Is the american goverment building it

by BOURGARD on February 27th, 2014

Is the american goverment building the iron man ?

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bluesbaby5050: I Think that we have.............

Just been truthfully Informed of their plans that are already in the making of their IRONMAN, their ROBOTIC-COP to be in our city streets to control humanity, but not to protect them! They want their Super-Soldiers, and their Killer Drones to be on their battle fields to do their Dirty work of Murdering innocent woman, and children, as they are ALWAYS THE VICTIMS OF WARS, AND GENOCIDES on a mass scale. Don't be fooled! Be aware!

bluesbaby5050: I am being Prevented from Releasing this Information...........

To this forum! My pc is Jumping all around! The words, and sentences are being Wiped out-ERASED OFF THE PAGE! ON THEIR OWN! Crazy! I had to RE-DO-RE-TYPE MY THOUGHTS OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE I COULD KEEP IT FIRMLY ON THIS PAGE !!!! I was NOT FINISHED ABOVE! I had to wait for a few minutes for the Energies to Calm Down before I could continue with this message! Obama was LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME IN THE LINK-Video ABOVE! He wants us to become UN-SURE of his INTENTIONS OF RELEASING THIS IMPORTANT INFOMATION TO THE PRESS-PUBLIC AWARENESS, and so he keeps on laughing, and Pretending he was only Joking but, HE IS NOT! Obama is really very Serious! Do NOT be Fooled by his presentation in this video above. Thanks Bourgard.

bluesbaby5050: The Energies were Starting to Give me a Hard Time.............

When I was writing about The Critical Mass of the 10% in Tim Lovell's post. This was happening during my typing of the thread to his post during that time. So you see that this forum is being Monitored all the time, as if we didn't know this already! Too BAD! The TRUTH WILL BE TOLD! YOU CAN NOT HOLD BACK THE TRUTH ! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !!!

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