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The early Israelites were mostly sun worshipers. And even in later times, the sun god, Baal, divided with Jehovah the worship of the Jews. Saul, Jonathan, and David named their children in honor of this god. "Saul begat Jonathan...and Esh-baal. And the son of Jonathan was Merib-baal" (1 Chron. viii, 33, 34). David named his last son, save one, Beeliada, "Baal Knows" (1 Chron. xiv,7). Solomon's worship included not merely the worship of Jehovah, but that of Baal and other gods...Most of the Israelites certainly saw no harm in these ornaments, since they were not aware of any very great difference between the character of Yahweh (Jehovah) and that of Baal, Astarte, or Moloch. Long after the time of Solomon the horses and chariots of the Sun were kept in the temple (2 Kings xxiii, 11). Many of the stories concerning Moses, Joshua, Jonah, and other Bible characters are solar myths. Samson was a sun god. Dr. Oort says: "Sun-worship was by no means unknown to the Israelites...The myths that were circulated among these people show that they were zealous worshipers of the sun. These myths are still preserved, but, as in all other cases, they are so much altered as to be hardly recognizable. The writer who has preserved them for us lived at a time when the worship of the sun had long ago died out. He transforms the sun god into an Israelite hero Samson"

John E. Remsberg / <cite>The Christ (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

Like Moloch, Sargon was a man represented as half fish, that is that he came from the sea.

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah</cite>

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Dakini: Moloch Baal & hilel ben shahar

Saying that Moloch and Baal aren't really evil is kind of like saying that child sacrifice, baby killing and baby raping, torturing people until they have split personalities, etc, are not really such bad things. In the twisted minds of the Dracos and beings who make sacrifices to Baal & Moloch (so that they get more power by being possessed by these Archonic demons who no longer have bodies of their own because they offended God so much) - they "alleviate suffering" by (appearing to) erase consciousness of it. The ego - resistance - Satan - is a fragmented personality in complete and permanent rebellion against Source/God/Truth - its mindset is from where "the ends justify the means" comes from. It's the same thing as the mainstream media (truly controlled by the AntiChrist) that just silences those who don't believe it - and if still 14% of people believe it they just empower/amplify/display those 14% and want to kill the other 86% and pretend they dont exist - which their immense material power on Earth allows them to do - this is all the principle of Ego Rebelling Against God - it focuses on display and apparent results - the "Ends" and it pretends that hidden things it does not like do not exist. It has grown and grown and dug in roots everywhere and it is so heinous, so immune to empathy for the suffering of others, that it believes when it kills its victims - and feeds off their energy - that it has erased the suffering - that is what Baal and Moloch and Satan stand for and they are very real, very evil, and very much the Antichrist.

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