New World Order

The New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) is a movement by a powerful, secretive group of political leaders, bankers and corporate elites to create a one world government in which people's freedoms and liberties are oppressed and world control is maintained by a small elite group at the top.


New World Order Picture

The actions of the New World Order operate based off high levels of mental conditioning and propaganda.

A quote from Dr. Coleman summarizes the New World Order and their agenda:

A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simple be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.

The Media

Media and The New World Order
The New World Order uses the media to condition the masses

The New World Order operates on the notion of problem, reaction, solution in which they stage problems that get a desired reaction from the public and are then able to implement their solution, which is nothing more than another push towards more control. By using the media they are able to make people things even if they are not true.

By conditioning people over and over with certain ideologies and messages they are able to manipulate the minds of the general public and gain control over them. Things such as patriotism and religion are regular themes portrayed through the media to cause a calculated reaction from people.

Most of the people in the media aren't a part of this group of elites or have any agenda they are trying to push. Most people are simply brainwashed employees just like everyone else trying to make a living and provide for their family. They're just the messenger giving the message.

The New World Order Agenda

In order to establish complete control over the world, there are many things that need to first take fruition.

Reduce the World Population

The New World Order plans to decrease the world population down to 500 million people. That would be a decrease of over 80% of the current world population.

Mark everyone with an RFID chip

A goal of the New World Order is to mark everyone with an RFID chip where all their personal information will be stored through this device. In order to buy groceries, own a house and participate in society you will be required to have an RFID chip. This device will be implanted somewhere in the body, most likely the hand.

Keep people dumbed down

In order to maintain control over the population it is important for the New World Order to keep the general intelligence and creative abilities of people down very low. The world operates in a very school / employee type fashion and this is on purpose.


Ingasst889: to Alex Collier, I do believe you in full Mind.

I wish everything change....and we uplift. Peace and harmony to you Alex.

patrickdee: religion, government, schools

forms of group think , forms of blind submission, all this standardization makes me sick, they have been manipulating our destiny's for years, there's always a dark force behind all of this, it is up to us if we give in to that or not, let the higher consciousness open, we always know better

Seeker: Comment

Well, everything is on point and correct! I can not disagree with this info at hand. Most of this I have read before. But, what saddens me is? MOST people in the world think its a joke and are in total disbelief! Smh! I wish they would take off their rose colored glasses!

gipoman: I totally agree.

I totally agree.

Annunaki77: Correct Sister

There is an Awakening , this is Evolution. Free Will, Passion and Destiny will prevail.
This is an Ancient Dream of a Being who saw Ensalvement on other Worlds.
He chose to create a Species that will be Free so that it can Create it's own Destiny.

This Being is Humble and Loves Humanity, he has been stripped of his Status but not his Love and Power to keep Humanity Free.

New World Disorder you are a Counterfiet to everything the Brotherhood of the Snake represents. You will see the Glory of the Lord of Hosts. And you will tremble with Unimaginable Fear for his Awsome Technologies are lightyears ahead of yours.

Tarheel: Time is of the essence !

Once again we hear 'The Final Countdown" !

Cant you just hear the clock winding DOWN ?

Dat Boi Biz: time iz of ya Bitch

nobody wants to do anything like nothings worth fighting for they just need to take over already cuz nobody gone do shit about it so we all desrive death BITCHES REAL NIGGA WAS UP

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