Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell is one of the pioneers in ancient religions and secret societies. He has been researching these topics since the 1950's and has brought to light many fascinating ideas and concepts.


M: Re: Jordan Maxwell - A Legend

I agree with you on this for sure. The first time I ever heard him talk on C2C I was blown away because no one ever talks about symbolism. Too me I see symbolism everywhere, I pick up on this stuff very easily and it's very hard to discribe, because most people don't know about this stuff. I have always said if there was a college that offered a program in the study of symbolism I would become a master in that area and go back to school for whatever time it took to get a degree. I am fasinated by this study and Jordan is the master of it all. He understand what's going on and puts things in their proper prespective.
He's a fasinating wonderful man in my opinion.

Diffusion_of_Power: Jordan Maxwell

This guy is absolutely prolific. I have many of his interviews posted on my YouTube channel. He can read the proverbial stitches on the fast-ball of globalism as well as the diabolical machinations of those intent upon the destruction of the individual.

mymomentummedia: Great Jordan Maxwell Interview

Here is a great interview with Jordan Maxwell and Dr. Roger Leir , the UFO implant doctor.

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