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Alex Collier claims to be a contactee with the ET race known as the Andromedans from the star system Andromeda. He describes this race as human beings that have a slightly blue tint to their skin as a result of the planet they live on.

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Alex says the Andromedans are more spiritually and technically advanced than us and exist on 4th and 5th density, while we are existing on 3rd density. He says they communicate telepathically and are able to really read and feel each others emotions - they are all much more connected to each other than we are.

A brief bio

Alex first started having encounters with these people when he was 8 years old. By the time he was 16 they had shared many, many things with him. As his information grew and he compiled more data it became clear to him that it would be of value to share this information with other people. During his late 30's and early 40's he was interviewed by various people and produced some great documents sharing his experiences.

The various interviews and work put out by Alex Collier describes the earth being under control by "regressive" Extra Terrestrial beings. These regressive ETs come from the star system known as Alpha Draconis. He says that the problems in our world are basically the result of 2 completely different philosophical belief systems. One group is an advocate for free will, love and evolution while the other is an advocate for control and resource consumption.

Where is he now?

Alex made a bit of a stir in the late 90's and early 00's, however, as of recently he has pretty much vanished off the scene. He states how he is a very private person and his goal is to get the information out and move on. So it seems as though he has possibly completed his task and is staying pretty quiet from here on out.


As of 2009, Alex Collier is alive and well and still sharing information.


In closing I would like to quote Alex Collier:

We are far bigger than we have been led to believe. It means really stretching yourself, but there is nothing left to do. We've played their game to the hilt, and look at where we are. We are on the brink of losing our sovereignty, our freedom, and facing possible enslavement of the planet. I don't know about you, but I'm not playing that game anymore. I refuse. Alex Collier

Perhaps he is on to something.


Benjars: Amazin video, this is the

Amazin video, this is the real deal.

Quinton: Yeah man, definitely one of

Yeah man, definitely one of my favorite videos :). Thanks for the comment!

sloth_monkey: Alex Collier & Val Valerian

Alex Collier and Val Valerian are at the top of my list, by far. I am extremely impressed by them. They tell a story that is all encompassing and makes sense of the big picture. Collier delivers an impressive display of sincerity in the telling of such a fantastic tale, while Valerian demonstrates incredible intellect and wisdom. I recommend viewing Collier's book "Defending Sacred Ground", available for free online, and Valerian's books (particularly the Matrix series) at or for download on the BitTorrent network. Second to them I would recommend Bill Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) and David Wilcock at

Genio: cool

hey thanks for the info im definately gonna look into those , ive never heard of Val Valerian .. and in case you didnt know alex collier does have a more recent video someone should post it .. i will try but ive never done it before so i cant promise anything

awake: nice vid

I would like to hear more.

andromedancouncil: RIGGED

We cant be really talking about an intelligent species in the andromedan claims of oversight.

You'd have to be pretty thick as a brick not to know there is no natural course of evolution when there is interference. The act of allowing interference by what Alex calls the locals unseen are acts that push normal evolution and individual behavior in completely different direction. Senior members of the andromedan council in allowing this have in effect authorized slavery, they have allowed it, they have greenlit it, they have condoned it, and they look the other way. I question the loyalty of these senior members because their acts are indeed dark. Their act is what is referred to as 'system control' touched on in the likes of Matrix II where one side brings harm and the other side, instead of correcting it, looks the other way. Both are negative, but the latter is negative coated as a positive. Senior members of the andromedan council have behaved in this most discourteous implicating manner.

Any claims of progress or evolution in the presence of this intereference is complete nonsense. The system was due to be reset a long long long time ago. The fact that it has not implicates senior members of the council as having allegiance to darker deeds than their pretty claims. The earth and its inhabitants have been on a rigged tainted evolution, with destinies and behavior severely tainted. Rigged are the results. All the results are no fucking good. Its like running a football game with a field full of glue.

Any discussion of the douche fucks being down here is incomplete without the scum bags who claim to be overseers but do no such thing. Leaders in name alone has successfully worn out and degraded the good name of the council. Hands off approach to leadership is rather pathetic, tragic, and brings the council under light of dissolution. The council must be dissolved. These fucks down here need to be exterminated like the interfering cockroach fucks that they are.

No two ways about it. Shitty leadership amongst those who claim and represent human best interest. Cockroaches. Both reflect on a lack of intelligence in the universe.

I dont know which is more pathetic. These cockroach fucks down here or the douche fucks up there claiming to represent our best interest when they clearly do no such thing. They are a liability to those they claim and serve. They need to be removed. Immediately. There can be no true progress without their removal.

andromedancouncil: THE TRUTH

Senior members of the council are a detrimental liability to those they claim and serve.

andromedancouncil: AWAKENING

Television is programming. You need to use the natural assets, and this is in undivided attention in front of the boob tube. All this info, Alex, needs to be put into a blockbuster motion picture as well as a TV weekly serial that drives the awakening.

This is quite a story. It needs to be put into a major motion picture blockbuster and weekly TV programming. As it is such information will not reach those who will benefit from the awakening - as the numbers of hits on Youtube or sales of books will so clearly tell you, this info for the past 2 decades has barely scratched even the surface of one percent. You can do far better than this and far quicker. With a blockbuster You have in a extremely short period of time, a major awakening. Use the force Alex. The force? Is programming. And when you do so, pay particular attention to Left and Right handed 'system controls' (e.g. a producer, director or cinematographer, distributor whose purpose is to drive the production into the ground).

Not only will there be a mass awakening, they will eagerly wait in line and tune in for that information. For this information. Use the force Alex.

jamesgtmoore: The man is a liar and where is the evidence

The man is a liar according to Michael Horn who knew Alex under an earlier name of Ralph Amagram. At the earlier time, about 20 years ago or so, Ralph was the man to introduce Michael to the Billy Meier contactee information. Ralph, I mean Alex's Andromedan info is strikingly similar to that given by Billy Meier who has, by the way, irrefutable evidence and a witness list as long as your arm. For instance, according to Meier, the Plejaren frequently request advice from an race of beings that are from the Andromedan galaxy and who have evolved much further than they, and currently reside in a pure or almost pure spirit form (a fine matter based form rather than course matter based like us). Ralph/Alex claims to be in contact with Andromedans etc.

I guess everyone knew already though as you obviously do your homework, right? And you know who Michael Horn is. If not, then I hope you do so next time in order to recognise truth when you see it in the future and stop teaching ignorance through example.

No evidence = No truth

Quinton: What do you find Alex Collier

What do you find Alex Collier lying about? Obviously no person can have or say everything truthful, it's not possible. We're all human and make mistakes. What is he not being truthful about?

If no evidence = no truth, then evidence = truth. And I can give you tons of evidence about things that has nothing to do with truth.

jamesgtmoore: Everything including his name is a lie

To save you and myself a great deal of trouble I give you

You seem to have an open mind, Quinton, but perhaps you are not questioning enough towards these purported contactees who have zero evidence to support their claims. I used to be like you and made a website all about the various contactees and UFO sightings in order to get to the truth of the subject but I came to realise that the majority of the contactees are fraudsters making a career out of lies and make-believe and that UFO sightings are of insignificant importance because for one thing, they're just vehicles and another, they could be of terrestrial origin.

Also, most of us know "they're here" so to speak, what's important is what they have to say to us and the only Earth human in contact with an ET group is Billy Meier. He still is. His info is also the key to our future survival on Earth, that's how important it is.

I also want to say that it IS possible to always speak the truth, if one rejects materialism and a life of appearance, which is not truly living.

Quinton: Thanks for sharing this. I

Thanks for sharing this. I respect Michael Horn a great deal and am a fan of the Meier material. I just find it strange why Michael Horn would call Alex Collier a hoax because he "stole" material from Meier and he changed his name. Even if he really did steal the material why does it even matter? He is now getting this information out in a new way to reach more people. In what way is this damaging? Fritz Springmeier, as well as many others, stole information from Jordan Maxwell, and while it is obviously shady and probably not the best way to handle things, it gets the information out there for more people. But we don't even know if that's the case or not with Collier, that's just what Horn says happened.

And the name change is trivial. Many people change their names for lots of different reasons. Pretty much everyone in Hollywood has an alias and even somebody I find extremely credible, Jordan Maxwell, changed his name.

It's a good article and something to think about. I love watching the friction fly and letting people make up their own minds. Thanks again for sharing :)

Also, I agree with you in that there are a lot of frauds out there, especially in this field. It seems as though the rejects of society who can't hold a job or relate with people turn to conning other as their last escape. There is definitely a lot of story telling and exaggeration going on in this field and you have to be really, really discerning and smart.

Chris: michaelhorn

Hey michael horn was lying about alex collier horn admitted in a private email to independent investigators that he intentionally was posting false articles about alex collier and other contactees. here is the website put this in your browser you can see for yourself. and also check out dr. micheal salla thing abouthorn here another one copy paste it to your browser

Genio: jamesgtmoore

It may be true that he is a hoax, i never herd or read anywhere that he was but even if i choose to believe that he was i dont think its any reason to reject this information. Of course you cant take everything he says blindly, but there is many things he says that can help yourself wake up and elighten your soul.
If he was a fake and he got all this information from someone else, i can see why he would do this. He obviously cares about earth and everything who lives here (with exception of those douchebag aliens), he just wants to help. I know he helped me, he was one of the first people i ever herd talk about something like this. He really opened my mind and led me to find out about other people, and i then i came across this website, which i love by the way its great.
So dont hate on him because then your no better than the average person. Thanks for pointing out that he was a hoax, i just wanted to clarify that its not necessarily a bad thing.

D.L.cub: alix collier

Hi all .Im new to this sight and not much on posting or replying so ill simply make this short.
When i first found out about alix collier i did not beleve a word of any of it,infact i thought he was realy high on something.
but then i found out about Phil Schneider.Schneider made several refrences to alix collier,s staments to conferm some of the information.
so in short Phil Schneider verifies Alix Colliers informatoin with his life.If you dont know who Phil Schneider was i sugest you look him up.
i apoligize if i have ofended any one on the post.

Sylvie11: Alex Collier is such an

Alex Collier is such an amazing genius, it must be really hard to be him, I bet so many people have accused him of being crazy, no wonder he vanished to a remote area he probably wanted to get away from people. I have learned so much just by listening to his videos, I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to him. I admit I had to watch his video a few times because it was just so much information and a lot of it is so 'out there'.... yet my body tells me it's all true, i can feel it's truth inside me, its only my mind that tells me it's rediculous, that is my ego speaking. I really respect him speaking out against society, that takes a lot of courage, we deserve to know the truth, we need to wake up and remember who we are.

SadieJane: Big Alex Collier fan here, also

His story is so interesting, and would be to strange to just accept at face value .... but Alex hiimself rings true. And his words ring true.

I agree that his coming forward to share this information has probably caused him much grief.
I only hope he knows how much his courage and integrity is appreciated.

CCRG: Message from The Citizens Committee for Restructured Government

Hello everyone. My name is Adam Vohrer. I am the VIce President of the C.C.R.G. , a grassroots organization that is dedicated to truth, justice, and the fixing of our planet.

Please visit our website at:

If you view the top of our page, you will notice our plan of implementation to take back the world and to bring peace and tranquility for everyone that craves real love.

I would like to commend all of the people that continue to speak the truth, including this website.

I am in the process of speaking to many diffrent people at this time to bring everyone together in order to combine our resources of knowledge and other resources, in order to continue making a change within our world.

Please visit my website,, and message me or even call me at any time if you wish to speak. My contact info is on the contact page.

This is a message for Alex Collier, if anyone knows how to reach him please pass this message along:

Alex, Myself and the Presidenthave extensive knowledge of what is going on here. We need to connect and speak in order to set-up more seminars so that the truth will come out. The President of the CCRG, John Nicholson, is a public speaker and has caused a stir within the "Masonic" community. They stole his house, his legal handgun, and threw him in jail ILLEGALLY (can prove with evidence).

Him and myself are now experiencing issues with our business as our main product has been delayed 5 months. I would like to speak more in detail because if I am going down with my friend John who put his life on the line for the world as well as you, then Im going down fighting. For I know where I will end up when i leave this fleshly prison.

God Bless you, keep up the good work and DONT GIVE UP!

Please contact me as soon as possible. My information is at


Adam Vohrer
Vice President
Citizens Committee for Restructured Government

ANUBIS: Alex was an Andromedan many centuries ago, now he is human

The Reason why the Andromedans chosen Terry was because he was an ex andromedan.
His real name is not Alex Collier, it is Terry , I will leave it at that for his safety.
His experience was real.
The Draconans will eliminate those who expose their treachery against the human race.

fxvr: Alex Collier

All the things that have been said are just to be free in mind and spirit, does that hurt someone??
We need to stand together in order to get to the next step, and like Alex said we have to take responsability of our own choices.

edisonik: Correct fxvr

Life is never easy but Denial and Irresponsibility of Self is even worse.

edisonik: Jamesgtmoore am I a Hoax?

Am I a Hoax?. I haven't come out of the Closet yet, but do you think that everything is a Hoax.
Are the Draco a Hoax, Are the Greys a Hoax?, Alex has given truth in his Seminars.
Do you know Shugan?, Probably not, are Aliens in Danger of Death by the Illuminati when they come forward Yes.

Does Earth have Problems , Big Time.
Can we make a difference , Yes we can!.


Anyone who discredits Alex Collier, is a an Agent of the Cabal, this I know very well.
The Information is very Genuine and those who attack Alex cannot attack the Message and the Message is One of Free Will and Free Expression.
I have Mighty Enki by my side, let those who mock me feel the Wrath of the Son of King Anu.
Try it Agents, just try it!.

Surfman1: Mind blowing stuff!!!

I was just told about this today and I've heard bits and pieces but brushed it all off now it's really sinking in, holy molly! After researching info for 3 long years, this is the holy grail of INFO!!! Unbeleivable, how accurate and true it's all become.

Annunaki77: The Big Boys are coming Battle Ready

The Governments will interpret the Arrival as Cosmic Terrorists, Muslim Terrorists will become Obsolete when the Star Freedom Fighters arrive. Draco vs Battle Birds, Delta Forces vs Battle Ready Cat Warriors, UN Forces vs Annunaki Royal Guards, Airforce, Military, Navy vs Battle Ready Star Ships.

Your Reality is about to be blown away, now listen Alex Collier one last time Humans.

You are living in an Era like no other!.

The Star Warriors are coming , believe it or not!.

bluesbaby5050: ALEX COLLIER

I have viewed, and read all of Alex Colliers reports,and I really do believe what he has to say in regards to the aliens that are trying to keep us in the dark for their own sick and insane agendas.I also adimire him for going out on a limb and taking risks that was needed to inform THOSE OF US that will hear what he has to say.We should take heed and try the best to get along with each other .We need to take back our rights,and stay informed, and stay alert as to what is going on all around us. We only get one chance to save ourselves and Humanity,before it becomes too late.OUR future generations to come deserve this.We owe it to ourselves and to them too.

bluesbaby5050: David Wilcock:

I am familar with David Wilcock,and the fine job he is doing ,and has done already in regards to the Aliens and their Agendas.There are many different kinds of groups of aliens that we need to study ,and become famliar with though this study. SOME of them will be making themselves know by coming out in public to meet with us, WHEN it becomes safe for them to be able to do so.We also need to keep in mind that this is TRUELY OUR PLANET, and was given to US to take care of from the Creator,The Great Divine, GOD ! And we must not ever allow ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE to take US and USE US. WE MUST NEVER ALLOW ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE, TO TRY AND TAKE OVER OUR PLANET TO USE IT FOR THEIR OWN AGENDAS!! NOT EVER !!
We will take back ownership of the technologies, and use it and share it for the betterment of mankind, and for the cleanup of this planet. And we will take back complete control of the news medias, and the different forms of communications.And we will stop cencorship of the medias.And we will have a real say to what goes on in our goverments around the world once the GREYS AND THE REPTILIANS ARE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM THIS PLANET. We MUST take a stand and UNITE TOGETHER in order for this to become OUR REALITY.The future belongs to you and to me and to the people's of this planet.

iancurtis: Oh my god, this is my

Oh my god, this is my boyfriend's stepdad...

MarieV: OMG!

I just looked at pictures of draconis beings and where can I upload a picture I took with my phone on night vision?

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