September 11th

9/11 is officially reported as an event where 19 Islamic terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked 4 commercial airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers located in New York City. Shortly after the Pentagon was hit and Building 7 collapsed.


Scottar: Not Buying Conspiracy

I get tired of all these 9/11 conspiracy theories and questions. First of all, in order to pull that kind of farce off would have involved thousands of insiders. You think something would have leaked out by now?

Then there was United Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania. All those cell phone calls could not have been faked.

Thirdly, the photos of the two towers showed them collapsing top down. The superstructure support was on the outside. So when the jet fuel heated the floor support beams enough that they lost their tensile strength and gave way, well the tons of that top portion is going to have enough force and momentum to shear the support rivets and bolts holding up the rest of the mass. I saw no photos of the command building 7 collapsing so I don't know the exact reasons of it's demise. The bottoms of the tower buildings blew out due to air pressure buildup at the bottom. This was brought out on a PBS documentary several years ago, you don't think they got bought off do you?

But over all I serious doubt that GW Bush as a Christian GOD fearing person would be that insidious to plot or even allow such a heinous farce. It was mostly the connivance of the Clinton administration that handicapped the CIA and FBI to effectively track and prevent the hijackings. Clinton was afraid that the FBI would discover his money gate improprieties. So when Bush was in the process of organizing his administration, with little assistance from the Clinton Administration, he was handed over a big mess of disorganization. He was briefed of the treats but the exact nature of the expected terrorist activities was not well defined as to what measures they would take. Remember, that at up to that time their had been no suicide aircraft hijackings.

And finally the airlines did not want to hamper the business activities by implementing inconvenient searches of the paying customers. It runs similar to the tragedy of Pear Harbor and misconstrued perceptions by the state department. The airlines were warned but failed to heed the warnings.

aaamsnzzz: Christian GOD fearing

how many people did Christian GOD fearing persons killed since 2000 years? and how many people involved?
say hello to native americans (from north canada to south brazil) for me god fearing...just to see if you can understand the question and the answer.just a little tiny winy example.

how possible can human being be such an idiot? that is the 4th big question...
the 3rd question being who he's right? those who consider humans are just a bunch of animals or the very few of us who are NOT animal obviously and try to give a bit of the fruit of knowledge to the others?..because between both lines .... meaning where you are mister scottar ...there is no word to describe the intellectual vacuum......

the 2 others big questions remaining left are who (re)made us and who made who (re)made us...

pbs? WHY would you have to buy off what belongs to you? do you sometimes have the sensation you win a price when you withdraw money from you bank account at the ATM? ha ok i understand now... i'm sorry, you are the man.
pearl harbor then , haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too much pain to talk with a robot.i drop it.

Scottar: Update On 9-11

Well I kind of digress on the 9-11 event. Since becoming aware of the Illuminate I begin to see a bigger picture. This is not to support the Truther allegations, that is conspiracy invention.

The problem lies with why where a lot of red flag ignored about the hijackers and their ability to get aboard the planes. and then there where all the red flags concerning the planes not intercepted before they hit their targets.

This controversy is covered very well at this site:

and here

It's like who kill JFK and his brother. there's the official story and then there's the unofficial skeptics. After listening to several shows on it I have come to the conclusion that it was not due to one man in either case. There was a coverup.

And speaking of coverups:


I can understand your abhorrence of the Christian religion but please regard this: The true Christians are heart felt advocates of the real Jesus. Many organized churches, especially the Roman Catholic, hijacked the teachings of this profound entity and merged it with the past myths of ancient times to confuse and control those who follow the elite propaganda. I have only recently become aware of it through Coast to Coast.

To find out the real message of Jesus and others of his kind go here:

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions

And explore the other articles of Tricia's site

And look over this site as well to get some further insight of who Jesus was:

Jesus Revelations

It's no wonder some have become confused with the mainstream Christian mantra, they don't understand what Jesus was really talking about.

Also check out the for some further revelations. The man was no huckster like so many evangelists and alleged clairvoyances are. He was giving the gift for a purpose which many ignore.

The word is, a major change is coming in 2012, only time will tell. May God's light show us the right path, and I'm not talking Christian, I'm a Diest.

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