Alex Jones

Alexander Emerick Jones is a well known radio host and film producer. He is against many international organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank.

Alex Jones Photo
Alex Jones exercising his first amendment right with a bullhorn.

Alex Jones was born in Dallas Texas on February 11, 1974 and grew up in the suburbs of Rockwall. In 1996 he began his career with a call-in cable access television program. Shortly after, in 1997, he released his first documentary film, America Destroyed By Design.

Ever since his first film Alex Jones has been releasing new documentaries every few years. In 2000, Alex Jones and his film crew infiltrated the Bohemian Grove and filmed the opening ceremony known as the Cremation of Care. The footage has been compiled into his film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove.

Alex Jones has been arrested on several accounts although he is usually released very shortly after as his accounts are usually for minor things like not having a bullhorn permit and persistently badgering a topic until he is removed by authorities.


wmarkley: Alex Jones

He was a name that i never heard of until Annunaki77 posted one of his videos on this site, I found him to be straight forward and to the point, this man sees the same thing that i am seeing all around me too, He is very energetic and motivated to expose the evil behind the curtain, he speaks the truth and i trust him, he is a must watch for the masses. with his help, the people will wake up and stop being blind and stupid. God bless him, keep him safe,and thank you Annunaki77 for showing me this man, i watch his show all the time now.

highplainssister: LUX with C ?

I found an old box of sewing stuff at the flea market, it had a shirt or coat patch in it with the emblem of a long feather tail bird, the letter LUX in the center of the bird, it 's claws holding something like a rod with the letter C going through the center of it and the other claw holding an arrow, I know this emblem is very old, that stuff about Tuetonic Zionism is interesting. Maybe that embroidered patch is linked with it, I was just wondering what the C stood for.

highplainssister: Phoenix Bird

I'm pretty sure the bird on that patch is the phoenix , how ever you spell it, but I couldn't believe the way that I found it, that vender selling that plastic box of sewing items had druge it around for who knows how long. Rain had ruined nearly all of the things that was down in the bottom, I was going through the box to salvage whatever might be of some good, and then getting to the few items left in the bottom, 4 packages in cellophane was stuck together,all yucky , holding it barely with my fingernails I was about to throw it in the trash can, then something told me to pull those packs apart, lo and behold, that was the prettiest patch that I pulled out of it , just as clean as it could be, and a burst of energy came with it, so I been a little in awe of that patch or the Phoenix Bird. It has risen again. I sure would love to know who wore that patch. I can back that story up Curious George. I think it is haunted and there is something else, such an event is auspicious, and like Don Jaun said spirit is talkin to you , I call it an omen.

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