by Phaminator on February 25th, 2011

I'm called the "Phaminator" because it's my nickname at school. I'm still in highschool but there is so much to learn since I LOVE to study history well mostly predates and yeah... classmate of mine mentioned illuminati and I search to seek the truth then I went surfing the internet about Atlantis, Dogon tribe, Mayans, etc. And my result is here on this forum. At least I learned something on the internet despite it's filled with lies and such.


Phaminator: why is this forum so quiet?

why is this forum so quiet?

Genio: Phaminator

Theres times when the forum is active and therres times when its not, if you have a question or a comment of some kind, just post it, im sure a couple people will answer you. Theres not alot of people that are active in this forum i see the same ones everytime i check up on the site, but its ok because although were few in numbers, we have alot of knowledge that the masses of people dont have.

Annunaki77: You are Correct Genio

There is tremendous knowldege here , more then any Website Period. I won't tell you why either, lets just say we have Cosmic Friends here.

LordEnlil: welcome P... I will test your

welcome P...
I will test your history very soon...

Lord Enlil

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