(Egyptian) ANKH = Annunakhi

by Weltgeist13 on October 26th, 2011

I love mythology.
Now concerning Elohim, I find it very interesting that 'they' term these Elohem* (Elohim) as "Human". On a side note, according to researchers, such as D. Icke, in the word 'human', the
'Hu' was derived or originated from the term serpent or reptile. So the origin of the term 'Hu-man' basically means reptile man. Now, concerning this as Elohim "Those who came from the Sky", and Annunaki is "Those from the heavens to Earth who came". (Nephilim/Jedi/Titan/Cheops, and the many different terms & other names given)
I see a similar pattern here, no?
What are your thoughts or take on the matter? I appreciate the feed back from you :]
I'm sure many of you are familiar with Jordan Maxwell. To better understand the term Yahweh, or SIN a 'Sabian' Moon god, you should watch his film Moses The Law Giver. here is the teaser on his new youtube profile -

Please watch that, it's about 10 min. & then have a little discussion on it later perhaps?
take care

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