The Illuminati is an occult group of people in very high places from around the world who have been controlling the Earth through their "hidden hand" for thousands of years. They consider themselves to be "enlightened" and above other people as they possess hidden knowledge.

Definition of Illuminati

  1. persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.
  2. (initial capital letter) a name given to different religious societies or sects because of their claim to superior enlightenment.


The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria Germany. They were originally called Perfectibilists, but later were renamed to the Illuminati.

Illuminati Picture

The Illuminati generally refers to 13 bloodline families that make up the general majority of the controlling elite. These individuals are generally involved in many secret societies that commonly link back to the ancient world.

The Illuminati is a group of power hungry individuals that will do whatever it takes to ensure they stay in control of the world. It is a group of people built on knowledge and secrets where only the most elite of the elites can receive this hidden information. It is a group where their values are built on suppressing intelligence and keeping people dumbed down - a group where many are slaves for the few up top.

It is commonly said that those who control the money control the world. The people behind the money are the people behind the International banks, the most powerful corporations and are the ones who are able to manipulate governments at their will.

Very little is known about the people at the very top of the Illuminati, due to their extreme emphasis on secrecy. Some believe they are human, others believe they are hybrid reptilian humans. David Icke along with others can attest to having seen some of these people in high positions shape-shift from human to reptilian form and then back to human again.

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony
The Cremation of Care ceremony in which an effigy human being is sacrificed to a 40-foot owl "Moloch".

The Illuminati consider Satan (evil) as being the good God for various reasons which trace back to the Reptilian agenda. Various occult activities have been associated with the Illuminati ,like Bohemian Grove for instance, where members worship a 40 owl statue and practice demonic rituals.

Names of Families in the Illuminati

Below you will find a list of 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Genetics and DNA is extremely important to the Illuminati and they interbreed in order to maintain a clean genetic tree.

  1. Astor
  2. Bundy
  3. Collins
  4. DuPont
  5. Freeman
  6. Kennedy
  7. Li (Chinese)
  8. Onassis
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Rothschild
  11. Russell
  12. van Duyn
  13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

The following are also closely connected:

  1. Reynolds
  2. Disney
  3. Krupp
  4. McDonald

Secret Societies

The Illuminati operate in extremely secretive societies. Knowledge is broken down into specific groups and people are given information on a need-to-know basis.

Pyramid of Power

Pyramid of the Illuminati
This pyramid demonstrates the basic structure of the Illuminati

The order of the Illuminati operates under the structure of a pyramid, with the highest people being at the very top. As you work your way down the levels you reach lower and lower levels of knowledge with the general public being at the bottom. The idea of the structure is to have many slaves at the bottom serving the very few at the top.

In order to move from one level to another people must pass certain tests to make sure that they are worthy of the information and serve the Illuminati first and foremost. For instance, a Brother of a higher level will ask the lower one to spit on the Christian cross. If the person refuses to do so because of his Christian belief, he will be told he made the correct choice but never be moved up to the higher grade. If the person follows orders and shows that he serves the Brotherhood above all, then we will be permitted to move up the pyramid.

Levels of order

The upper levels of the pyramid include several secretive committees such as:

  • Council of 3
  • Council of 5
  • Council of 7
  • Council of 9
  • Council of 13
  • Council of 33
  • The Grand Druid Council
  • Committee of 300
  • Committee of 500

Most of the political leaders you see (such as George W Bush) are generally ranked fairly low, relatively speaking. In general most of the people seen in the media and and in politics are mere henchmen doing the work for the powers above them.


Back of Dollar Bill Pyramid - Eye of Horus
As you can see here the back of an American dollar bill features a pyramid with the Eye of Horus at the very top. The words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" can be translated as "New World Order". Some other things worth noting: 13 steps to the pyramid, 1776 in Roman numerals, Annuit Coeptis = Our enterprise has been crowned with success.

The Illuminati speak heavily in symbols. The pyramid is what they use to represent themselves. They view the very top as the "All Seeing Eye," which is the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian God. An example of this symbol can be found on the back of an American dollar bill. Other common symbols include an Owl representing Horus, pentagrams, and the Statue of Liberty representing the goddess Isis to name a few.

These symbols can be found throughout various large corporations such as CBS, Columbia Pictures, Fidelity and many others. Various Illuminati symbols have also been shown to represent city layouts in key areas such as Washington DC.

Current and Future Agenda

The current list agenda of the Illuminate consists of creating a "War on Terror" in the Middle East that eventually spreads throughout the whole planet. They eventually want to create World War 3 in which case they can create a One World Government, or New World Order.

David Icke, along with others, has exposed how they operate under the notion of Problem, Reaction, Solution in which case they create a problem, get a desired reaction, and impose a solution which complies to their hidden agenda. 9/11 and the War in Iraq clearly illustrate this notion.


GODSLAVE: need help

hi im new here, need help, anyone out there?

GODSLAVE: need help

please help out

sdeev: Hi GODSLAVE

how can i help you?

jason dingman: I think we should gather and create a group to protect ourselves

Look i have researched night and day for a long time but the problem is people keep talking about it instead of standing up for themselves. I believe we should join and fight this evil for god justifies war in his name. I am tired of everyone not worrying about whats important, the true enemy is the sun god Horus as the Illuminati believe i the Helix Nebula also called "eye of god" which to me is exactly the same eye as the dollar bill "all forseeing eye" also this 0 foot owl is a representation of Horus at the bohemian grove but it isnt moch human sacrifice it is 100 percent real human sacrifice. So just to broaden horizons its what you dont see that must be worried about and the Illuminati wont win because if noone will help me god will find a way for me to win it. I welcome any who reply send me an email at [email protected] label it To Jason... Also remember their are angels here to protect anyone who needs it and know that you dont have to go far to find a friend.......God bless

BenjaminFalkenrath: Horus is misused. Horus wasn

Horus is misused. Horus wasn't the Enemy. An If you can't remember that time then You can't say anything. Because unless you do, then you are going on countless years of hearsay.

You don't know what it was like to be enslaved back then. You don't remember the peace before the hell.

An You don't know who Heru really was and is. You only know the symbolisms in which are used. An how they are abused.

This meaning you see the symbols an assume he is the cause of this.
Where do you get off, or where is the fact that he is evil? That is ridiculous.

He actually fought against these tyrants. The Pyramids are "stone" yeah but do you know what they where way back then?

I do.

They are Solid stone now! But we can't figure out how they came about! An, the truth is back then they were alive.

Not by magic but they were actual freaking creatures.

Just as you may have researched if you are good at that.
Certain ET's include technologies. However one of the best means of transportation whereupon their ships are actually live, they're beings in their own respects. sentient ones.

Horus didn't come down in a damned pyramid. He came on a beam of light.
I can sit here all day an talk until I am blue in the face just for people like you or others to say I don't believe you, its bull shit, I am crazy. Fair enough that is your opinion. Which is why I never share anything from what I remember, or know. Because the narrow minded people of this world can't take it. I'm reading these old comments and all I can think is, how funny people are.

An how the truth becomes fiction and how lies become truth...

BenjaminFalkenrath: Maybe the Pyramids we have

Maybe the Pyramids we have left here were built, but it wasn't all by man's hand if that. An it was modeled after the beings I spoke of.

nazinista: HOAKS

fuck all

highplainssister: Bartley

What is Hoaks? you think somebody is trying to pull your leg? this is serious stuff, I been looking at all the post, the root is not a hoaks, I assure you. be careful of these aliens they are very dangerous. Watch James Bartley. He'll tell you about the root.

Fal: Hoax^ Also, I have a friend


Also, I have a friend who's father is a 32nd degree Mason. I do not know whether there is a level above that, or not. All I know is, when my friend wanted to join the masonic lodge in a small town to the north, they denied him because there were people in it that did not like his father. His father apparently advanced at such a quick rate that it made them jealous. I do not believe money was involved. My friend told me it was all time spent helping and donating time. Then again, he didn't share details, either. Maybe I'll ask him about ranks one day and see if he shares with a non-member.

LordEnlil: Not all Illuminati from the

Not all Illuminati from the Brotherhood are bad...i know that...some get away from it...
It is an old story....but even the Brotherhood are split in two...and some do not work with N.W.O...
Very nice put it hire...i like that...
Let me tell you something...if some good people it was not in the Brotherhood ...things it will not came out..and remain a secret for ever...
But because of that people ...really people know hope remains...but people must stay say no to the N.W.O plans...
Even from them are not to be humans it is still hope...not all work with N.W.O......remember that..

LordEnlil: seem to me seem to me you know a lot...good... very good...i like people to be smart like you..but still even you did not know all the must be "inside" to know what it is to be know...and not all Illuminati are bad...some help the people...and things got out because of them..because of that people know what it is to be know because of them....remember this...
Things got out because of them...and some pay that thing with their lives...
Even i learn a hard lesson...i put all of them in the same pot... and i find out even thru them you can find friends..but you must know where to look for them...not all are bad...some are infiltrators..from the light...and those you must find...and make them your friends and ally...
You ken find knowledge even there...if you know where to look...if you know to make a difference between a lie and a truth..between wisdom and deceit....learn to read between the lines....
Learn from what you hate and you will find out many someone will say.."know your enemy "...
Hmmm..they are forget for what reason they are hire...and i must refresh them minds...i see..
They should keep safe "the seed" and watch over it how it grow it was intended for the begin...but no...what they do?..they get involved with it...and get punish....
Ring a bell to you?i think so...
The Brotherhood....the Watchers....and you ask what it is in the top... tell you it will be so easy...i let you to discover by yourself...the "Pindar "it is hire...
They twist things my friend...the Truth was in the begin...but they want to be Masters over the "seed"...and that was a non acceptable thing...they want to be the rulers over you all...and even they got punish for that...they still continue to do wrong things...
They are the Builders of this Earth...but they got to faar this time...
They suppose to guard you all ..and see to grow nice and clean...
But no they want to be your Gods..and they made a mistake by doing that...
The God it is only one...! ...and He send them watch over the "seed"(Creation)...
Hmmm...hard times...hard choice...things are more complicated then it is looks...
Anunnaki....Brotherhood....Watchers....bad boys E.T.....i know...very complicated..but in the end it is you to chose...Love or Fear?...what it will be...?...the choice it was and it is your gift from The God...and nothing it will take that from you...but you must chose with care...
and for that we are give you all the Truth...and see you all chose the right save your perpetuate your was intended from start...
Only love can save us from the maybe do not understand that now..but you will...
Hate and war it is going to no where...
I tray that before my self...and it is not the way...they want war...war= profit...and they will be happy when your numbers are not so control you all and make you all slaves....
and meat and something else...
You must be smart to avoid war and the opposite thing they do...and you will see i have been right...
If you smile at them ...them it will be not happy.....and make them lives a misery...
I smile to them all the time...even they are on my tail...
They fear us because we are many...and they are so few...remember that...
The trick it is to stay together...and then who it will shoot you?...your brother? i do not think so..
if the people stand together ..they are alone...and when the boat it is going down...the rats leave the boat...and they will remain alone...powerless.....
Indeed the problem it is the bad boys....but we are not alone in this matter...
others are hire for that reason...
If we can deal with N.W.O...they will deal with bad boys E.T....that it is the way...remember that..
the Law it is still...they want to take the civil right from us not let them do that...
Get involved...protest...get the press and television....use the same weapons as they do...
They use television and press to trick the same...and people it will see and many will awake them self from the sleep...
Seek me out...and we will talk...

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: Quinton...a illuminated

Quinton...a illuminated person are a person in a certain state of mind....and body...
Even you can do that...if your heart it is pure and with good intention ...with love and compassion for others...and you love The God and people ...and the Earth...
Long time ago they could do that too....but now they can not..because they do not have a heart any more..they do not love any more....but they lie anyway...
I can modify my frequency on the source ....but they can not do that...
If you are a pure soul you can be one with the source...and make it to the kundalini state....and then to the 3-eye state ....
Learn to talk with your soul...make good things in your life...and the "Grace" of The Father it will be in you...on you...and you will feel things i can not describe to you..except some...
You will feel an strange energy on to your a hand who touch with grace your back...between your neck and your end of an electric current...but do not hurt is very nice...and i like that.....that it is the Kundalini state....this it is not a mambo jambo is true...but you need some training...use yoga in kundalini state...and after that..
The Tibetan monks do that...
And you will feel a strange electric current between your eyes...and a little pressure ...and on the top of your head with the same electric current and pressure......and things it will start to change ...and you will think different...and see different the can do a that 3-rd eye state...use it wise...
They bug me 1 year to tell them how i do that by my tell them what they want...
but i did not tell them nothing...because they do not deserve nothing except what they do to others to be done to them...but i find out even that it is not the solution...
after that you became wise ...and start to see the see the things as they are...with a 3-rd eye..

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: talk about talk about Matrix...but in the state of the 3-rd can not be trick any more...
even the controllers who put a mark on you...they can not make you to do things you do not can use an imaginative barrier ....clear your mind and block them...but it will take a lot of energy...from you..use crystals to enhance what you have...see what the crystal respond to you...but a clear quartz crystal will suffice...... eat natural things ....meat a little bit...fruits and vegetable bananas..make havok with your pineal gland...
they can hurt you...but you will survive if you stick to the i did..and became immune to i am...
The process of the all this it will take longer depending of witch type of D.N.A you have...
Put your body and mind and soul to work in the same time..and you will have a shield around you.....imagine that barrier and shield get materialised...around you..and you will be imune to not forget to use yoga in the process...

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: Yes Quinton have

Yes Quinton have right...they say that...better in hell....
But hell it is not...and the devil as well...
i am sorry i can not use pictures...i can send to you things it will make you to fall from the chair...
Hmmm.....a delicate problem...the belief system...i can rock your system..just wait a second...
Hell do not exist ....other dimension does...inner Earth you see a lot of lies ...
Devil in fact are a alien introduce hire on Earth from Kasymar system by Draconians...
to scare the poor man who believe it is the devil....the name of him it is the Deviant...a brute creature....and stay out of the people reach on inside of Earth...
A representation of him it is in Codex Gigas--the devil is like him..
And they use another dimensions and break in to this one...with holographic scare the people..poor bastards....they never finish with tricks..
They use fear to get energy from that...they do that from ancient times...
different times the same stuff......

LordEnlil: Yes Quinton you can predict

Yes Quinton you can predict the future...if you know them plans...but only from that point of seen
things...because the future are more complicated then this ...
Future are in the constant move ....hard to instant move of some thing or some one...can change all things..and your future are no more...and you must see that coming...

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: A lie it is a lie

A lie it is a lie not matter from what level came...
But in the top are not lies...because do not serve to no one...and you are sufficient wise and have knowledge to make a difference between a lie and the Truth...but they are to involved in
blood money and power and they are blind to see what it is coming to them...are to sure from them self..and for that it will fail...

Lord Enlil

Chris: human identity lord enlil

hey lord enlil how do we peserve the human identity of all races of planet earth there are humanoid et,s crossbreeding with us how do we stop it.

LordEnlil: Good said Jason...people are

Good said Jason...people are not alone in it is written in the Bible...
so we need to get together all...and to make a i do...
I put the need of the many in to the front of mine...
sacrifice ,love ,compassion are not just words...
We can change the future..i know be a better one...
one who all we has been created for the begin...

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: Chris..what Bible said to

Chris..what Bible said to us...?to be understanding...
we can all live in peace is room for all of us..but we need a lot of wisdom for that...

LordEnlil: Humans already are mixed with

Humans already are mixed with alien D.N.A...

LordEnlil: It is no pure any

It is no pure any we are aliens too..
You see star trek...even it is a movie say a lot...

LordEnlil: And something else

And something else Chris..people from the same type they go together..and stay together..because they unite the same things...we all what must do is is to respect one another..

aslund76: Fritz Sprinmaier

I think without Fritz's work we would still be
in the dark about these people.

raashid: lord enlil talk to me now i

lord enlil talk to me now i know what u guys know n yes we need to build a team of people with the open minds that know about this stuff n yes we need to come together as one to fight this evil...

raashid: open minds

yes there is a higher level of masonary its the 33rd degree the highiest level you can get i know this because i saw it on this video on youtube and its written on a gold coin about the size of a persons body....

Annunaki77: Masonary is just simple manipulation

You want to go way beyond 33RD DEGREE, Raashid, study what has been posted by the Great Falcon Master , and then you will Learn much more than 33RD DEGREE.
Here we " From Heaven to Earth came", will teach you Lessons that make the 33RD Degree look like childs play.
Here we go way beyond that Rasshid, we go to the Stars themselves.
I am not a Snake Oil Salesman, I am to put it simple a God. To attain this power you need training, you too can attain this Awsome Awareness.

Behold you are linked to the Winged One, who else can answer your Questions, better than Lord Kanesh Roo. Let those who oppose challenge me now..

the GAIA army: short way into the masonry

instead carians is the owner of this school.if you want to quickly rise to the level of 33 without a class should be "open the door with the master".means that we must bring new knowledge to the masonry .with this organization probably will receive your.opened the door can also mean entering class in secret all over the world who do not know even the masonry itself.the basic pyramid structure is used to reflect light Lucis own.there are dozens of esoteric schools are now on earth who represents the light.

Dat Boi Biz: YOU PPL





Tarheel: A TROLLER !

Go away. We dont need attitudes like yours.

YOU PEOPLE.....what about YOU, people? You waiting for somebody else to do IT for you. THAT is what AINT HAPPENIN. Get off your ass.

Quinton: This user has been warned. If

This user has been warned. If the spamming continues they will be banned.

bluesbaby5050: YOU TELL EM' Tarheel!

I agree with you! What a mouth! BB5050.

Tarheel: Thanks Quinton

He's an obvious ASSCLOWN !

Tarheel: QUINTON, can you delete his?

And you can delete my replies to him,too if you want.

wmarkley: smell

Dat Bio Biz sounds like someone else that was here, a wolf in sheeps clothing maybe?

bluesbaby5050: He sure talks like it?

Sounds like the same clown.BB5050.

Tarheel: Gotta be KCoE.

HPS is even MORE "challenged".

GGMa would be acting slighted.

joycepang999: GPLF

Hi to all. Im Joyce, from Malaysia. I have been approached by friends who claimed they are doing humanitarian work. They claimed to be working under Committee 300 and International Court Of Justice(ICJ). Under leadership of Tuan Haji Anuar Abdul Aziz and Ricky Nathanial, a Company registered in British Virgin Islands, namely Global Peace Loving Family (GPLF) a collection of RM1880 as membership fee is collected from people. Each member is promised a 8000 Euro dollar return after 24 months. I am in doubt as the return is so much.

Please, does anyone know about GPLF? Is it under the Illuminati?
Please email me if you can assist. I will appreciate your kindness.

email add: [email protected]

Tarheel: Donty you dare give them a penny! It's a lie !

We shall send you help.

Global Peace Loving Family-they hide behind a name ! What a JOKE. We'll get Anu and Edi on it.

wmarkley: money

The Iluminati must be feeling the pinch, accounts frozen, being cut off from their illeagle bank accounts, now they are going door to door with another scam to separate unknowing people from their hard earned money, The committy of 300 is definately iluminati, they will promise you everything to get your money, and deliver nothing. they are criminals and will have no place to hide, very soon they will fall.

bluesbaby5050: This is the Illiminati.

They are NOT a peace loving familiy.In fact,they are just the opposite.I can not believe anyone would PAY Them to join! What a joke! They are out to cull the herd! I would stear clear of them,pass the word.Most people KNOW they have a committee of 300!

joycepang999: GPLF

Thanks Bluesbaby5050 for your kindness. Noted your comment. I am so worried as many people I know have already paid the membership fees. This GPLF company is collecting funds from people in East Malaysia and members are growing fast.

How can I prove GPLF is a scam? Do you have any idea? If these scammers are not stopped, many will fall victims.

Thanks and God bless you.


bluesbaby5050: it is too late for them now,they paid their dues for membership.

Pass the word around in any ways you can.They are members now,BUT do not have to pay again to remain a member when the membership dues Expire.DO NOT RENEW! TELL THE CURRENT MEMBERS-IF You Can.Spread the WORD around.Peace be with you always.

joycepang999: GPLF

Thanks BB5050. Peace be with you too.

lenehiwot: Hi I need ur help!

Hi I need ur help!

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