something to test what effects it might have.

In the beginning, I would wake up in the middle of the night to it on the wall to the right of my bed. I was totally awake and couldn't move anything except my eyes and this became the norm over the next 2 years, with the tone of the shadowman's voice becomming increasingly more threatening towards me, the more I tried to move or scream, It's voice was very much like one of those harmonised robot voices that you used to hear a lot on old electro songs, but with a lot of emotion in it. It never spoke to me in English, but somehow I always knew what it was meaning. I told my grandmother about it, but she told me that as I was abused when I was younger, that it was just a reoccuring nightmare and that this was probably normal, but that dreams couldn't hurt me and I would grow out of it in time.

The last occasion I saw it as a child, I managed to move one arm and with every ounce of strength mustered a whisper and I pointed at it. I told it to go away and that I didn't want to see it ever again because I didn't like the way it made me feel. It suddenly shuddered as if I had physically hit it with a punch and screamed at me, so loud inside my mind that it felt like my head would explode. It then darted from the wall that it always stood on across to the wall above my bed and grabbed my arm. I can't even begin to to explain what the pain felt like and I couldn't even scream, only yell out a whimper. I passed out and awoke in the morning to find a blister on my arm. I showed my grandmother the blister, but she was a very rational, logical kind of person and told me that I had probably hurt myself the night before and had incorporated it into my nightmare.

I took this as truth as I trusted my grandmother's judgement on just about everything at that age.

It took a few sleepless nights with the lights on before I was able to fall asleep normally and for 23 years, I didn't see it again and eventually, I believed that I had dreamed it all up to cope with the abuse I suffered as an infant.

Last October, I was in a friend's house watching the sci-fi movie, "The Fourth Kind". I was enjoying the movie, laying on my friend's couch while everyone else was in bed. The movie then got to the part where Milla Jovovich's character listens to the tape of the alien's voice, recorded when her character's being abducted. In an instant I was 10 again, all alone, helpless and powerless. The next thing I know, one of my friends bursts into the room to see what all the noise is about to find me curled up on the floor in a cold sweat, screaming as loud as I could.

I know that it was complete coincidence, but the voice on that movie is the closest representation of the shadowman's voice that I can convey and the way that it shrieks, the second time it's voice is potrayed to come from Milla's character under hypnosis is so accurate that I simply can't watch that movie ever again.

Since then, I have begun to encounter the shadowman again.

Last week I went into my girlfriend's bathroom and almost walked right into it. I ran back to my girlfriend and had to get her to look before I would go back in there. She told me that she couldn't see anything, but that she felt cold and sad all at the same time when she went into the bathroom.

I never have, and will never say that I believe the shadowmen are, "aliens".

Until I plucked up the courage to see if there was any other presidence of anyone else seeing these beings, I fully believed that I was going insane.

2 nights ago, I heard it speaking again, but sounding as if it was in another room.

I am now a 34 year old man, who is afraid of the dark. I fear that my encounters are going to become a daily thing again and that in remembering it, I have let it back into my life and this world again.

Either I am very ill, or these creatures are real. Either way, I am so very glad to find that i'm not the only one who has seen them and i'm not alone anymore.

D.L.cub: you are not the only one to experance this

i too have had a dream when i was about 7.the only thing i can tell you is inturnal strenght you must be stronger than it and you are.i have a strong belef in god becouse of my relijuse upbringing.and not only did i encounter a shadow but when i defided it,It manfested it self in the dream or what seemed to be a dream.I was able to take control of it becouse my will power and determation was stronger than its.when you feel num fight it with every thing you can even if its gona kill you(you will servive) do not give in to the fear convert it to anger and rebel agenst it .use what ever you beleve in to suport your stand agenst it .eventualy you will find that you control it and it does not have any power over you becouse our minds have the capbility to over come the fear they feed off of.Beleve me when i say its more afraid of what you can do to it than what it can do to you witch is nothing you dont let it do.

Str0ng1: I frequently experience sleep

I frequently experience sleep paralysis, and everyone in my family, including me, have seen shadow people. I'm not sure I can explain how I felt when I saw it, because the word fear seems inadequate. But I wanted to let people know that we just have to be strong and resist fear, and we have to force our will over malevolence and overcome it.

chumuchumu: How do we overcome it?

I have been seeing these shadows for as long as i can remember. I was beginning to think i was crazy. But how do we overcome them? I only see them when its dark outside and they talk to me and I am having nightmares about them attacking me and when i wake up theres always one there. It limits me to what i can do because i don't want to go outside after dark because it takes my breath away as soon as i see them and i freeze up. I am scared of them and that kills me. I haven't ever seen them outside and i told my boyfriend about them and even though he says he believes me i think he thinks im losing it. I just want to live my life but these shadow people make it almost impossible.

A few weeks ago i was having a party at my house with my family. Me and my siblings decided to go to the park and mess around while my mom and the rest of the parents played cards.. it didn't occur to me that it was after 930 and we were playing hide-and-seek. so that meant a lot of alone time. i was it and i was looking for my boyfriend and i saw more than one of them... is that normal? they were all looking at me and one of them was almost an inch away from me. honestly? i felt like a pansy... it scared the living shit out of me.

I don't want to lose it but i havent done much to overcome it either because i've only just started researching it. does anyone have any advice?

brybear: the shadows

When I was three I made contact with the shadows. They are not evil or faceless they are the worlds protection. Yes the evil ones are out there lurking like they have generation after generation. Most of us can't see their face it just depends on how strong your mind is. I am sorry to inform but this article has no basis of the truth. If you haven't ever delt with a shadow then you don't understand how beautiful and remarkable they are. So I am tired of the question how do we kill it. You don't they are the souls of the earth. you need to get your facts straight because truthfully you have no idea what's really out there.

Loving-Self-Truth: Must Know

I've had these visits from them when i was 8 or 9. they were always when i was crying about my dad, he wasn't there much for me or my sisters. Those vibrations/emotions i felt got me screaming for help with my mother, but she never took it seriously, other than the noise i would make. It didn't go for long in my younger years. At the age of 35(which i am, now);There had been one situation more i had, recently, a few months ago. I felt confident enough and caring for it being lost of love, that i said with emotional unconditional love, and said, ' I see you visiting me, i no longer need or want anymore visits with you, you can go now.'. So, it did slowly. After and near the ending of my comment toward it. i began to feel a lift or a unveiling the troubles it brought to me, gone. Phew and wow! I am so grateful that it hasn't returned. I am sure i will come across them, again.

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