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freedmftr88: Is Energy an Entity ? Or Magnetic Atoms through thoughts ?

I think what is questionable regarding the forces of good vs evil is , is it a human invention based upon what is provided consciously or unconsciously what is wanted vs what is not wanted or does ENERGY take on a life of it's own . New Thought basically states that energy is created by human thoughts and feelings. So if the dawn of time of Earth was symbolized as this big blank energy sphere and everything and life itself with the mix of positive energy and negative energy , would life itself ( aka why life is the way it is ) basically be the collective of all thoughts and feelings ? And when it comes to the individuals , whatever is on their individual mind , they are going to attract. So is energy just that ? Magnet atoms of energy controlled by humans ( and perhaps animals too in their limited capacity , of survival needs , fight vs flight ) ? OR is there indeed ex-human spirits which are angels in which they bring forth empath spirits such as old souls , starseeds , indigo / cyrstal , twin flames , lightworkers , heyoka : sacred clowns , rainbow children , etc to Earth to help with the ascension transition to 5D Earth just by transmitting unconditional love energy to the world. Obviously like energy will influence because if someone is in a depressed state then no one wants to be around that other person , but if someone is smiling and in a good moon , people would immediately feel drawn to their positive energy. ( Unless it's a fake smile and their Aura is telling a completely different story ) . It's all intuition. Clearing Chokras and healing wounded karma brings forth a clearer connection , especially if it's telepathy to spirit guides.

I think a big question to ask is , is there a leading big entity that represents conscious positive high vibrational energy as well as one entity that represents dark energy , low vibrational Ego , etc ?
Or is it a collective of energy and ex-souls mixed in ? Or perhaps both . Kind of like the symbolism of a While and a big conforming school of fish feeding off it ?

freedmftr88: Hierarchy and it's side effects on MBTI types

A pattern I often see again and again is just how Anarchists are somewhat saying the same thing as those who are aware of the NWO , which is simply that hierarchy causes problems.

The Anarchist FAQ points out that when you have hierarchy , you either have submissive or authoritarian attitudes towards authority.

People who know of New Age / New Thought spirituality have a general idea which are blockages of body , mind and soul which we picked up through our life on earth which Karma effects our Ego and self esteem.

It pretty much gives out the same idea.

As I probably pointed out when I made the infographic draft / general idea infographic basically , it's not saying that there's such a thing as an evil personality , far from it , I think it was generally pointing out a similar idea of MBTI personality type and it's relation to hierarchy . Or at least from my thought when I made it.

However of course not all types are like that , and it really depends on the individual's experience in life as well as how aware they are or ignorant of what's really going on . The more challenging an individual's life is and the more they are in the victimized state which binds the body , mind and soul , the logical manifestation would be EGO due to fear energy.

When it comes to the duality of Good vs Evil , in my opinion " Love vs Fear " is probably better words that describe the idea much more clearer and therefore " Soul vs Ego " .

If people were free ( body , mind and soul ) then people won't need to be in conflict because they'd be too busy enjoying their own lives to even bother. I think that's the thing about politics. Some ruler / master / leader can tie the shoelaces underneath the table while they sneak off to do something diabolical and know one will ever know because the conflict is the distraction.

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