The Reptilians (also called Reptoids) are a species that has evolved on earth parallel with human beings. They get the name Reptilian from their physical characteristics in which they resemble that of a reptile mixed with a human.


Reptilians Alien Picture
A typical Reptilian appearance

Reptilians are extremely technologically advanced and viewed as an evil or negative race of beings as they view humans as an inferior race, similar to that of sheep or cattle.

They are said to have originally inhabited our Earth roughly 800,000 years ago from their star system known as Draco. They lived on our Earth for thousands of years but were eventually met by the human race of beings from the star system Lyra.

Reptilians have always clashed with the human species as they have different views of God and order. They believe themselves to be the most purest form of life as they are androgynous and can reproduce without a counterpart. They also believe they resemble God as their DNA doesn't change or evolve like human DNA, thus making them neutral like God.

Is is believed that Reptilians currently live in Inner Earth and have been there for quite some time to keep a low profile.

Physical Features

Reptilians are described as being 5 - 9 feet tall weighing in at 250 - 500 pounds. They have lean, solid bodies with strong arms and legs. Their hands have 3 fingers and a thumb while their feet have 3 toes and a recessed 4th toe on the back side of their ankle. The are lacking a navel.

The main distinguishing characteristic of Reptilians is their skin which consists of rough, scales similar to that of a lizard. Their skin color is also a greenish color and their eyes are somewhat yellowish-green with cat-like pupils. Their nose is in a snout shape giving them a somewhat of a resemblance to dragons. It is also common for Reptilians to have webbed hands and feet.

Some reptilians, such as the Dracos, are tailed while others are not.


Reptilian Shape Shifting Picture
Illustrations of Reptilians Shape-Shifting

Many people have reported Reptilian like humans to be known to shape-shift, that is, they can change from a Human form into a Reptilian form. This is caused as their DNA has been mixed with humans. All humans have some amounts of reptilian DNA in their DNA (around 10 - 15%), however the Humans with higher levels, such as 50% or more, are said to be the ones that shape-shift.

Shape-shifting can occur under times of duress and high levels of emotion, but are also the result of a low level of human vibrations. This is why there are stories about people making sacrifices and following sacred blood rituals. These rituals and activities feed the human and allow them to maintain their form.

Political Leaders, Bankers and Government

George W. Bush
George W. Bush is believed by many to be a Reptilian

Many believe the Reptilians to be the force behind our current world government and the main control over our Earth for thousands of years. The royal family in England is believed to be heavily Reptilian and of this order. The same can be said about political leaders in the United States such as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Plans for the Future

The future Reptilian agenda is in alignment with the Bible and other religious believes. Their plan is to slowly work take more and more control of the Earth's population by staging world events that get their desired reaction. They are currently working on assembling a one world government (see New World Order) that will be publicly accepted and acclaimed.

They are planning to stage events such as the return of Jesus. They already possess the technology to make extremely believable projections in the sky and various other plans.



These Creatures want to eliminate 80% of the Human Race by the year 2029 and will be using our Governments to Eliminate us , They have War , Viruses , Weather and Earth Equiptment , Economic Control through the Illuminati and the Brotherhood , they want this planet and we have been their Pawns for thousands of years and this must stop , we must root them out before they root us out.
There is no more time to be afraid anymore, we must demand our freedom and stop being manipulated with Money and this sense of false Security that everyone is being sold on.
Wake up there is much more going on than just your Mortgage Payment and your way of life. It's being taken away from you as we speak.Wake up!!!.

jamesgtmoore: Reptilians on Earth are pure fantasy

There isn't any evidence supporting the existence of this being on our world.

If there is please put it up here for us all to see.



Genio: jamesgtmoore

I dont think anyone has caught a reptilian if thats what you expect. Now im not saying they are real, but i leave my mind open to the possibilty. Evidence can prove many things but sometimes you just cant show the evidence. There is definately something out there that has malevolent plans just like the illuminaty here on earth. Dont you think there would be something similar to the illuminaty out in space ? Im sure there is because theres always two sides, righteous and wicked.

jamesgtmoore: The illuminati is what exactly?

I would say that there probably is no threat from a group called "the illuminati" but there are obviously a great deal of evil people on Earth, some of which are quite wealthy. What we need to concentrate on more perhaps is how to solve Earths increasingly bad climate change symptoms, food and energy poverty rather than elusive conspiracy theories.

By the way, I have come to think that overpopulation is the cause of the worlds problems. Nearly everything stems from it. Check out my website if you feel like it as I have a good deal of interesting articles you might like to read, not just about Billy Meier, that could perhaps complement the info at

Quinton: Yeah, I agree that we need to

Yeah, I agree that we need to focus on solving our own problems for sure. I also think it is silly to just sit around pointing the finger at others and not holding yourself accountable. However, I also think there is still merit in discovering who is making the policy and bringing about a lot of these changes as they directly affect us all through law, taxes and all that stuff. The more we can be informed about these groups the better, IMHO.

lizardslayer: The names constantly change.

My thoughts are that the names of these organizations constantly change. However the Bilderberg Group is a good one to keep and eye on!!! As far as climate change goes, I have to agree that man does have a SMALL part in it. Google "Planet X". It really seems to tie alot of missing pieces to what is going to soon happen and what is going on in the world currently! Hope this helps! Most people write me off as a lunatic, but that is fine with me! Knowledge is power and going with the program is normal??? I do know this, since I have dug and dug and dug looking for reasons behind the insanity that is going on in this world, that the reality of things is that we have been duped our whole lives by the Slavemasters!!

Peace my Brothers and Sisters!

jamesgtmoore: Ooops I veered off of the subject - reptilians

Well there must be reptilian-like humanoids or human beings with scaly skin out there on other worlds somewhere. It's too large a universe for there not to be. I just don't see ANY evidence for any of them being on our world. Why would they want to infiltrate our sick society that is full of greedy and degenerate people? Better to just nuke us and take over the planet, job done. Shape-shifters? Unlikely also.

Remember, everytime someone assumes something fantastic like shape-shifting reptilians is probably true, they reinforce the public's opinion of UFOlogy in general as being full of gullible fantasisers who would like to believe in anything to brighten their boring lives up even though there isn't a shred of evidence.

To believe in something without evidence, material or logical is just as bad as believing in a book that says a certain God created everything in 5 days. It's mind numbingly stupid and irresponsible to yourself and your society.


Quinton: You have a fair point. The

You have a fair point. The Reptilians are a big stretch and it is extremely hard to prove and build a case around for most people. I wouldn't try to convince somebody that they are real and that they are controlling our world. But at the same time, I myself don't have a problem believing in the possibility of a lot of the things you read about them.

And as far as the evidence goes... to me this has always seemed totally subjective. Evidence to one person could be anti-evidence to another. We can never really hit anything 100% so we will always have to interpolate to fill in the gaps the best we can based off of all the data we have accumulated throughout life - and each person has a set of different data. Obviously if we have photos some will believe them and some will question them, like the Billy Meier case for example.

Now could we prove the case for Reptilians in a court of law? Probably not. But a court of law takes into account the jury's current perspective and maturity. A jury of children will vote a lot different than a jury of mature adults. And I am of the opinion that there are but few mature adults in this world.

I appreciate your point and always love critical and different types of thinking. We are all on a journey looking for truth :).

Genio: James..

I undestand why you would be skeptical of reptilians, who wouldnt be. But you cant ignore something as big as the illuminati. Theres signs of them everywere, from the back of the dollar bill, to music videos on MTV. They are that rich group of people who have control of the currency of the world. They do what they want simply because they have the power to do so. And what do they want ? they want control of this whole entire world. They are herding us like sheep to have us filled with ignorance and confusion. Currently i dont think theres anything we can do, i feel that when the time is right they will fall and end up with nothing. But i just cant ignore them and pretend they dont exist because then i can be another victim to this mental cripledness.

Triumph: Reptoids

Ok , first I want to Thank you for this story.I find the info here better then where I have been searching. I would like to share my story. Even though I knew I had skull and bones family members in my tree, I never really put too much stock into this Reptoid theory ,until I was contacted by my Illuminati family,that was adopted out as babies. I started to notice I was being led around to find info on my bio mothers family. I will make this a short story because it is too long anyway. One of these "people" grabbed me by my arms and held a long stare at me. I didn't know what he was doing. Was he trying to kill me by sucking the life force from me? Or was he trying to activate some weird junk on me? They gave me wooden boxes and one of them had my name in Hebrew. In Hebrew it means the "Perfect one". I have no idea why they did this. I was told to write a wish on a piece of paper and place it in the box and pray to it. What is that about? Were they trying to trap my soul? OR?? Then one of them admitted to doing voodoo. A team of 5 were sent to me. I told them to back off and leave me alone. Should I expect more from them and since I am from the bloodline does that mean they will eventually kill me if I do not join them? They didn't stop trying to get in touch with me for months until I threatened legal action.
They hate Bibles BTW. I gave them Bibles. I also want to say that even if someone is from this bloodline,don't think they are evil. I am living proof of that. However ,it's easy to test them. Give them Bibles,see what happens. They act really paranoid too. They don't even trust each other. They get weird if they see you with a recording device. Again the Paranoia sets in when they see a recording device. They don't like dogs but will kill them too.

Triumph: DNA

Oh, I forgot the big one-Before I figured out they were bad. I told one of the brothers that I would buy a DNA test kit for his Birthday and mail it to him and he could swab his mouth and send it back and I would pay for the lab test . I did this because he really wanted to know who his dad was and my dad is still living ,so I wanted to help this brother eliminate or not eliminate a possible father candidate. I gave him the test back in July-----I'm still waiting. I searched the internet as to why this would be, I found this site and I think it's helped me answer a few questions. I guess I better pay attention to David Icke.

lizardslayer: My theory on why they get paranoid with the Bible.....

The Bible is a multi parallel of repeated history. Those who wish to enslave humanity have used it as a way to prevent us from learning the truth! Knowledge is the only power we will have in fighting against them! I pray for your safety Triumph!!! God Bless.....

MichaelScofield: Don't you understand?

I'm going to put this text on my homepage as well as other posts and YouTube.

These "Bad Ass Reptilian Agressors" who want to destroy most of population is simply a way to distract you fron the wave theory, which I assume that you know already if you believe in this story. This is to keep you disconnected from your soul (or your real consciousness) which resides on a different frequency level and when resonates with the frequency of the Earths' Shumann waves creates a hologram you call reality. This is the same principle as holograms we already have: a beam of laser is subjected to a frequency which creates a hologram in the air. However there is another type of waves involved called Torsion Fields. Your body gets energy from these Torsion Fields, food is only addition. This type of energy we all exchange between us and call them "feelings" - this energy comes in waves from the space. Resonating with the Earth's electromagnetic field this energy also causes a hologram called Aurora. This hologram is the all energy that all humanity exists. Remember: we living in the information age, so the "trick" with aliens is a way to keep your mind and your DNA on a frequency level they want, which your body generates when you are in depressed mood. I'm sure are definitely contacts with Reptilians and other aliens, because they are definitely exist and watching us, but because they understood this powerful truth ages ago, they are VERY positive creatures, and will never do harm to other race. They were present in Egypt and Mayan Civilisation, however they disappeared from this frequency level long time ago and are living in another dimension (frequency level). The pyraminds are the portals for them to come here in the Material world, that's why they must resonate with "frequency of love - 528Hz" - a frequency that we all have when experiencing love, which enables us all to to be connected with our souls - our tru US, using the material body. Meditate every day and very soon you will begin to experience "out of body experience" called Astral Travel. There are frequences you can listed called "Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies" - they can enable this function of your DNA to be connected with the other "real" reality which is more real than you might think. Your mind and minds of others are only using our physical bodies as costumes in a reality rulled by the Laws of Karma - the Laws that Ancient Civilisations lived under for thousands of years (about 12 thousand to my research). Before that time (our present time) there was another civilisation living on this Planet which has reached the level of this frequency that Earth generates and "moved" to the next dimension (different frequency) either because they were moved by God or because earth started to resonete with other planet's frequencies which our Earth has already begun to resonate with and will complete the cycle in December 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends. Most of the human-made objects will disintegrate when the frequence will change and our bodies will become made of light, because light is a higer frequency than any physical material. Anyone who will be forcing himseld (or his physical Ego) into low, fear-originated frequency will be suffering strong mental problems in the next few years, becuse of not understanding what's happening, this is what's already started, look around you, what sort of shit happening everywhere! Wars.. mind conrol and etc... Live is much easier when you let the anger and other bad feelings away, be yourself and live obeying the Laws of Karma (only do good shit) - you will see how you life begin to transform - thing will just start happen in your favour in all aspects of your life. And this is not a religion, or a sect or a scam that someone could "make up" because it's not possible to make up Physics. The real physics is the truth that the governments are trying to hide from you, because they will never be able to control and profit from people anymore. We created todays Secret Societies ourselves, by not understanding these Laws of Nature. The whole humanity will live much better in a few next years, when almost everybody will understand this and we will move to this new frequency and will continue our next level of evolution as Gods, and we will be able to create matter (or simply live conciously) by just thinking about it in a new frequency. You will be chosing a new reality for yourself, don't make it a scary reality! Watch a cool movie called "" - the person who made this film already knew what I'm talking about when created these films.

The Einstein said: Albert Einstein which stated: "Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." I believe what is being stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul – we are just energy – beings. Nicola Tesla also was aware of it.

Lots of very Big Scientists had this knowledge, but were afraid that people will not believe this and their careers will be over, or for some other reasons.

I've just created my own blog - I haven't finished it yet, so it might look a bit dodgy, but I'm gonna fix the CSS soon and my WordPress will shine like my aura :) - Aura, is btw, is a phenomenon which comes out due to the BioEnergy of our bodies coming into resonance with the gases around it like oxygen. If you have enough of this energy, if you know how to control it, you would have a shining over your head where your Crown Chakra Energy Center is located and would look like Jesus or like "Austranauts - Extraterrestials" which Aborigines and Egyp & Mayan civilisations depicted thousands of years ago. There civilisation that lived here on Earth was telepathic and they didn't requre any language so there is not much evidence from them here. They lived in harmony with the Nature, with Earth - a living creature with the Great Intellect and it supplied them everythin they needed. So their houses wasn't build of concrete and metal, they were bult with only natural materials like wood which was programmed to grow in certain shape or way. It was proven many times that people don't need food for energy when they are able to change the frequency of their brain and reside in a differnt state of consciousness (Yogas and others) they don't need food. There are many stories about these people because they start to "leak" everywhere even in the open media because these are so many these days.

This new frequency we will all be subjects of will result due to the changes in orbit that our planet is now going through, there are plenty of evidence of it, even though there is many disinformation that it's not happening around. There is a Russian scientist called А.Ф. Черняев (Черняев Анатолий Фёдорович) or Chernyaev Anatoliy Fedorovich who wrote many books which support this theory. There are also people who contributed equaly in the research, among them was: Chernyaev (Note - There are many what I think dirty disinformation websites like - "International Informatizational Academy", which have lots of bullshit on them and they have no relation to him whatsoever, same goes for some Movies on YouTube about this theory ), Prof. Акимов Анатолий Евгеньевич (Akimov Anatoliy Evgenievich), Dr. Peter Gariaev, Prof. Николай Левашов (Nikolai Levashov), Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr Tom Chalko (Australia) - are only the peole I know, but there is certainly many more who I didn't mention, because this list would be too long. I will write pages about all of them soon in my blog. You don't have to be a scientist to understand each principle because he is keeping all the math calculations separate from the theory itself, which allows you to understand every step of his theory. If you're good at math and geometry you will also understand all the formulas too. His books are in Russian and distributed free in MS Word format on the internet, but also published and sold at a few cents in Russian shops. I might even translate these books if I will have any visitors to my site, like I said I just launched it for people to CONTRIBUTE their knowledge because there are Billions who still don't understand this, but Millions already are. If you wish to share your knowledge with others you can click "create blog" in the top header of my site and write your own posts which I will publish on the homepage, or just comment at the end of the posts and share your opinion.

dwayne shavargo: For those of you that don’t

For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

Eastsider4life: well

I think Reptillians Are actually a theory Cant be proven Unlike Builder Berg Group GMOs (monsanto) Patriot Act This I think Keeps your mind unconsciously Completly aware plus Were Thinking Aliens Are trying to take Over the world. Is Clear they are rich Greedy Corrupt Powerful People How Ever We cant completly prove they are indeed Reptlians THink is True Aliens Have a strong possibility Of being Real How ever Being on Earth. And All the Bad People In Power Positions Sounds some what To unrealistic now I cant disprove It But, Question everything Unkowly Best way to avoid Deception is Knowing you can be Deceived I dont Claim To Know But I do Claim That If I dont know For a Fact I wont Based My thinking Of an assumption THen Wonder Why some call us insane Conpiracy Theorist Everthing Else Is not a theory is clear mention by many Elite they whant A New World Order. But atleast Question The Possibility That Its our Own Kind IS Doing This to Us.

Not Aliens LIke some might think Dont be to close Minded Because You will Be a Puppet from Another Point. Even Question This But since the Beggining of civilizations and Empires We always had Oppresors Oppresed (Usually Ignorant) And People Who rebeled Revolutionaries MAn Or women Who were and are about change not their view of oppresive change But change good for Huminaty And even other Animals Feel Free to comment. Also dont you think This reptilian Theory could been created To make Us Seem Like Lunatic Consiparacy theorist any one comment Please But see the reality and my intentions in this is to empower you all Like Immortal Technique said Only a fucking imbicile Think their Uncorrectable.

Now I could Be wrong Thats how I see it and Feel. Remember freedom of speech was for unpopular reasons not to agree with everyone else. We learn From our mistakes or wrongs also remember that Peace Bros and SIS

P.S Comment If yall whant Thats WHy I Posted this any way Fuck New World Order! :O HA

Yakman Buddha: Fear

I do not know if this race exists however I do Know that humans have a hard time co-existing with ANYONE different. We cant even get along with other humans who are of different cultures. In this now time many species will began to become apparent. It is time we stop being cradle creatures who throw fits when we find WE are not the only created intelligent beings. More over we need to stop the flights of fantasy and perceiving threats when no threat has been apparent. Wars, destruction and ciaos are as old as time and if there is a reptilian race against us they are no greater a threat then we have been to one another for ages! Grow up people and get a backbone. Reality is coming into view quickly and a little less panic and a little more common sense from the human race would be refreshing! I imagine the biggest reason for violence against us would be "the common universal knowledge that we are socially primitive, scared as hell and thus dangerously destructive. I would also imagine that other races in this universe are tired of cowering and hiding to avoid confrontation with us! The greatest thing we can do for the problems and threats we fear is to focus on the elevation of ourselves. we are not powerless. We fear we are weaker and it is that fear which controls us! If we we're the weaker race. THE OTHER RACES WOULD NOT BE HIDING! Grow up children and calm down. Love to you. -Yakman Buddha

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