multidimensional humans

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Zendor: on the subject of incarnation...

I would caution those who believe there are any malevolent actions, physical or telepathic, coming from those who have incarnated here now. Humans still see through human-centric eyes, believing in good and evil beyond rational thought. In the Universe, there is expansion and harmony - nothing else - at an energetic level. Chaos appears from time to time as transitions from one state to another occur, but the natural order prevails during the evo-leap.

Humans also have a challenge with understanding the nature of advanced sensory ability. There are multiple planes of consciousness involved, each with its own body, like layers of the rainbow aligned with the chakras. There are nine planes between this 3D and the 12th plane, which is white light, the sum of all the incarnates here on Earth. There is a method for experiencing the multiple planes that has been in use for over 50 years now. Here is an mp3 download of it for you...

Indeed there are many of us here, in various forms and with various abilities. We each have our specific 'mission,' if you will, and have developed skill sets accordingly in life as we grew up. Our lives were not that much different than humans, but there are levels of awareness and experience that surpass human and, as yet, are just beginning to be understood as a possibility through quantum physics. Our thoughtmosphere is indeed non-linear, yet intersects with the linear on a regular basis. You might experience that as a serendipitous moment of synchronicity.

I've only recently been able to articulate my experience as an incarnate. It took me years to come to terms with it, even though all the experiences pointed toward the reality. I did more to deny, discount and discredit my experience than to accept it as truth. I surmised that if it were true, then no matter how hard I attempted to disprove it, the truth would remain and I'd eventually have to accept it. So I have, but only recently. I've written a series of books as part of my catharsis, questioning reality the entire time and, from some feedback already, present a very authentic and honest approach to the discovery of identity, purpose and alignment with it. Here's the first volume: (on CreateSpace) You can find the Kindle version on Amazon.

I'm perfectly fine with whatever vetting process you might have in store. I'm about as transparent as they come, but you have to be able to hear and see beyond the norm to get a glimpse of this new living and loving awareness. Suffice it to say that we are here to facilitate a new world order of harmony among people and planet. That happens through the roll-out of universal laws that can be incorporated into consciousness and technology simultaneously. It is humanity's next evo-leap in progress.

In lak'ech,

Marion Akkerman: Reply to Bluesbaby

"Without them, humans would be just like the other humans/humanoids that exist in our galaxy, and in other galaxies." Okay, so you're talking about Terrans (us, earthlings) but the subject is who created the Lyrans/Vegans. I'm not arguing with you that we have abilities the other humans don't. Thank you for adding that.

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