Mark Dice

Mark Dice, formerly known as John Conner, is a radio host and author of the book and website "The Resistance Manifesto".

Mark Dice Picture
Portrait of Mark Dice (FKA John Conner)

Mark Dice is known for various videos and audio clips that have been posted on the Internet. His clips talk about various political topics such as 9/11, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones and the Illuminati.

John Conner Phone Calls

Many phone calls have been recorded with Mark Dice talking to many radio show hosts such as Bill O'Reily, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes to name a few. Despite all of the claims of these hosts to be "fair and balanced" news reporters none of them will listen to John Conner when he brings up topics such as 9/11 or Bohemian Grove. Many of them play him off as some lunatic that is way out of his mind.

Glenn Beck is one of the only major media people to actually listen to what John Conner had to say about 9/11 and try to understand his point of view. Beck also didn't fight the idea and said that it seemed reasonable to him.

Mark Dice Videos

On top of these radio call-ins, Mark Dice has also created many videos that show the zombie-like, dumbed-down reality of present day Americans. These videos generally involve him and his videographer asking people on the streets of popular cities what their thoughts are on important issues that face us in this day and age. Most of the people brush him off as crazy and simply ignore him.


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