Raelism is a recent UFO religion created by Claude Vorilhon. Realians teach that Claude has received special information about our origins from our creators, the Elohim.

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aaamsnzzz: Quiton on RAEL: if u like and respect Jordan maxwell...

like used to say the master chief, "u d betta do your home work". because look at the symbols, look at the stories if you already understood what jordan and others tried to teach you; RAEL stuff is nothing else but 100% the same old story with all the symbolic, the bigggggggg picture for this piece of s... if you want details i give them all to you (as an example to help you to discover what to look at)but please try to work on yourself because that s the only way to understand since you have already found some clues here. you have absolutely EVERYTHING in this rael stuff, from sun to Saturn, volcano, the name RAEL (hello...u just miss ISIS)...and lil green man(mason symbolism hello 2 x) he met name Yahweh(hello 3 x!!) the logo (hello 4x), the eye of horus, the embassy and the zodiac, rael guy born again ( plus the clones... hahaha this one is tough), The Easter Bunny where rael guy ain't got nothing betta to do that abuse all females and he is well known for his many visits to the oficial playboy (masons Tm) mansions to f**** hum play okok with pretty lil' bunnies, an old druid long white bear hear who teached rael, rael actually who began his mission ( hahaha) at 30 years old woring black clothes(saturn jordan' todl you) always untill he was born again and is all shinny white kinda SUN now etc etc etc etc

i stop here buddy cose it seems rael puppet is a concentrate you see? even u ve been reading great scholar, it's just took to change names and locations, update with Ets, and sure you noticed something wrong in there but just coudn't see the same old story one more time....so imagine for people who are not skilled like you...

RAEL is a 100% illuminati product, he comes from a small city in france whose lodge gave already 2 formers french presidents ( Pompidou and Giscard d'Estaing) , and when you have a doubt to know when you must reesarch or not (i mean pay attention and find out clues because sure it smells 100% NWO manufactured or leave it behind); here is the secret secret:
whenever you have anything that becomes big; international, and communicate in the media : you bet your ass someone is paying for it to happen. monies being maybe the most efficient tool (one side of the 4+ base sides of the pyramid) that they have nowadays. So whatever has a symbol that you identify and that went big, you can search cose no doubt you re gonna find whose behind it.
even if you have the most brilliant invention ever ready made in your computer, just look throughout history and you will see that 100% of time you will not and never make it happen yourself. now, look at all the big stuffs you have available, and you will notice as well that 100% of the time you'll find the illuminati/ secrete society/ reptile/ gods/ kings/ whatever you wanna call they behind it. music, movies, books, food, banks, cars, oil, WHATEVER period!
haaaaaaaaa, from that small french town of rael, i mentionned 2 presidents but i forgot MICHELIN.... you knwo yes, the n°1 of tires worldwide, from a small 300.000 thousand slaves in town . hummmm some Rothschilds not far away what do you think? ha yes u right, the first president Pompidou ( who started 1re minister of general de gaulle)was actually an employee, bank officer at rotchild bank there , what a coincidence, really . this litle town (300.000 people i repeat) is full of surprise, 1 major world company MICHELIN, 2 formers france republic president ( Valéry Giscard d'Estaing later on served as President of the Convention on the Future of Europe, the other side of NWO 1 WORLD GVT) and now a messiah.... what a great city indeed ...

i did not even gave you 1% of all the crap you can find just looking at Rael, but look at the symbol and you know where you are, try to learn images buddy. i hope it will help you to find out how to undersatdn the matrix young padawan, because it's preety good to see a young man like you paying attention to all that and show respect to jordan maxwell. keep going, but watch out because it is much more serious that it appears at first you see... you just saw with small rael example how insidious and vicious they are
like the old wise jordan says as well; you have no idea in the world where you are.. lol

keep going quinton

hope it will help to improve your abilities, we need it it.

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